homestuck gals and nonbinary pals

this is a blog to show love for the ladies and nonbinary ppl of homestuck! you can request for me to reblog things or message me / submit and i'll reblog / post your art!! you can ask me to tag triggers.

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2021-04-18 19:27:07

    hey, did yall know the quileute nation’s still (it is april 2021 as i write) trying to raise money to move out of that potential tsunami hazard zone and onto higher ground? i remember it was trending for a little while on tumblr when the twilight book came out but my corner of the web’s been quiet on it since.

    there’s a lot going on all over the world right now but if you can spare them even 5 bucks, thats 5 bucks they wouldnt have had without you! please help them if you can.