brew at dusk

die at dawn

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    Anonymous asked :Youre between 1 - 100 years old asked :









    The answer is obvious. 

    A resounding No

    I can’t believe everyone has accepted my tacit immortality and no one has asked the secret to it yet. 
    Jesus, with all of the weird questions, you’d think that would be one of them. 

    In the middle of the sea is an island. On that island is a mountain. On that mountain is a forest. In that forest is a tree. One each year, on the winter solstice, a bird flies from the direction of the setting sun and plucks a twig from that tree to build its nest. Once that forest has been plucked in its entirety by that bird, that is the day @ofwoodandbone will die.

    I didn’t mean expose me, GOD

    I didn’t say which sea, GOD. I signed the Black Man’s non-disclosure agreement just like everyone else, Becky!

    I’m glad you read that section. 
    No one ever reads the non-disclosure section in the Black Book anymore. 


    Am I blessed or cursed with my soul? With this restless, unsatisfied spirit, hopelessly homesick and always missing the worlds and whispers impossible to reach, to grab, to possess? Dreaming of calm breaths and sun kissing my skin, and fire and cold forest’s streams, dreaming of simpler times and simpler truths, of golden fields and wild winds high in the mountains..? But longing for stormy skies and thunders, for blood and bones, constantly facing sadness so utterly profound it turns everything into ash on my fingertips? Soul that craves freedom and wildness, that sings the forgotten ballads of warriors and poets long gone. Spirit that never settles down and can never be satisfied.