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    Love logging on to tumblr dot com and seeing posts about why libraries should be Cancelled because they don’t pull problematique books

    Also let’s be real, Problematic Books are one of the strongest arguments for libraries’ continued existence?

    Let’s say you need an outdated queer theory textbook that uses biphobic and cissexist rhetoric for your gender studies thesis, but you don’t particularly want to own that book.

    Let’s say you need a primary source to strengthen your argument to your college as to why a certain political figure does not deserve to be a speaker at your graduation because they perpetuate hate speech.

    Let’s say you and your friends want to hateread a book by your least favorite author but you don’t want to give him your money.

    You deserve the ability to access that content legally without having to purchase and own it. And so does everyone else, no matter how suspicious you might be of their motives for reading a Problematic book.

    When I was doing my masters in library science, they reiterated over and over: there should be something in a library to offend everyone. Believe me. There are books in my library that I find offensive. But my job is to provide access. Not to question WHY people need stuff or to judge them. Libraries should function as a neutral space. We are providing information, which in and of itself is neutral. It’s what people DO with that information that matters. And even then, it’s not my place to judge.

    When I was in college, I was doing a paper for an African-American Studies class, and I found myself suddenly in need of info on exactly what sort of self-justification white people were using during the days of slavery.

    And I found one in the college library.  An original slave-owner’s apologia from eighteen hundred or so.

    Nasty stuff.  But studying the mechanics of evil is a useful pursuit.  One that has relevance in today’s world, certainly.

    (My African-American Studies professor thought so too; he gave me an A.)

    The point being, no matter how bad a book is, there is value in preserving it—if only to demonstrate, “This, this right here, this is a bad thing.“  Mein Kampf?  Worth picking through to note the psychology of a depraved leader.  (Did you know that Hitler framed every damn thing as a war, including farming, which he characterized as wrestling food from an unwilling land, or some such bullshit?  Might be a characteristic worth paying attention to.  Be cautious about leaders who use “war” rhetoric for things that aren’t actually wars, such as … oh, to pull an example out of a hat, how about “drugs.”)  Slavery apologia?  Leans heavily into Biblical justification, from the one I read, so maybe, just maybe, we should examine Biblical justifications very carefully.  Even the worst stuff teaches us things.

    Which is part of what a library is there for.




    i feel the need to turn death of the author around though and remind everyone why it’s important from a writer’s perspective…that’s the whole point of workshopping a story. what did you actually write? what did the reader get from it? maybe it’s not what you think you wrote/originally intended to write. so now look at it like a reader. what did you actually write?

    this will probably be interesting to literally no one else, but now having taken tv writing classes i see that THIS is the point of the writer’s room as well! writer’s room = professional workshop group.

    …honestly, the thing that makes screenwriting different is that the process continues at every stage of production. at each stage of production people are going to re-interpret what the writer actually wrote…

    it’s really rather fascinating and proves death of the author all the more


    I live with severe PTSD as a result of childhood sexual abuse and other sexual assaults.

    It’s extremely rare that I’m intimate with persons who are capable of impregnating me, and on those rare occasions, multiple forms of contraception are involved. The odds of me being impregnated during consensual sex are therefore very small.

    If I should become pregnant, it will almost certainly be due to rape. I mark the odds of my being raped (again) as non-zero, simply because that is the reality for all women.

    The last time other people treated my body as though it were theirs and not mine, I was a child in elementary school. Back then, I thought often of killing myself—because that was the only means of escape I could imagine.

    If I became pregnant against my will, and there were no option for me to obtain an abortion (legal or illegal), then I’m fairly certain the programming of my childhood would kick back in, that my mental health would disintegrate, and that suicide would once again seem my only option.

    If, as is now the case for people with uteruses in the deep South, I couldn’t tell anyone I was pregnant for fear of being betrayed, or of incriminating others—if I couldn’t tell anyone that I was struggling with these feelings, because my suicidality would be seen as posing a criminal threat to the fetus in my body—the odds of a fatal outcome increase drastically.

    I write this to shed light on merely one of the hundreds of reasons why there is no validity to the argument “just have the kid and let someone adopt it.” For people like me, for many trans men who are capable of being impregnated, for hundreds of reasons individual to the persons affected by the erosion of our reproductive rights, lives are on the line.

    I am not a trained activist. All I know is that if I had the necessary resources, I would be focusing on enabling refugees from these states to escape and start new lives in new states. I would start NOW.

    Because people are going to die, or otherwise have their lives destroyed, before these laws can be overturned in federal court. It’s already happened. There isn’t really time to wait.








    Y'all have,,, NO idea how much I want a pizza rn. It is taking all of my willpower to save my money and not order one this instant to celebrate getting stuff done today

    late-stage capitalism is i want pizza but congress won’t buy me one

    wait I haven’t tried

    I’m gonna call my congressman and see

    Hmm… Ted Cruz isn’t answering. Still a coward, I see,

    I’m gonna ask my governor now and tell him Cruz said it was out of his jurisdiction so he’ll feel all important. dude sued the city and is richer than god he can afford a pizza

    HDGJDFHGJ SOMEONE PICKED UP,,, this is how it went:

    Me: Hello, I would like to request an audience with Governor Abbott

    Secretary: I’m sorry. I can relay a message and have him get back to you in a call or email.

    Me: Okay, thanks! Due to some recent changes and current economic disparity in Texas, I’ve calculated that Gov. Abbott makes enough a year to buy over 10,000 pizzas, for example. As a display of his claims to make efforts towards rebuilding the middle class, all I ask is that he buy me one single pizza. 

    Secretary: *incredulous laugh/scoff noise*

    Me: That’s less than 0.0001% of his salary, not even taking his enormous wealth into consideration, and will affect my voting decision next election cycle. My paypal is https://www.paypal.me/quinintheclouds 

    Secretary: …I’ll let him know.

    Secretary: *Hangs up*

    None of them bought me a pizza. Guess you could say they crust my dreams :((



    I was tagged in the selfie game again!!! It’s not a selfie. But it’s a photo of me that I really like. 😎 exploring abandoned shit in the wilderness is my jam. Thanks @thoughts-of-an-x-factor for the tag!!

    I tag any of you who feel like sharing your beautiful selves. Happy Monday.



    I am a man on a mission, and that mission is reintroducing podficcing into the fanfiction community. Tell your friends.

    (I spent 30 minutes typing out a text transcription and then Tumblr completely ate it and I saw white for a second so I’ll add an image description once I’ve calmed down)

    If I may add, accessibility is great, I really enjoy being able to listen to podfics while cooking or taking the bus or going to sleep, but that’s not the only great thing about podfics!

    It’s like, maybe you like going to the movies, right? Probably more than you enjoy reading movie scripts? Because there’s acting, and pictures, and music and sound effects, and everything, and if you’re reading the script, you have to imagine those yourself.

    While the difference between podfic and fic isn’t so extreme (fic is usually made to be enjoyed on its own and not transformed into podfic, podficcers do not have the budget, time and industry standards movie productions do, etc), it still exists.

    Things a podficcer might add to the text: intonation, mood, character voices, acting the dialogues out, music, sound effects, the sense of intimacy and community the voice of another human being brings, freetalk commentary, cover art, etc etc etc.

    I know I probably sound like a bit of an insensitive snob, going off about the artistic and technical skills involved in podficcing when the original post was only about how great podfics are for accessibility (which, they are!) and not at all about that not-so-old argument of “podfics aren’t creative/transformative enough to be allowed as primary works in this reverse big bang”. Everything op said is 100% true! I’m just trying to add a few more reasons to love podfics to the list.




    if you’re offline or away and i message you something (like a link to a meme or a picture or w/e) honestly just assume that i’m just leaving it there for when you get back and not expecting you to answer straight away. i don’t need you to respond with “hey, sorry, i wasn’t at the computer!” or anything. i was leaving u a gift for later.

    This also applies if you’re online and just don’t want to or have the energy to deal with humans in the moment. Just because we have the ability to reply in real time does not mean we have the obligation.

    im like a cat i drag the posts to ur doorstep and if ur not there it’s ok, the post will be on ur porch for later



    my mom is an eighth grade science teacher and was complaining to me about how many of her students don’t believe in evolution or the moon landing and spent a whole class period trying to argue with her that the earth is flat and she was like “yeah they all said they watch this guy on youtube who says this stuff…shawn something” and i was like “wait was his name shane dawson?” and she said “oh my god YES”

    so that’s terrifying!

    I was literally just reading this article about how easily one woman’s son was radicalised after a traumatic incident he experienced at school.

    The alt-right is not above recruiting children.