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    Dialects can be fun and offer cultural insight. They may be useful to learn, though usually only if you have geographical links to a specific area of Japan- perhaps you have family there, personal heritage there, you live there, or are going to do a language exchange in a specific area. Linguists may also be interested just because they are really interesting.

    In almost all instances for non-Japanese people learning to understand a dialect when it’s spoken/written (rather than produce it in your own speech) would suffice for communication. As far as I can see the best reason to learn to actually speak a dialect is because you want to communicate with elderly people from that region specifically; most young people have had far more media exposure so they can easily use ‘standard Japanese’/ Tokyo dialect.

    If a non-native Japanese speaker learns a dialect and can’t speak standard Japanese, they may find they are seriously limited in conversations and people will inevitably find it weird. They might just find they are incomprehensible:

    I spent three years living in Nemuro, the easternmost town in Hokkaido. […]  Hokkaido-ben is often misunderstood outside Hokkaido, Nemuro-ben can’t be understood even in the next town over. So it’s basically useless unless you’re planning a trip to Nemuro (which I would recommend.) However, it does show how many variations there are in dialect, even within one island.’ [Tofugu, my emphasis]

    Someone with a low communicative ability in English who could only speak using Cockney rhyming slang, but didn’t know standard English unfortunately would sound ridiculous to natives of that area. It would seem crazy to know ‘You’re ‘aving a bubble mate!’, but not ’You must be joking!’. They’d sound odd and in many instances their language would sound antiquated. Be aware that you may well get a similar reaction if you pepper your speech with regional dialect as a non-Japanese person without being conversationally fluent in standard Japanese. I’m not saying don’t learn dialects, please do if they interest you, learning to understand them when you hear them, rather than necessarily use them in your own speech, is a great idea. If you want to speak in them, please try to do it all in good time and in a respectful way that is not accessorizing the language and culture.

    For beginners:

    Many of the resources here will be only in Japanese, as this post is aimed at higher intermediate and advanced learners. The section below is in mostly English and will give you a general overview if you’re interested:

    For intermediate and Advanced learners:

    I’ve organised this by prefecture, but it’s worth noting that some prefectures contain several dialects and I’m by no means an expert, I hope the Tumblr Japanese learning community can contribute to and help improve this post.


    Wikipedia has a lot of basic introductory information on dialects, there are almost certainly dialects I’ve missed from this list, if you search for the prefecture or geographical location and the word 弁 or 方言 then you’re likely to find a dialect, even if it isn’t simply called [place name]弁.

    Hokkaidō |  Hokkaidō ben dictionary |  Hougen.u-biq |  Tofugu introducation to Hokkaido ben

    Aomori |  Goo Aomori ben dictionary |  Japanesepod101 1 2 3 4 5 |  animation about Aomori ben  |  Kindle book written in Aomori ben

    Iwate |  Phrase guide  |  dialect dictionary

    Miyagi |  Hougen.u-biq | Vocabulary | Introduction to Miyagi ben | Sendai ben

    Akita |  Akita ben course  |  How to use in Akita ben  |  How to use in Akita ben

    Yamagata |  A few introductory phrases  | Yamagata ben phrases  |  Yamagata ben dajare  |  Yamagata ben grammar

    Fukushima |  Fukushima ben Dictionary  |  Usage guide

    Ibaraki |  Ibaraki ben dictionary |  Learn Ibaraki ben phrases

    Tochigi | Tochigi ben guide to pronunciation and expressions | Tochigi ben dictionary |

    Gunma | Five page vocabulary guide | 7 lesson course in speaking Gunma ben

    Saitama | North Saitama dialect vocabulary | Phrases | More vocabulary | Saitama ben dictionary on Goo

    Chiba | East Chiba dialect | Learn Bōsō dialect | Another Bōsō website | Bōsō dialect quiz | Sotobō dialect guide

    Tokyo | dictionary |  Tokyo dialect on Jlect | Tokyo ben on Chaku wiki | About Tokyo ben | vocabulary

    Kanagawa | 10 phrases | Yokohama and Kanagawa dialect dictionary | Kanagawa ben on chaku wiki

    Niigata |  Niigata ben dictionary  |  Japanesepod101 1 2 3

    Toyama | Vocabulary | Toyama ben on Wikibooks | Simple phrases | About Toyama ben | Basic introduction to Toyama ben | Toyama dialect competition

    Ishikawa |  Ishikawa ben Dictionary on Goo | Wikibooks Ishikawa dialect guide | Kanazawa ben guide | English book on Kanazawa ben

    Fukui | Fukuiben.com | Hokuriku dialect (spoken in several prefectures)

    Yamanashi |  Koshu Dialect Laboratory | Koshu ben dictionary | Yamanashi ben on Goo | There are a couple of posts here in English

    Nagano |  Goo Nagano ben dictionary  |  Nagano prefecture guide to Nagano dialect  |  Matsumoto dialect page

    Gifu |  Large vocabulary list  |  Mino ben guide |  PDF guide with accent information etc  |  another vocabulary list  |  Short video in Mino Ben

    Shizuoka |  Page with links to several local dialects found in Shizuoka  | Shizuoka ben version of a commerical  | 10 funny phrases

    Aichi |  Hougen.u-biq |  Nagoya ben website

    Mie |  phrase guide |  features of Mie ben

    Shiga |  large word and phrase list  |  vocabulary list

    Kyoto |  Hougen.u-biq |  vocabulary list  |  More vocabulary

    Osaka |  Hougen.u-biq |  video tutorial |  Kansai ben/Osaka ben word list

    Hyōgo |  vocabulary list |  Hyogo ben on chaku Wiki |  

    Nara |  Nara dialect on Chaku Wiki  |  Video discussing the subtelties of Nara dialect within Kansai ben  | vocabulary list

    Wakayama |  Word list |  Some honorific expressions in Wakayama dialect PDF | Wakayama ben article |   Wakayama Kansai ben vocabulary |  Apparently there’ll be a radio show about Wakayama dialect soon so maybe they’ll have a podcast

    Tottori |  dictionary |  large word and phrase list |  another vocabulary and phrase list

    Shimane |  Izumo-ben 出雲弁 | Izumo ben in detail

    Okayama |  large word and phrase list | Okayama ben corner | Interesting Okayama ben

    Hiroshima |  Hougen.u-biq |  Hiroshima dialect

    Yamaguchi |  Yamaguchi benVocabulary | quiz

    Tokushima |  Awa ben video tutorial  |  vocabulary list  |  large phrase and vocabulary list

    Kagawa |  vocabulary and phrase list  |  phrase list

    Ehime |  Some Iyo vocabulary  |  Iyo dialect guide

    Kochi |  Origins of Tosa ben and Hata ben PDF (bilingual)  |  Tosa ben introduction  |  Hata dialect introduction  |  The Lexicon of Kochi Japanese PDF (academic paper)  |  Kochi funpage on Youtube

    Fukuoka |  series of videos on how to use Hakata ben |  video tutoiral |  verb conjugations

    Saga |  Saga ben dictionary | Goo Saga ben dictionary

    Nagasaki |  Nagasaki ben resource with recordings of sample dialogues |  Goo Nagasaki ben dictionary |  A story book written in Nagasaki ben (available on Kindle)

    Kumamoto |  How to use Kumamoto ben  | Kumamoto ken vocabulary, a lot of these seem rough/rude

    Ōita |  video |  Goo Ōita ben dictionary

    Miyazaki |  Miyazaki ben explanation |  vocabulary and explanation

    Kagoshima |  Vocabulary |  big word list  |  More vocabulary and phrases 

    Okinawa |  Traveller’s guide to Okinawan dialects  | Huge list of Ryukyuan vocabulary  |  Uchinaguchi dictionary

    There are books on dialects, typically designed for native speakers, such as this dialect dictionary, or this Tosa ben guide available in Japan, but you’d need some very advanced Japanese to be able to access them, in which case I doubt you’d be following my blog.

    Beyond regional dialects there are also many languages that are native to Japan that are not Japanese. If you’re interested in learning Ainu, one of the Ryukyuan languages, Japanese sign language, or another language from Japan that is not standard spoken Japanese then this Tofugu article may interest you. Many of these languages are endangered.

    Thanks to these bloggers who helped contribute to this post:

    @suzustarlight @tomatograffiti  @grapefruitcake

    Disclaimer: There are a massive number of regional dialects in Japan, I am neither Japanese, nor an expert, so inevitably I will miss some off this list. If you want to share information about a dialect from a part of Japan you’ve visited or lived in please reblog and add some information or resources, so that we can get this post to a point where it’s as comprehensive as possible. Many thanks!

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    Aries: Really angry and always feel like they wanna punch someone or something. They also get annoyed at everything, even furniture. But all they want is someone they can talk to to calm them down. Ironically, they also want to be left alone. They can be sensitive and they don’t care if people don’t like it because they’re too angry to. If they’re extremely mad they’d probably start crying out of frustration. They don’t always know how to deal with their emotions. 

    Taurus: They get annoyed even by the sounds of people. Sometimes they get ticked off to the point of wanting to cry because of frustration but they hate it because they don’t want people to see them as weak and because it’s a humiliating feeling. They’ll speak their mind if needed. They never forget things that make them mad so if you pissed them off five years ago they’ll remember it now. 

    Gemini: They are detached, and every attempt at a conversation turns into a debate and passive aggressive. They are either extremely open about it or completely ignores why they’re annoyed because they’re not really the type to try and get revenge just because they had a small burst of irritability. They may cry if they’re under enough stress already but they won’t tell anyone they did unless they’re very close. They are blatantly unamused or may be distant in social situations if they can’t get their mind away from it quickly. 

    Cancer: They don’t like to get angry so they keep their frustrations to themselves until they it’s too much and they explode. Usually they yell and they get very passive aggressive when that happens. After they get it all out they start to cry if they’re that frustrated. If not, they’ll just be snappy and rude. And then they start to ignore you. They’re also very moody people. 

    Leo: When Leos are mad, everything you do annoys them. There’s only some people who can calm them down. You can tell when they’re in a bad mood because they don’t talk or laugh at all and that’s what they usually do then they’re happy. They’re stubborn so it takes a lot for them to be happy again when they’re unhappy so it’s best to just leave them alone because they’ll probably lash out at you, which is not exactly the best thing for you. 

    Virgo: In a bad mood, Virgos glare at everything that comes their way. They are high strung and won’t talk about why they’re upset unless they’re asked. They will be quieter than usual. They also like to ignore people. They are distant, they’re not talkative, smiley, or laughing but they’re more sarcastic than usual. 

    Libra: Don’t make Libras them repeat themselves when they’re angry. Don’t ask them useless questions. They will ignore you if you keep trying to have a conversation with them or they won’t bother with giving long answers. They just shrug their shoulders or shake their head. They want everyone to go away but feels lonely when they do. They get really snappy. They can also get kind of loud and aggressive. 

    Scorpio: When Scorpios are upset, they are always irritated. The littlest things bug them but they’re also slightly emotional so they cry when they’re frustrated and they absolutely hate it. They also passive aggressive as hell. Sometimes aggressively passive aggressive. Do not mess with them because they will not hold back. You’ve been warned. But they will not stay angry for long because they get over things quickly but the longer you drag it on the longer it takes for them to get over it. They like to rant out their frustrations to a friend or two but if they don’t show interest it makes them feel worthless and lonely. Their answers also get very boring and are even more sarcastic than usual. They’re very moody people. They like to be alone when they are angry or at least with someone they trust. But they won’t talk about it with anyone else. 

    Sagittarius: They get angry but they usually try to suppress their feelings. They don’t forget about it though. They can get very aggressive and will want to fight everyone and everything. They get irritated by the smallest things and they just want to ignore everyone. They can get sarcastic as well and their attitude will change drastically. They just want everyone to leave them alone. 

    Capricorn: Capricorns take their anger off innocent people and blame them. They don’t want to be talked to and get annoyed extremely easily. The little things bother them and they can’t get snappy. They act like they want to be alone but they really don’t. They ignore people and don’t show they’re mad but really they’re just internally screaming at you. They keep things bottled up and are selective of what they show you. 

    Aquarius: They’re ready to murder anyone that gets in their way. They get violent and will lash out on you if you bother them or get in their personal space. They don’t know what to do with their emotions since they bottle up their emotions so they might get emotional. You can expect silent treatment and they want to be left alone. 

    Pisces: They don’t usually get mad or irritated but when they do they think very deeply about the situation. They need their space to think and calm down. They forgive but never forget. They get annoyed by the smallest things and are really sarcastic. They learn to hold in their tears after a while but sometimes they burst into tears if it gets to be too much.

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