I'm not very active

but this is still the love of my life. guys it's my main blog. I have like 9 other side blogs.

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    whatamagicalplace asked :Hi there, I'm really grateful that you've shared the Cyborg 009 1979 episodes because this seems to be the only place I can find them on the internet. I just went to watch episode 7 and it seems it's been removed mysteriously (the other episodes are fine). Do you know where I might find it? Thank you! asked :

    Well hi!! Not all of them work but most of them do. I can’t for the life of me remember where or how I got them. I wish I did.

    letsbeartists asked :Every time I try to watch the other episodes of Cyborg 009 1979 on google drive, it denies me saying it’s a violation of the terms. What should I do? asked :

    I think some of the episodes are corrupted if it’s all the episodes I’ll have to take another look at the links and see what’s going on.




    Wanted to make you a litttle something special for your special day, so here’s Albert presenting you with some German chocolate cake.


    OMG THANK YOU!!! I love German chocolate cake. Jer you’re the best!