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    deadpool is honestly more wholesome than any of the mcu movies


    ok so

    • Doesn’t straightwash queer characters! this was a big one. (marvel movies have a huge problem with straightwashing*)
    • Deadpool is canonically pansexual, and the movies reflect this! Reynolds doesn’t shy away at all from Deadpool’s sexual interest in men.   
      • (head injuries bring out deadpool’s romantic sexy feelings it seems. in the first movie, knife to the head = romantic montage with vanessa. in the sequel, fencepost to the head = deadpool sensually trying to go down on Colossus.) 
      • (semi-related, both movies have some cute references to deadpool enjoying being on the receiving end in the bedroom.)
      • (yeah, it’s canon, Deadpool enjoys being pegged)
    • Oh hey, a healthy romantic relationship based on mutual respect and love! and with a fully developed female character with personal agency! A love interest who doesn’t just function as a plot device. 
    • POLAR OPPOSITE OF TOXIC MASCULINITY. This really shines through in their marketing
      • (yes that pillows says “FEMINIST”) 
      • (yes that is deadpool in heels dancing to celine dion)
    • Diverse casting! Characters who are poc just because poc exist! 
    • Hey look, a cute lesbian couple treated with respect and one of them’s asian!
    •  Holy crap i don’t say this enough but i love Domino. What a badass. Sexy-but-not-sexualized black female action hero who is probably the coolest person in the movie
    • Deadpool 2 took a run-of-the-mill white character design and made her interesting! 
    • Her trademark eye patch is now vitiligo! She has awesome natural hair. And look, body hair exists! On a person who is a woman! Which shouldn’t be unusual, but here we are. Also, she’s fun
    • Portrayed by the talented Zazie Beetz. Did I mention how much i love this character?
    • Oh look, another much improved character design!
    • We’ve got your humdrum blondie cleft-chin stereotype replaced with a heavyset maori teen actor (Julian Dennison, who incidentally was in Taika Waititi’s indie movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople).
    • Overall themes: The movies have a lot of dirty humor and innuendo. But the overall takeaway is actually pretty sentimental. The Deadpool 2 themes in particular gets to me: 
      • Not repeating the mistakes of the previous generation. “Kids give us a chance of being better than we used to be.” 
      • The loss and recovery of family. Accepting friendship in the midst of tragedy. See also: Cable’s story arc. 
      • Letting go of loss and bitterness to try to save a child who’s been abandoned by the world. 
    • I’m honestly so excited about the choices the director & producers have been making for this franchise. They’re setting the narrative standard for modern superhero films. Can’t wait to see what the next movie has in store. 

    *see more on straightwashing in the mcu below

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    So wait, why is “straightwashing” bad but blackwashing Domino good?

    maybe…if we think really…really hard about it…we could come up with a reason why those two things…are not the same…


    reasons why jake peralta being bi would be good:

    -bi men are wildly underrepresented

    -he’s older. jesus christ please can we have a bi person who isn’t a “teen experimenter”

    -he’s faithfully and happily married. i think something that goes undiscussed is the fact that you can realize you are bi and still be faithful, loving, and committed to your partner, and that being bi can still be a major part of your identity even while in a relationship (even a “het” one)

    -t w O bi chAraCters

    -we all want that fucking john mulaney episode you know we do


    Thoughts after watching season 3 (spoilers)

    Tannie w o r k. He brought that c l a s s i c French tuck. AND HE C R I E D IN AN EPISODE. I love my fashion boi keep spreading those f a s h i o n tips. “Just know that I’m gay and I have a husband so this does nothing for me but your boobs are FANTASTIC”

    Antoni DID YOU N O T USE AN AVOCADO A T A L L OR AM I BLIND. Is he okay? Does he need a hug? But yes you food dood spread you light and tasty dishes bitch keep going. “People are people are people, we are all capable of change.” “We all want to connect to other people, I don’t think we’re meant to be alone”

    Bobby OUT DID HIMSELF EVERY TIME. Do you see those houses, fantastic. I stan. I wish I lived in them. Or even got to step foot in them. Yas bitch. AND HE REMODELED THEM IN 5 DAYS H O W. and the BACKYARD in episode 7 like who gave him the r i g h t. “It’s hard to work through our piles of shit when we feel defeated the second we wake up”

    Johnathan is a beauty. Haircuts? Stylish. Yes. He brought that EMOTIONAL. VULNERABILITY. TOO. Also the second Tan was talking about heels we been knew he was gonna have Johnny WORK HIS MAGIC and teach her how to strut like a GODDESS. “I LOVE cutting hair in heels OH MY GODDD. I just feel so powerful in a heel” yes you do bitch and I love you be powerful wear them h e e l s. “I think you grew up like ten years in emotional maturity this week boobee”

    Karamo l o v e s a metaphor. Yes bitch. Bring that culture. Make them get in touch with their emotions. Y e s. AND THAT WALL WITH THE INSPIRATIONAL WORDS AHH BEAUTIFUL IDEA Y E S. “No, no, no, not today satan I’m going to conquer this wall and I’m going to make it happen”

    Bruley you beautiful boy. Precious doggo. 10/10. Hungry boy. DO YOU SEE HIS WADDLE WHEN HE WALKS. I love him.


    i feel like the thing i am loving the most about this season of queer eye is the episodes where the fab five realise the person needs more than what they are capable of giving them aka when they take the women they’re working with to situations where they get to meet other diverse women or other women of their own ethnicity so that unique experience of womanhood (particularly for POC) and the struggles that brings can be shared and understood in a way the fab five simply cannot and them recognising that on multiple occasions this season and not trying to be the voice of a minority they don’t necessarily represent and allowing women to be empowered by other women? iconic


    I love the moment between Antoni and Robert where Antoni asks if Robert’s kids are picky eaters and Robert says that his daughter, Nova, won’t eat anything even though based on her weight “you would think she was eating everything.” Antoni immediately stops and asks where that’s coming from, causing Robert to confront his own words and realize that he’s (unintentionally) projecting his self-depracation and insecurities onto his daughter.

    These type of moments happen all the time, a parent making a comment about their kid that they don’t realize is harmful. I love how Antoni challenged Robert and how Robert learned from that moment.