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    little things that make me fall 4 people

    • having a nickname for me (not necessarily a mushy romantic one) 
    • using my name in conversation 
    • complimenting something I’m not super fond of about myself 
    • sending me pictures of stuff that reminds you of me 
    • listening to my music
    • recommending music to me
    • picking up little phrases I use and starting to use them 








    I walked into the potions store today

    As you do

    And the lady at the counter very knowingly said “are you looking for something for love”

    And I was like uh no I’m just here to buy a candle

    And she was like “ah, I don’t know why I thought that”

    And I think maybe she’s like an npc who says that to everyone who comes in and every once in a while someone there for something about love is like :0

    Hey great question! There is a store in my town sells potions and candles and I go there for the candles. The one I got today is pink thank you for asking

    The pink candle sounds like a great choice but when you say potion do you mean… potion

    No for real they’re all in glass jars and sealed with corks and wax and labeled for like various uses I’ll take photos next time I’m in. To answer other questions: no the candle is not scented it is just very aesthetic.

    Well yeah but you have to use the right door

    Anyway I had to go to the hardware store today and the potion store was on the way