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    longcat is probably dead :(


    Awww, long cat’s owner got married.

    this is a good post

    “When you say “Looooong”, I think of my cat. Around 15 years ago, someone made me lots of collages of my cat. The cat is still alive and she is the longest living cat in our family!”

    “Now she is 17 years old. She does not climb to high places anymore, but she is relaxing and living her life.”

    “It’s not something recent. This is the photo that we took when we made her Figure”


    sort of an emergency

    kind of an emergency but my mom informed me that her follow up care for her hip replacement surgery is tomorrow as opposed to next week and the price tag is $200 and im trying not to lose my mind over this

    my mom getting medical care and being able to walk and therefore work again is necessary for me being able to move out and live somewhere that isn’t abusive, and for the past couple days she’s been okay, but that will change very soon, because it’s a cycle, and while I’ve been through it before, it’s taking its toll on me. I need her better as soon as possible so I can start working on recovering as well!

    i hate to be like ‘please help my awful mom’ but this is for my benefit more than anything else, and for peace of mind for a couple more weeks. if you can donate anything, or even reblog, ill owe you my life

    please don’t donate if you’re under 18!

    here is a link to my PayPal, but the address is also turingt3st3d@gmail.com! im sorry for making this post, but i don’t even have time to go get an emergency loan like I was thinking about doing, because it’s tomorrow.




    spiderman is so fucking funny dude saves like an entire country and then he goes home at the end of the day and opens his fridge and hes got like 1 egg and a half empty can of arizona tea no matter how old he is or what comic hes from thats just how peter parker lives

    Somebody post the “we have money. Oh thank god” screenshot

    Your wish is my command









    tchalla hacks buckys phone location so he knows where he is if and when he wants to beat his ass

    he just gets bored and he’s like hmmmmmm bucky’s only two miles away frm me time for pain buck boi

    forget the tony and steve man pain, i want to just see scenes of Bucky standing in the self checkout line with a loaf of bread and TP then suddenly tchalla is there throwing a shopping cart at his ass and they start fighting. bucky in the bathroom washing his hands calmly before tchalla kicks the door open and they start fighting. tchalla having a sandwich in the park until he sees bucky coming then he throws it at his face and then they start fighting.

    Bucky’s about to dive in the pool, T'Challa runs up, drop kicks his ass and flips out of the splash zone.

    it’s very important to me that sometimes t’challa is in a high-level but very boring cabinet meeting about grain prices or smth and his secret Danger Phone goes off and he glances down at it and then grimly says, “i must go.” and everyone’s like, wow. our strong and brave prince. off to protect Wakanda in her hour of need again. meanwhile t’challa’s just hit bucky barnes with a SPECTACULAR flying clothesline outside a Home Depot in bed-stuy

    this art established 3 incredible concepts:

    1. bucky’s favourite cereal is honey nut cheerios

    2. t'challa someHOW knows this?!?!?!

    3. t'challa knowing this, had a parody version called honey nut fearios created and hid behind it waiting and then choked bucky out

    this is so fucking funny to me for some reason



    honestly people love the “man hating lesbian” trope but tbh a lot of lesbians (& wlw more generally) have a pretty low bar for men. like we love hozier just for writing loving songs about women with tones of affection and admiration instead of usual straight dude love songs that are mostly power/control and fetishization. like we don’t hate men arbitrarily, it’s just most men suck and we’re not afraid to say so






    Petition to refer to TERFs as FARTs, which stands for Feminist Appropiating Reactionary Tranaphobe

    “Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminist,” when you think about it, is a VERY kind term. To be called a TERF is for the person to admit that they still consider you a feminist.

    But what kind of feminist excludes so many women from their movement? If you hate so many women for what they are, you really don’t deserve to be called any kind of feminist, radical or otherwise.

    Anti-trans people: Stop calling us terfs it’s insulting

    fattyatomicmutant, about to coin a new term: ‘K

    Feminist Appropiating Reactionary Transphobe is far far more accurate too.







    ppl managing to live where they grew up is really bizarre to me

    Hi! Croatian here. As an inland country, I found a job processing uranium. We have a lot of it.

    God I wish I was processing uranium in Croatia

    I think about this post every day

    Hey, another Croatian here! Croatia has a coastline and I can’t find a single mention of uranium in Croatia. I don’t know what kind of paralel universe this person is from.

    one croation speaks only the truth, the other croatian speaks only lies, you must ask them one question to determine which is which, and apparently it can’t be about geography or uranium






    FBI is really just straight up developing Trojan horse apps now

    The people in the comments are amazing, like, half of them are saying “aren’t these the normal permissions for an fitness app?” And the answer is yes. Of course they are. Your regular fitness app is a takes a ton of data on you in order to function, and that data may or may not be stored with the company for a period of time.

    But here’s the thing, when the FBI needs location data on someone, they need a WARRANT to get that information from that company, or that company’s cooperation. Back in the early 2000s, there were a number of companies that simply handed over data to letter agencies like the NSA or FBI, and they got roasted for it by their customers. Don’t fool yourself, the only reason why backdoors weren’t coded into your phones by companies like Apple is because they did the math and realized that the cost of cooperating and alienating their customer base was too high, not because these companies have ethics.

    So we live in a climate where companies are promising users security and privacy, and when they don’t it’s a scandal that loses them customers and money. They aren’t playing nice with the FBI, so what is the FBI to do? Easy. Circumvent silicon valley.

    There is exactly zero reason for the FBI, as an organization, to make entertainment apps. Educational is maybe in line with past practices, but even when they did stuff like that in the 90s, we called it out for the propaganda it was. This app is absolutely a trojan horse. This is so they can get the data you would normally give to a 3rd party company without a warrant.

    Please, ffs, learn internet history. Go take a look at the EFF website and archives. Look up the patriot act and the AT&T scandal with the NSA from around 2004. Lots of people on here were barely children pre 9/11, but you can’t possibly understand surveillance and internet policing until you understand what happened to society and privacy from 2001-2010