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    autistic-ingenium asked :Why/how is "Kevin" and insult in Germany? I don't get it. asked :



    it’s just the common believe among us all that all ppl called Kevin (or chantal) are not so intelligent humans

    This prejudice originated probably from a surge in popularity of the name Kevin after the film “Home alone”.

    There was an experiment in which teachers were given identical essays written by a real high school student with the only difference of the author’s name. For one group of teachers, the essay was written by a “Kevin”, for the other group by a “Maximilian”. “Kevin’s” essay was graded on average almost one mark worse than “Maximilian’s”.

    In Vienna, it is now possible for bearers of the name “Kevin” to change their name for a reduced fee (50 € instead of 300 €), because “the name could lead to unacceptable disadvantages in economic or social relations”.