Unicorns forever, bitches.

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    Taurus - They know what you want better than you do

    Cancer - They’ve chosen your gift carefully

    Virgo - They know exactly what you need

    Libra - They always choose the finest things

    Leo - They make sure you love what they give you

    Aquarius - They usually give great, original things

    Scorpio - If they care enough, you’ll love their present

    Capricorn - Probably busy but they’ll buy you something nice

    Pisces - They might not know what you want, but they’ll try hard

    Aries - Well, they just bought the biggest/shiniest thing in the store

    Sagittarius - They wanted to buy something so unique they just ended up wandering around without buying anything

    Gemini - They forgot to buy you a gift, so last Christmas, you probably got a kit-kat and some money