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    Here’s the thing: they could have used a picture from real life for this, but they didn’t. So often, they use already taken photos or stills from movies for moments like this.

    Example: Bruce Banner’s picture hanging on Peter’s classroom wall is a still from Avengers.

    Example pt.2: Tony’s missing photo in IW was RDJ at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere.

    This picture could have easily been a screen grab from SMH or Civil War.

    Or it could have been from a premiere but slightly photoshoped so it didn’t look like a premiere.

    BUT THIS PHOTO OF TONY AND PETER IS DELIBERATE, POSED, AND IN CHARACTER. They’re holding an upside down “Stark Internship” certificate. They’re in front of an SI sign.

    So you know what this means? It means SOMEONE, whether it be RDJ, Tom Holland, the Russos, etc. decided that these two characters were close enough to not only take a specifically posed photo together, but to do BUNNY EARS TO EACH OTHER. AND IT’S FRAMED.

    This means that the Russos haven’t just made IronDad and SpiderSon canon in interviews. They’ve gone out of their way to get two busy actors together to take a carefully planned photo JUST FOR THIS EMOTIONAL BEAT FOR TONY TO SHOW HOW MUCH PETER MEANS TO HIM.

    this. Is. Pure.



    Tony’s lawyer, reading Tony’s will: “…and to Harold Hogan, I leave behind my fatherly responsibilities-” wait. Wait hold on sorry there’s got to be some sort of mistake-

    Happy, crying: there isn’t

    Tony’s lawyer: “to Peter Benjamin Parker, I leave my sunglasses-” okay seriously what the hell is this

    Peter, crying behind his sick new shades: his dying wish



    some man online: “arya’s a mary sue. rey’s a mary sue. i simply don’t believe a young girl could be that skilled.”

    what they expect me to say: “well, no, actually, canon supports it, because if you look back as far as season three, she’s been training for–”

    what i’m actually gonna say: “good. good. about fucking time. in the next movie i hope rey blows up a dreadnought with finger lightning that she learned earlier that day. i hope she rips palpatine’s spine out with her bare hands while everybody claps”



    Iron Man- 0/10. No trains. 

    The Incredible Hulk- 1/10. No trains, but a verbal reference to the subway.

    Iron Man 2- -100/10. No trains, negative 100 points for a cameo by train-hater Elon Musk

    Thor- 0/10. No trains in space :(

    Captain America: The First Avenger- 7/10. Cool train heist scene, and monorails go by at the World’s Fair

    The Avengers- 3/10. A freight train goes by at the beginning. Cap tells the police to get people into the subway, giving hope for more train content that goes unfulfilled. The only scene of Cap riding the subway was deleted.

    Iron Man 3- 0/10. No trains.

    Thor: The Dark World- 10/10 THOR RIDES THE TRAIN

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 0/10. No trains.

    Guardians of the Galaxy- 0/10. Still no trains in space :(

    Avengers: Age of Ultron- 6/10. Okay action scene involving stopping a train. 

    Ant-Man- 9/10. Fight scene involving Thomas the Tank Engine!!!!

    Captain America: Civil War- 1/10. Cap and Sharon meet next to high-speed rail tracks but no trains go by. 

    Doctor Strange- 6/10. Subways go flying by in the mirror dimension!

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2- 0/10. Still no trains in space :(

    Spiderman: Homecoming- 10/10! Peter “Numtot” Parker rides on the train several times and also crashes a car for good measure

    Thor: Ragnarok: 0/10. Someone better get some trains in space real soon 

    Black Panther: 7/10. Cool Wakandan tram goes down the street, and the finale involves a vibranium train!

    Avengers: Infinity War: 6/10. Cap emerges from behind a moving train!!

    Ant-Man and the Wasp: 0/10. No trains.

    Captain Marvel: 11/10 THERE ARE TRAINS IN SPACE!!! TRAINS IN SPACE!!! THERE ARE FINALLY TRAINS IN SPACE!!!! also she rides a train on earth too!!! Carol Danvers: queen of public transportation and my heart

    Avengers: Endgame: 0/10. No trains.


    Avengers: Endgame alternate ending where Thor gets hold of the gauntlet in the final fight to snap instead of Tony, and when he snaps, he doesn’t just wipe out Thanos’ army. With that agonizing flick of his fingers, he brings back all of Asgard and the dead Asgardians as well – both those killed by Thanos and by Hela. The gauntlet burns and shrivels his arm in the process, and while he survives, he ends up losing the arm (leaving him looking like comics!Thor–)

    (Also he doesn’t dust Thanos but leaves him for Nebula and Gamora to finish off. He’s had his turn before, it’s time they get theirs. And as he staggers back to his feet, Bucky immediately points out that if he’s in the market for an arm, he knows a gal.)

    The effect of Thanos’ forces turning to ash is easy enough to observe, but Thor doesn’t know if his snap worked to bring Asgard back as well until he looks up and, warily, calls out Heimdall’s name…

    …And the bifrost opens.

    He smiles to his companions, then takes the bridge back to the newly restored realm eternal. His friends are all there on the bridge waiting for him, and through the crowd, a familiar lean figure steps forward, smirking.

    “I told you the sun would shine on us again,” Loki remarks, before Thor crushes the breath out of him in an embrace.

    The king is returned. And the sun shines on Asgard in the dawn of a new age.