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    Real life’s shit isn’t it. Shit. It’s rubbish. Everyone’s a dick. I’m serious. Everyone’s just shit to each other, on a global scale. We’re just being horrible to each other, and it’s bullshit. So luckily, we have art, and we have music. Because music, in it’s condition, transcends all of those boring things that start all of those problems, like I don’t know, race, and gender and sexuality and all those kinds of things. Now we’re all here together, under the guise of music, so that doesn’t matter, at all, right now. That’s why we’ve created this. So all we need to do now, fuck everything else, regardless of whether you’re really cool or not or whatever, everyone put your hands up in the air, every single person raise their hand. Now if you’re with somebody or if you’re not with somebody, it doesn’t matter, hold hands with whoever the fuck is there, it really doesn’t matter; and just go fucking mental.

    Matty Healy the 1975// Dec.9//Starland Ballroom (via 000000andffffff)