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    fullmetaltigress asked :I remember that Alphonse is Taller than Edward and he is taller than Winry. Why did you draw Winry as she was the same size as Edward? asked :

    I tried drawing him a bit taller (their noses aren’t on the same level) but mostly I wanted to keep them on the same frame so they came out like that, maybe Winry is wearing heels or something!

    Anonymous asked :Hi! For your commissions, do you only take payments in your currency? asked :

    Doesn’t PayPal let you convert your payment to the currency of the person you’re paying to (euros, in my case)? I don’t think your currency being different than mine is a problem if you’re doing it via PayPal, but I could be wrong. If anyone knows more about this, please help!

    giddy-goblin asked :I know that they're really, REALLY old pieces, but I absolutely love how you did the Klance and Multiship Zine artworks. Is it alright if I ask how you did them? What kind of brushes you used and a little bit on the process of getting them to look to lovely and soft without lineart? asked :

    Aw this is so sweet, thank you so much!! 💖💖💖

    I’m sot sure this is going to be of any help but I’ll try to explain the process (which is really simple though)! I use Photoshop, so I simply did a sketch detailed enough to base the colors on it

    Then, I’m pretty sure I used this brush, which is called “Gouache A Go Go” and is part of the Kyle T Webster Megapack (which I bought two years ago so it may contain different brushes now)

    What I do is use very flat colors to cover very defined areas, to color block all the drawing. When it’s the same color but you want to separate two areas (like Lance’s legs, for example, since the jeans are the same are they’re touching but one of them is behind) I use a slightly darker tone for the leg’s that’s behind so it’s visually different instead of having to use a line between them. Same when they’re two very similar color/tones, it’s fine to fake it and make one of them much darker/brighter than it should even if they’re not shadowed by anything so it’s more visually pleasing.

    I use LOTS of layers (probably way too much but uh that’s how I work), so each color usually goes on a different layer then I gather them in folders by character.

    When I have all the flat colors, I add some shadows and details to give it more depth. I do use some lines on the faces (eyes, nose and closed mouths) because it’s hard for me to make them lineless in such a cartoonish style, but I try to avoid them otherwise.

    I didn’t took screenshots at the time so I don’t have pics for the whole process, but I hope this helps!!

    Then you deselect the sketch layer and voilà! Magic!

    I sometimes add some final layer with one or two colors and very very little opacity to make everything look warmer/colder (and of course the background on the klance one), but that’s about it. I feel like this was super unhelpful but I don’t really have any special trick this is a slow process but I think is pretty simple!! C:

    blackcalicowitchling asked :Hi! I know it says on your sidebar that your commissions are open, but I wanted to double check if you were currently accepting them? asked :

    I do! I’m actually working on a couple of them right now so maybe you’d have to wait a few days until I could start working on a new one, but if you want to tell me now there’s no problem C:

    For anything related to commissions please write to aredhel.commissions@gmail.com tho so I can have all the info organized and not lose any messages! Thank you!