Nerdy, Shiny, Me

I like art and latex and music and cosplay and fashion and Transformers. I'm a queer poly genderqueer switch trying to rock a Kawaii style in Cleveland, Ohio.

-Any pronouns - Gifted with the lovely combo of depression and anxiety.

Occasionally NSFW owing to the latex, but I try to leave this rather clean.

Pictures of me are tagged “me.”

Instagram: zodarzone

Twitter @zodarzone.

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    Something I really loved about Black Panther is that it’s such a perfect example of how when you have a healthy number of women in a movie, there’s so much more freedom to have them behave and think and react in different ways, because none of them are bearing the weight of being The Female Character. You can show all kinds of different ways of being women without it being a statement on women in general the way it is when there’s only one female character.

    Every day begins and ends with “I’m so tired.”

    Every thought of something to do, whether necessary or fun, is met with “I’m so tired.”

    I’m so monumentally tired of constantly being emotionally exhausted.

    That’s why I’m frustrated every time the wave of “get help if you need it” messages go out after a high profile suicide. I’ve been trying to get into therapy since August, and just finally got in last week. It’s difficult to keep up on trying to get them to call you back to schedule an appointment when you are overwhelmed by just your regular daily routine, when you feel like there is no future worth looking forward to, and that it’s pointless to try to feel better in the flaming dumpster that is our everything.

    All this is to say that I am really tired.