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    Sagittarians can tap into the gift of prophecy and have a tremendous sense of foresight

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    They find the silver lining in any cloud and never really get tired of life

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    Sagittarians tend to be animal people, and love active pets who can keep up with them and replenish the genuine, unconditional Sagittarius affection

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    Without the opportunity to wander, the Sagittarian is tired, ill at ease and discontent

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    They have an engaging and hilarious quick wit - they not only enjoy a joke, but can tell one very well

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    Sagittarians are generally interested in everyone and everything. They are fascinated by eccentricity, cultures, languages and universal secrets

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    For a lot of Sagittarians seeing is believing

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    They are impulsively playful in youth and branch into philosophy and intellect in their later years

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    Sagittarians are on an eternal quest for knowledge and wisdom

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    The kiss of the breeze blowing against their faces and the sound of ocean waves echoing in their ear is romance to Sagittarius. The universe is their playmate and lover

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    β€˜Freedom’ is a hallmark feature of the Sagittarian archetype and a necessity for happiness

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    They are filled with wanderlust