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    hey, it’s been a while. i guess this is still the place i can come for refuge when i don’t feel like confiding in anyone else. a lot has changed in the last year, here’s a run down:
    1) my gpa went down because I focused on things that weren’t school related 2) I broke up with someone I thought I was going to marry so that was a wake up call never to put that much trust and hope in someone who may not be perminent 3) I don’t have the same friend(s) I thought I would have now 4) I have a new boyfriend, Nicholas, who I completely adore. I’ve never thought I would actually find a boy version of me that’s exactly who I’m looking for. 5) I’m not in the nursing program. 6) I’m in the process of getting this internship at LLMC that I failed to get last year.

    So yeah. I guess I’ll elaborate. I made the wrong decisions and went out too much my sophomore year of college and let’s just say school plummeted. Put my trust in people who just didn’t have my back. I smoked hella stoges. I hated just about everyone after I broke up with my boyfriend l. I had a lot of hatred bottled up. But I’m better now. I’m retaking classes this year and then next year I’m transferring to a private school. I don’t think it’s gonna be LLU, but I think I’m gonna somewhere along those lines. I’m trying to get my basic nursing classes done here then I’m moving on. The only thing keeping me here is Lubos Paso. This year I’m a PCN coordinator and that’s something I’m really excited to do at my last year. I’ve put a lot of my heart and soul into this club and I just want to be able to share my culture with everyone else willing to learn about it. It’s given some friendships that I do truly treasure. Although I don’t have many friends anymore, I’ve closed myself off for a reason. I’m making moves by myself and with the important people in life. I don’t think just anyone deserves to know what’s going on in my life. I want to keep my circle small. I believe the people who check up on me frequently, time to time, once in a while are the ones I’ve learned to invest my time in. One friendship I grew apart from was Larissa. That’s one friendship I don’t think will ever be the same. I’m still not 100%, come to terms with it but I have a new person. It’s different but I told myself I can’t go back and I won’t. I can’t build it back up for it to crash again. I won’t let something like that take another toll on me. I’ve put so many people in front of myself but now I can’t. The friends I have now though, are something. They really are. I don’t know where they were my whole life. But I’m blessed I have them now. It’s a little rough sometimes. But not all the time. I’m getting through smooth. I’m still hard headed, hot tempered, and bad attitude but I’m still trying to manage it. It’s gotten pretty bad lately but I think it’s because I’m on my period. Well,
    Good Luck Charlie


    i’m glad like i’m not like fucking everyone i don’t wanna be

    i don’t wanna settle for what i have now
    i wanna strive for more fuck people for telling me to chill
    nah that’s not what i’m about
    if i want something i ain’t gonna stop till i get what i want

    i need adventure i need excitement i need out of the ordinary

    i will never settle for normal and you can take my fucking word

    you’ll never meet another whilrdwind like me and i can guarantee you that


    haha I think one of the worst feelings in the world is being excitef about something and wanting to tell someone else and they just don’t show interest hahahahahahahhahahahaha what a shitty fucking feeling I don’t know why I even want to tell you things or actually tell you anything so what the fuck ever