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    Daddy’s Princess (21:46)

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    Ivy walks into her room thinking she’s alone, and twirls around a few times in her school uniform. Then she notices her Daddy sitting front of her. This is great news, because she has a few surprises for her Daddy! She bought a new onesie to show the world how much she loves her Daddy! Ivy tries it on for him, and takes a lot of time showing off how cute it makes her butt look! She notices that her Daddy has gotten hard just watching her. This makes Ivy a happy princess. That’s not all she has to show her Daddy though! She bought some new panties, and wants to model them. Ivy tries on four different pairs of panties for her Daddy. She takes her time pulling each pair up and down, and talks about why she loves them. Finally she tries on a pair of white cotton panties. She knows these are Daddy’s favorite. Ivy sees how hard she’s making her Daddy’s cock, and wants it in her mouth. She sucks on her Daddy for a little bit, then realizes how late it is. It’s past her bedtime! Ivy gets ready for bed while her Daddy watches. She puts on her cute matching pajamas, and then puts some lotion on her butt. She wants her skin to be nice and soft for her Daddy. Once she’s ready for bed, she goes back to her Daddy, and tells him she wants him to cum in her mouth. She gives him a sweet blowjob, until he cums. Ivy swallows it all like a good girl! Now it’s really time for bed. She tells her Daddy goodnight, and that she loves him~