I had to start a new blog because of tumblrs update thing. i don't have access to the email i used to set up this account so yeah follow my new blog i guess and unfollow this one 🌊👌 ------------------------------------- Dylan. 20. Studying Film and Photography at college in Sydney -------------------------------------

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    Anonymous asked :You seem like a cool and chill dude and I wanna befriend you but I'm too shy to say anything.. fuck. asked :

    Im pretty chill, not sure about coooool but hey, I don’t bite and I need friends so pls talk to me!

    When I’m happy, I am extremely happy, because of you. And when I’m sad, I’m sad. But I’m not sad at anything in particular, I’m sad because I’m not happy. There is no in-between. That’s got nothing to do with you. Sometimes the only thing you can do, is be there for me and even if I don’t act like it or don’t thank you or whatever, I love you and I’m extremely grateful that you’re still with me.