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    So I keep thinking about Captain Marvel and how Yon-Rogg kept constantly telling her that she needed to control her emotions, and like, yeah, if she couldn’t control her emotions, it would be a detriment. Not because she would be less powerful(as Yon-Rogg claimed), but because she would be too powerful and too chaotic. Can you imagine the damage she would do to civilians/infrastructure if she got so mad she straight up just started blasting everything in sight? Like, they would probably lock her up or straight up kill her because she’d be too dangerous to allow to roam freely.

    But that wasn’t what was happening. Carol/Vers is actually pretty stoic pretty much the whole time. I mean, it’s not like a robot, ‘I-have-no-emotions’ level of stoicism, but she clearly actually does have control over her emotions. So it wasn’t that she wasn’t in control of her emotions, she was just willing to admit that she had them in the first place.

    So why did he keep saying that she needed more control?

    I could only come with 2 possible conclusions:

    1: he so strongly believed in the concept of a kree collective, that he genuinely believes that all kree should repress any thoughts/emotions that aren’t group-centered.

    I don’t think this is likely, since the other members of the team joked and had emotions, and seemingly weren’t told that they were too emotional-in fact, in some ways, she was the least emotional of the whole group


    2:the one I think is more likely: it was all a tactic to try to control this part-human weaponised person (weaponising people being something the kree clearly have no problem with). Gaslight her, while simultaneously discouraging any hint of independence or originality.

    “You’re letting your emotions control you”

    “Am I? I feel pretty in control of myself…”

    “That just goes to show how little control you have”


    Like, she knows him, she trusts him, he had taught her everything she knows (as far as she remembers, anyway), so if he says she’s being too emotional… musn’t it be true? But it definitely doesn’t feel true…

    And while she’s busy pondering that and trying to figure out how to improve herself, she’s too busy to notice how she’s being manipulated, or to question why she can’t remember anything- or at least, that’s what they were trying to do.

    So at the end of the movie, when she shut down his challenge with a photon blast and a simple ‘I have nothing to prove’- I was all like damn yes ma'am you have nothing to prove- because admitting you have emotions doesn’t make you weak!!

    Also, anyone, of whatever gender, who tries to gaslight someone like that definitely deserves a photon blast to the face.

    This post is dedicated to all the women who have been gaslighted/been told they were too emotional by the men in their lives

    Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato


    I was talking to my friend about Captain Marvel and was surprised to find that he didn’t think it was 100% obvious that Yon-Rogg was the villain. And I said to him, “but our entire introduction to him was watching him tell Carol that she was too emotional and keeping her from using her full potential…he was the villain right from the beginning!” and my friend was like “oh, I guess I didn’t see it like that.”

    Now, it was clear to me that the movie was using the textbook “this is how many men treat women” phrases, I mean, literally the stereotypical phrases that women cite when calling out common misogynistic behaviors. The second I heard Yon-Rogg say “you need to control your emotions”, a hundred red flags went up.

    I really was surprised that my friend hadn’t even thought about it that way. But, see, here’s the thing- my friend? He’s a guy. Me? I’m a girl. And I guess I didn’t realize how these different perspectives affected the way the movie was viewed. I dunno. I just think it’s interesting.


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