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    what are your thoughts on ‘skinny shaming’?

    As someone who has been “thin-shamed” I can say it does Not at all go hand in hand with fat shaming. People “thin-shaming” me was mostly verbal harassment- you’re too skinny, you look like a boy, eat a fucking cheeseburger, what’s wrong with you why don’t you like food?

    But guess what, I don’t have a problem finding clothes that fit me. There aren’t companies that refuse to make clothes for my size. There is no shortage of messages telling me that despite the harassment of some, I am still beautiful and ideal even if I’m unhealthy. Despite being thin-shamed, I still PANICKED when I started a medicine that made me gain weight, and I had to really analyze that, because no matter what my culture will still say that “fat is unideal” “fat is bad” and “honestly its fine to starve yourself / but shameful and bad to overeat.”

    So “thin-shaming” is shitty because it’s shitty to be judged and have people make assumptions about you. But Fat-shaming is institutional, it’s not just individuals harassment and judgement, it’s potential jobs, it’s clothing companies, it’s media and advertisement, all telling you you’re bad as you are. Like what a way shittier thing.

    This is the difference.

    recently i’ve been framing this sort of thing as “bullying vs oppression”

    bullying is bad. it’s mean. full stop.

    but we KNOW bullying is bad. and that’s not to say we shouldn’t address it, but it’s a WORLD of difference from actual systemic oppression.

    kingedmundsroyalmurder asked :I'm sure you've got a list floating around somewhere, but do you have any recs for online book sellers (esp. second hand or ebook ones) that aren't amazon? asked :


    Oh boy! This is my favorite kind of question :)

    My two go-to places for used books are Powell’s, which is a very large, amazing bookstore with a ton of used options, and Biblio, which is just a place where a bunch of booksellers have their used and rare books for sale online. 

    You can also go to the IndieBound website and type in your zip code, and it will tell you all of the indie booksellers around you, so you can find a used book shop near you. Most indie booksellers I know of do shipping and online sales.

    Kobo is a good ebook alternative to Kindle. Their readers are nothing to write home about, but the ebooks themselves will work on basically anything that’s not a Kindle or a Nook, as long as you download the Kobo app.

    And for audiobooks, Libro.fm is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. A portion of the proceeds go directly to an independent bookstore of your choice, their customer service is fantastic, and they do a lot of fun stuff like playlists and promotions. Can’t say enough good things about Libro.fm.

    Hopefully that helps?



    “fat person trying to catch their breath after physical activity” is not a funny joke. Its not a joke at all in fact. Its just something that happens. Laughing at that is really awful. You make us ashamed of things we cant control. I shouldnt have to sit there slowly suffocating myself trying to hold in heavy breathing after running or something just because of the stigma society places on me for it. Its already an uncomfortable feeling to be panting for breath and guess what fat people have to deal with that more often than skinny people do. Dont fucking make it worse by making us have to try and hide it. Stop the fucking stigma surrounding fat people panting. 

    A lot of fat people would love to have better cardiovascular fitness and would totally be physically able to attain it, except that gyms, parks and even the sidewalk are hostile environments for fat people. When I was training hard I could run up a flight of stairs and catch my breath in a few seconds, but I was still fat as fuck.

    But this didn’t happen until I was 23 because NO ONE EVER TOLD ME IT’S POSSIBLE TO BE FAT AND FIT. I had no idea I could do all this fun stuff like bicycling and hiking and running without first losing weight so I put it off until that magical day when I would be thin (spoiler: didn’t happen). I bet this is a major barrier for a lot of fat people.

    Another barrier was that I had a hell of a time getting medical care for injuries and joint problems that were NOT weight related because everywhere I turned I got ‘lose weight’ instead of actual treatment, so that made it hard to keep up my fitness pursuits safely.

    Here’s a disclaimer though: you don’t have to be cardio-fit (or even want to be fit) to be worthy of respect, dignity and admiration as a fat person. I am not trying to uphold the ‘good fatty’ myth. BUT cardio fitness is a useful and enjoyable thing that a lot of us fat people lose access to SOLELY because of fatphobia.

    I also want to give a shoutout to people for whom high cardio fitness is not possible due to disability, chronic illness or poverty. It is a privelige to be able to pursue cardio fitness and I’m really glad I can.








    TIL that door knobs made out of brass automatically disinfect themselves in about 8 hours through the oligodynamic effect

    via reddit.com

    Fascinating. Good post.

    Silver does this also, which was probably handy for silverware before antibacterial dish soap was invented.

    That’s mentioned in the article as well. They also stated that a copper or silver container can disinfect a pot of water in a few hours. im gonna add a copper vessel to my emergency provisions now. @yourunclejingo you may find this stuff interesting too.

    Its almost like our ancestors did shit that made sense even if they didn’t always fully understand why.

    Does this…imply that lycanthropy is a bacterial infection?

    And we’re back




    Can we talk about how in zombie shows/movies/books they always find a veterinarian and not a surgeon? Are veterinarians deemed more likely to survive the apocalypse?


    • One of our professional skills is ‘not being bitten by patients’
    • We actually have a good broad knowledge base for both surgical, medical, and GP things
    • We’re used to improvising equipment because a lot of stuff is just not made for animals
    • Meat safety is part of our training
    • Our cars are often full of equipment, especially in mixed practice
    • We probably weren’t in the human hospital at the initial outbreak

    This post is deemed culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant as certified by the National Shitpost Registry.









    its been said over and over by lots of people but it still boggles my mind that people think people will just stop working if theres a UBI like

    if you tell someone is on minimum wage “hey you make $58/day at your job, and im gonna give you an extra $115/day regardless of how much you work” there will probably be some who are now living on $115/day but most people are gonna look at that and go “fuck yeah! i make $173/day now!”

    meanwhile if you tell someone making $40k “hey you can make $30k without working” there might be a few people who take a $10,000 pay cut and take an extended staycation, but just about everyone is gonna go “holy shit i make $70k now!”

    and of course everyone who does walk away from their shitty jobs ends up forcing their bosses to make the job either less shitty or better paying so that they can get people who are willing to do it. which means that option of $115/day for no work or $173/day with a full time job suddenly becomes $300/day with a full time job

    opposition to UBI really just boils down to a belief in the capitalist propaganda that if your boss treats you like a person the world you know will crumble

    I agree 100% with this but I’d also like to add an extra layer of nuance

    Which is that of the small percentage of people who would quit their jobs when given a UBI I don’t think most of them would stop working, they’d just stop working for money, probably temporarily.

    There’s a great Charles Stross article which I cannot find right now, about UBI and he points out that he knows lots of writers who would have happily spent a year or two making only a basic income (which in most plans just keeps you a hair above the poverty line), for a chance at working full time on their writing. And firstly, that’s hard work, its just work that doesn’t pay well. But he also says in the same article, that he knows very few who would have stuck with that for more than that before they decided they enjoyed disposable income and got another paying job.

    The two groups, also, who worked less during the MINcome experiment were teens and mothers of young children (who attended school and raised children).

    Is there an amount given for children, as well? I’m really curious. (I’m down either way.)

    that varies by implementation. the numbers here are just based on “30k seems reasonable. how does that spread out if you assume a 40 hour 5-day week?”

    Things that happen with UBI:

    - Parents spend more time with their kids
    - Kids do better in school
    - Domestic violence rates go down

    Things that DON’T happen with UBI:

    - People just stop working en masse

    Also, take into account that there a lot of jobs out there right now that only pay commission that some people (like me) would really enjoy but just can’t afford to have their income at risk. I’ve got 2 kids and can’t afford the possibility of having a bad week and not having enough for groceries, or missing a car payment, or it messing up my budget for the first few months while I get into the swing of things. I can’t afford to work 12 hr days 6 days a week for $400 base pay a week for a few months until commissions start coming in. But the job would be enjoyable and it’s something I could be good at. I just can’t afford the first month or two where there’s a learning curve.

    UBI would give me the ability to do that.

    Like, given we assume that those would fix most of the gofundmes that amount to “help me stay alive because capitalism is shit”, the amount of COMMISSIONS I would make happen, from the other end, if I didn’t feel like crying every time we do budgeting?

    The amount of times I’ve been wanting to commission a skilled artist?

    Fuck, I’d be tempted to commission @upyrica to illustrate an entire book for me. I even know exactly which one.

    And should I learn that we work well together, I’d totally suggest “hey wanna try collaborating on that visual novel like in that one dream I had once upon a time that I told you about?” Cause the risk will be plenty low.

    The amount of bandcamp artists I’d be supporting? Not to mention the PATREONS? Indie video game makers? Crochet and Knitwear Designers? Hand-dyed gradient yarns i could FUCKING COMMISSION to lay down some FUCKING MAGIC with my needles and hooks?

    Which, in the end, will make their lives so much easier as well?  And allow others to take risks because well, if that music/video game making/writing/art/blogging career isn’t working out, they won’t end up destitute?

    And that’s just from the creative sector?

    The amount of people who’d happily go back to school and go to university now that they’ve had the time and experience to understand what they really want to do with their lives but can’t afford to go into debt over it?

    (And don’t get me started on all the people who stay in abusive situations because of finances who would now have an actual chance to be free.)

    I think UBI might actually allow more disabled people to work in some capacity, if they want to.

    The way we do SSI/SSDI is so fucking difficult to get on and isn’t really survivable when you ARE on it, or who the government has decided are not “disabled enough”. As a result, there are plenty of disabled people who are working incredibly hard and being pushed past their limits, when they shouldn’t have to.

    With UBI I think you’d see some disabled people WOULD stop working - because they really shouldn’t have been having to.

    A lot of disabilities DO get significantly worse with stress. If you’re not frantic about the constant threat of homelessness/starvation/etc, then some of your symptoms might improve, which might mean you have the option of doing something part time, or doing something creative, because it’s enjoyable or to have a little extra spending money.












    Life is very full of sex, or should be. As much as I admire Tolkien — and I do, he was a giant of fantasy and a giant of literature, and I think he wrote a great book that will be read for many years — you do have to wonder where all those Hobbits came from, since you can’t imagine Hobbits having sex, can you? Well, sex is an important part of who we are. It drives us, it motivates us, it makes us do sometimes very noble things and it makes us do sometimes incredibly stupid things. Leave it out, and you’ve got an incomplete world.’ George R R Martin (source)

    no disrespect to george rr martin but this quote cracks me up bcos every time i see if I’m just like, no george… you can’t imagine hobbits having sex. ;P

    FOUND IT & I say again: I can imagine hobbits having sex just fine.

    Georgey boy here forgetting Sam’s 13 kids.

    he didn’t forget about them. he just doesn’t understand where they came from.

    That’s even funnier, then.

    george rr martin, looking at the gamgee family tree and crying: wh-where… where did they all come from…….

    this man is apparently under the impression that we need sex scenes to understand that sex exists in any given story universe and honestly that explains so much about his writing

    It really does


    “When we are going to have sex?”

    “…We’ve already had it.”

    “We’ve had it once, yes. What about second sex?”

    Grrm May be a a good writer. But he is not a very good Tolkien reader 😂😂😂😂😂