Leather Workwear Hi Viz and Dirty Work Gear
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2020-11-28 16:34:30

    How does it feel boy?  Remember when you told me how much you admired my formal leathers…how you longed to go out to the bars decked out like me head to toe in skin tight cow hide?

    Well today your wish comes true.  The boots, pants, jacket, and hood are your new outfit for tonight and are yours to keep for whenever we go out to the bars.  It’s not the same look as mine, of course, but you are just the boy in this relationship, and this outfit is designed to keep it that way. 

    The blindfold will keep you from cruising anyone, the gag will keep your conversations to a minimum, the jacket will keep your hands from getting into trouble and the chastity belt will ensure you stay nice and horny for my amusement later tonight. 

    When we arrive at the bar I’ll secure you in that cage in the back room or chained to the post in the corner while I go drink for a nice long time with my friends. I’m certain you will have a great time in your new outfit. 


    I’d love to find a man to treat me like that.