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    1. Open Culture:  Not a large a selection, but high quality texts. If you just want to skim a book to brush up on a course you took in ninth grade, download one of these. I have yet to be disappointed.

    2. Book Boon: Provides free college-level textbooks in a PDF format. Probably the widest range of subjects on the web. The site is also pretty.

    3. Flat World Knowledge: The worlds largest publisher of free and open college textbooks. Humanitie texts are particularly difficult to come by, this site has a great selection in all disciplines.

    4. Textbook Revolution:  Some of the books are PDF files, others are viewable online as e-books, or some are simply web sites containing course or multimedia content.

    5. Library Pirate: I’ve always had an addiction to torrent based pirating. When this site opened a few months ago, I went a little overboard. After dropping two hundred on a paperback spanish textbook, I downloaded the ebook version illegally. I also got a great Psyc text i’m obsessed with.  It will be interesting to see how this site grows- they already have a great selection. 

    College bookstores completely rip off their students, so ALWAYS reblog free textbooks! 

    Thank you, you amazing soul.


    save a life, reblog



    If you don’t already know, you guys are eligible for a free Amazon Prime membership for 6 months.

    That means free 2-day shipping on basically everything amazon sells and free release-date deliveries on video games and stuff.

    After you finish your free 6 month membership, if you want to continue it (which you do not have to, you can cancel before it ends with zero penalties) then students get 50% off the regular amazing prime price.

    SO if this is appealing to you and you’d like to start your free 6 month membership, please do so here. Referring students earns you $10.

    $10 = books.

    Books = happy.

    Every college kid can use free shipping from Amazon.



    **This is a list of helpful sites pulled from multiple masterposts. I will be updating this as I find new things.** 

    **If something doesn’t work let me know.** Thank you!

    **If something belongs to you and you want credit let me know. I tried to make all the links go to a specific site. But I’m happy to give you credit if you see something that connect back to you.**


    ACT Masterpost

    AP’s Non-Specific 

    For every high school student studying an AP test 
    FREE MATERIAL (some SAT/ACt stuff too)
    Study guides

    AP’s Specific

    Art History
    Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history
    Barrons pdfs

    AP Biology Exam Guide
    Chapter Review
    Giant Review Sheet
    Crash Course 

    Calculus AB & BC
    Cheatsheet (AB & BC)
    Stuff You MUST Know Cold for AP Calc (AB)
    If you see that, do this (AB)

    AP Chemistry Notes
    Quick Review
    Periodic Table

    Comparative Government and Politics
    Government Comparisons
    Study Sheet (opens as word doc)

    Computer Science
    Review:Part 1, Part 2

    English Language
    Rhetorical Strategies
    AP Language Review

    Environmental Science
    Vocab to Know
    APES Review

    European History
    Exam Review Sheets
    Tom Richey 

    French Language
    Cram packet

    Human Geography

    Every Graph You Need To Know (YouTube)
    Cram packet

    Study guide

    sparknotes study guide
    hella good review sheets
    ton of flashcards woah
    mind map of social psych
    rough outline of the year
    psychologists to know
    crash course ~ hank green
    intro to psych post
    free textbook resources
    study playlists help u
    bunch of review materials
    very good cram packet
    lots of notes from a post
    outline of erikson’s theory
    mind map of disorders
    how to stay motivated!!

    Physics B & C
    Equations (C Mech)
    Unit Notes ©
    Unit Notes ©
    Equations © 

    Cram packet
    Inference Procedures
    AP Stats formulas

    U.S. Government
    Cheat Sheet
    Review Materials
    Tom Richey 

    U.S. History
    Cram Packet: part 1, part 2
    The Giant AHAP Review
    Unit study guides
    Quizlet sets
    The Comprehensive AP US History Study Guide
    The man that saved me Part 1 Part 2

    World History
    Cram Packets and Review Sheets
    Cram packets by era

    General Subject’s

    English Help
    No Fear Shakespeare
    How to Write a Essay (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    What makes a good Essay
    How to Edit Yourself
    Editing Checklist
    Trouble Reading? Tips (X) (X) (X)
    Writing Masterpost (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    Other things to help your Writing  (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)

    Achieving Proficiency

    Math Help
    Mathway (type in your problem and it solves it)
    Square Root Calculator
    Cube Root Calculator
    Expression Simplifier
    Helps you with Math
    Easy unit converter
    Any calculator you need
    Algebra Solver
    Scientific Calculator 
    Cheat Sheet 

    Science Help
    All about space
    Guides for more than 5,500 animal species
    Improve you Geography knowledge
    vast collection of historic images and videos
    Symbols and their meanings
    Comprehensive site for genetics and evolution
    Lab Write Ups

    Writing Help
    Free Microsoft Word Equivalent
    Writing Software Master post
    Cant Remember A Word?
    Bibliography Maker
    Social Media Citation Guide
    Earn A Cute Picture Of A Kitten For Writing
    Writers Block?
    Check Your Writing for Spelling and Grammatical Errors
    Coffee Shop Sounds
    Essay Structure Guide
    Want To Know Who You Write Like?
    Remember the Word
    Alternatives to Said
    Great Inspiration
    Getting Inspired
    Free Microsoft Word alternative
    Dealing with writer’s block
    Lay vs. lie
    When to change paragraphs
    Music for writing
    Research and reading
    How to write a kickass essay with ½ of the stress
    How to write an essay
    Guide to writing a basic essay
    Essay writing: the basics
    What makes a good essay?
    How to google? (1) (2)
    Writing tips
    Harvard Writing Resources
    Synonyms Masterpost
    can’t find the right word?
    Hemingway an online editor (It’s awesome)

    Other Useful Stuff 

    Son of Citation Machine
    Owl Purdue
    How to write Bibliography

    College tips
    make a to do+doing+done board (I just did this and it is very helpful)
    print sources nicely (1) (2)
    recipes based on ingredients - recipepuppy
    popular new headlines - newsmap.jp
    speed read - spreeder.com
    white noise - simplynoise.com
    plan sleep time - sleepyti.me
    google like a boss - png / jpg
    Tips for college freshman
    Know before college 
    Preparing for a lecture

    30/30 (app)
    Essential productivity apps for any student*
    Top 5 productivity apps for iOS (video)*
    Top 5 productivity apps for Android (video)*
    Time Warp
    Self Control (mac) blocks websites
    The science of productivity (video)
    The science of procrastination and how to manage it (video)
    7 brain hacks to improve your productivity (video)
    The simple science of getting more done (in less time)
    Productivity tips
    About power naps
    How to pull an all-nighter effectively

    Studying (Currently long but I will sort through at a later point)
    How to take notes Masterpost 
    StudyBlue- Make online flashcards.
    open2study- Free online study for everyone.
    Khan Academy- Learn anything.
    Coursera- Online courses for free.
    Quizlet- Make flashcards and test yourself.
    Presentation Zen- A blog that helps you with your presentations.
    Time management
    Momentum- Be motivated and organised.
    Test your vocabulary
    Grammar Check
    Website Blocker- Remove temptation.
    Coffitivity- sounds of a cafe 
    Create flowcharts, network diagrams, ect.
    Check spelling and grammar
    Google books for research
    Youtube Crash Course
    Study Playlist
    Convert Anything To Anything
    Productive Study Break Tips
    Pull an All Nighter & Do Well On Your Exam
    Online Ruler
    Thinking & Memorizing Tips
    Research & Reading Tips
    Finals Help Guide
    Homework Help
    Inkflow Visual Notebook
    Free Flashcards Study Helper
    Apps for students
    Tips and trick to help you get good grades
    Learning how to study
    Cornell note taking method
    BBC Bitesize
    Essay writing
    Wolfram Alpha for research
    Memorizing dates
    Making a good study guide
    Note taking like a pro
    Online calculator
    Finals survival guide
    How to survive finals
    School survival guide
    Free online courses
    Exam survival tips
    Studying for an important exam
    Answering multiple choice questions
    Guide on punctuation
    Science simplified
    How to answer exam questions
    How to study
    Useful websites
    How to write an essay
    Defeating Procrastination
    Notetaking Strategies
    Triaging Your Assignments
    Basics for Efficient Studying
    “Academic Disaster Insurance”
    Test-taking Strategies
    The “Secret” to Doing Well in School
    Taking Notes Effectively and Practically
    How to Review in Less Time
    The Benefits of Active Notetaking
    “Big Idea” Flashcards
    What NOT To Do When Studying
    How to Underline/Highlight Effectively
    How to Read a Textbook
    Reading Review, Highlighting, and Underlining
    Superb Study Guides and Mini Moleskines
    Solving Problems vs. Practicing Them
    Creating Effective Exam Cheat Sheets

    Free textbooks
    Text Book Nova
    Medical Textbooks
    Cookbooks to Text Books
    Science/Math Textbooks
    Business Textbooks
    Tech Books
    Greek and Roman Text in English
    Art Books
    Historical Fiction
    History Books
    Project Gutenberg
    Free Ebooks
    Classic Books
    Classic Books
    Classic Books
    Classic Books
    Classic books and Reference and study guides
    Classic books
    Free Textbook Download Masterpost
    Textbook Guide

    My Study Life - It’s a planner to help you remember when your homework is due and stuff like that
    Free printable planner
    To do list
    How to make a study schedule
    Class folder organization
    “Study Cove” Organization
    Making a Detailed Study Schedule
    The Work-Progress Journal
    Quick Tip for Flashcard Organization
    Scheduling Organization
    College Plan Spreadsheet Template
    Organizing Your Notes
    Getting Yourself Together in College with Mental Illness
    How to Organize Your Workspace

    Stress Reliefs/Relaxng
    stress analyst - relaxonline
    distract yourself
    self-care tips
    self-care for overstimulated nerves
    softest legs
    feel better
    Thoughts Room
    Panic & Anxiety Masterpost
    Guided Relaxation
    Stress Relievers
    Chill Playlist
    Cute Videos
    The quiet place project
    Feelings Masterpost

    Useful Stuff
    plan, budget, and manage daily finances
    How to take a Standardized Test
    How to Master Excel
    Fact check politicians
    Back to school Masterpost
    What you didn’t learn in high school

    IDK what to put these under but they're helpful too
    Check The Safety Of Any Website
    Download From 8tracks
    Print Webpages Without the Clutter
    Is This Website Down For Me Or Everyone?
    Self Defense Tips
    Upload Anything From Your Smartphone To You Laptop
    Chrome Extension Tells You Which Tab Is Playing Music
    Prevent Hangovers
    Bookmark Online Videos
    1 Month Free of Amazon Prime
    Netflix Recommendations
    Becoming An Adult Masterpost
    All The Audios You’ve Ever Reblogged
    Stream/Watch Free TV/Movies
    Never Hit A Dead End With A Broken Link
    Downloadable PDF To-Do Lists
    Watch Musicals
    List Of Universities On Tumblr
    Summer Studying

    Scholarship Masterpost


    The Foreigner is based off a 1992 book by Stephen Leather, called The Chinaman, which stars a Vietnamese main character.

    So this means we have a slew of problems.

    • Creators of The Foreigner paid a Very White man to make a movie on his book regarding a Vietnamese father.
    • The role of the known Vietnamese characters went to two Chinese actors- Jackie Chan, and his character’s daughter, starring Katie Leung.
    • Those roles are still of Vietnamese characters, even in the movie.

    [Image: Screenshot of Jackie’s character’s passport. The name on the passport is Ngoc Minh Quan, place of birth is stated as Vietnam.]

    To say two Chinese actors look like Vietnamese people, not only erases SE Asians from media, it also tells Asians like myself that we all look alike.

    And, as twitter user linhtropy pointed out, this raises a number of issues.

    Base level information: 1. China was one of Vietnam’s colonizers. This is similar to whitewashing in terms of power dynamics.

    3. The Fall of Saigon was in 1975. It’s still fresh for most Viet ppl. I don’t feel comfy w white ppl using this pain for entertainment.

    I’m not comfortable with this either.