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    bravery is not an option for us. girls HAVE to be brave in order to work the night shift, to take the last bus home, to walk to a friend’s house alone. we do not have the luxury of choosing. 

    Or you could learn to defend yourself. don’t tell me that “girl’s are smaller than men” because Ronda Rousey is smaller than I am and she could beat my ass. And don’t say “not every girl is Ronda Rousey” because she worked her ass off to get that way, so it is possible for you too as well.

    What is wrong with men..?

    Ronda Rousey’s job is being that tough. It’s a full time job.

    “Don’t be afraid! Just dedicate years and years of hard work and shell out a bunch of money for personal trainers to become a professional fighter like Ronda Rousey! It’s so easy! You’re just making excuses!”

    How about men stop being predatory creeps 24/7 so women don’t have to feel afraid all the fucking time?

    Do these people even realize how fucking ridiculous they sound?

    What an asshole.