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    You think you have what it takes to get that older woman you have had your eye on?  Older women have options so do not approach them with the same corny pick up lines.  Be original and most of all be yourself, chances are she sees right through the shit you are trying to feed her.  Most older women appreciate an honest man, know what you want, when you want it and how you want it.  Now for some tips on snatching up that sexy old milf you have seen around….

    * Act like a man not like a immature boy.  You don’t need to tell her that age is just a number, we know that!  Nothing more attractive than a younger man who shows he is mature and knows how to handle a grown woman.  She loves your appetite  for life, she will enjoy the fact that you aren’t tainted like men her age.  Take her out, to a nice dinner or a drink, show her off and don’t be embarrassed people will give you crazy looks.  Be confident with her this will turn her on even more!

    * Don’t feed her the relationship crap, she isn’t looking for a serious relationship she is looking to fulfill her hormonal desires.  Unless she brings it up don’t talk about a future with your cougar especially on a first date.

    * Get your stamina ready!  Women over the age of 30 are in their sexual primes, don’t be surprised if she climaxes from one simple kiss.   Women in their 30’s and 40’s crave sex more than teenage boys.  You better be ready to handle your cougar in the bedroom or she will pounce onto the next cub.

    * Have an intelligent conversation.  Although she wants you to tell her how hot an sexy she is, she also is hungry for some intellect.  Have a conversation after dinner, over a drink or after love making.

    * Show her that you are ambitious.  Nothing turns on a woman more than a man who has his shit together.  Tell her about your goals in life, where you would like to be in 10 years.  If the conversations is always about sex she will get bored easily and find someone to stimulate her mind as well as her body.

    * 100% Honest with her ALL the TIME!  Older women can see through your bullshit, they have heard it all and probably seen it all and most have done it all.  If you are just looking for sex tell her upfront you will be surprised with her response.

    * Let her teach you a few things.. Even though you think your a terrific lover, chances are she has had a lot more sex than you have.  More sex equals more experience and you can learn some new things.

    * Ignore the age difference unless she talks about it.  She knows she is older than you and she loves the fact that you can make her feel young again.  People will give you looks, stay strong and don’t let anyone interfere with snatching up your cougar!

    * Be persistent with your pursuit, older women have options like I said.  If you aren’t consistent with things she will stray off really easily.  Keep that leash tight!

    *   Don’t ever compare her to younger women you have dated in the past.  She doesn’t want to be categorized with younger women who don’t know what they want and that play games.

    * Keep all these things in mind the next time you approach an older woman and most likely you will catch that sexy cougar you have had your eye on!

    * QUESTION:  Would it bother you if you were on a date with an older woman and you overheard younger women your age talking about you being with an older woman?  I want to hear your responses!!!