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    So I’m a big fan of the idea that humans are “space orcs”, and today it got me thinking about something else. 

    Human birth is pretty unique among mammals. Not only are our birth canals narrower than standard due to being bipeds, but we have a larger head to body ratio then any other mammal. As a result of this, the only way to fit a baby’s head through a person’s birth canal is for them to be born very early, and massively underdeveloped. 

    Other mammals are capable of walking and running within the first day of being born, where as a human baby doesn’t even have strong enough neck muscles to hold up their own head

    They can’t see, they can’t crawl, they don’t have the coordination to grab things, and they have a soft spot on the skull that leaves part of the brain incredibly vulnerable. And while an adult can adapt to a range of temperatures, babies have to be constantly monitored to make sure they aren’t chilled or over heating. 

    Can you imagine you’re an alien, who knows humans as these highly adaptable endurance machines that can eat almost anything and survive tremendous physical pain and injury, and you learn that their young are so fragile. That they emerge from the womb barely able to function biologically. 

    And suddenly you remember all those humans on your crew who get attached little creatures. The toughest, burliest people who will coo and coddle over fluffy little cats and call lizards babies. And you realise that their whole species developed to care for these tiny, vulnerable, defenceless babies, and that kind of attachment tends to spill over a little. 

    And now you understand that old adage, that the most dangerous humans are the ones whose young are in danger. Because if they’re going to stand a chance at surviving until adulthood then human parents have to be willing to defend their children with their lives, and that is exactly what they do.  

    Holy crap. That means that we’re like pouchless marsupials (though not as extreme in the underdeveloped infant department).

    It fits that we’re called Space Australians.

    OKay this is my favourite response so far

    Now I am even more jealous of cats




    Ero poco più di un ragazzo quel 26 gennaio del 1994 ma ricordo ancora la sensazione di disgusto che provai ascoltando il primo “comizio” in tv di Silvio Berlusconi..

    Quelle parole mi risuonano ancora dentro come l’eco di un tuono durante un temporale.. “l’Italia è il paese che amo”.

    Grazie al suo “amore” siamo diventati una nazione rantolante.. chi vive onestamente riesce a stento a sopravvivere..

    Ma a distanza di venticinque anni ecco rimbombare un altro “tuono” ancora più arrogante.. “pronto a dare la vita per l’Italia”.

    Ma le parole di Matteo Salvini sono ancora più fragorose dentro di me perché accompagnate da tanto odio verso chi è “diverso”.

    Vogliono farci ancora credere che la colpa di questa “decadenza”, a cui da anni siamo condannati, sia dovuta a chi scappa dalla miseria più nera..

    Il suo “prima gli italiani” è il più riuscito spot pubblicitario.. un inno alla guerra fra poveri..

    Ma la vera “guerra” andrebbe fatta a chi continua a rubare.. all’evasore.. al corrotto.. al mafioso.. ma puoi mai incitare a tali battaglie quando sai benissimo che tu sei uno di loro?!?

    Fatevela questa domanda cari italiani..

    Cordialmente un onesto italiano..

    F.J. @struruso


    Che rovina