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    “What is the full list of things Trump did that might have constituted obstruction of justice, and what’s the argument for why they don’t? Barr’s letter says Mueller declined to make a determination on whether the president obstructed justice, so Barr decided that he didn’t. Barr also says that most of Trump’s actions in this area have been publicly reported. That would have to include his urging then-FBI Director James B. Comey to lay off the investigation of Michael Flynn, his reported attempt to get Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats to pressure the FBI to back off Flynn, and his firing of Comey, which he told both a national TV audience and the Russian foreign minister and ambassador he did in order to quash the Russia investigation. So what did Trump do that hasn’t yet been publicly reported?”

    The questions about the Russia scandal we still need answered

    This is just one of several important and vital questions that we need answered.

    Barr’s summary makes no sense, given everything we have seen in public for the last two years. I have lost count of the number of law professors, current and former elected officials,  and former government employees who have consistently identified all the ways Trump has obstructed justice in plain sight, just for starters, to say nothing of how little sense it makes that he would lie so much, so forcefully, and so consistently about every issue regarding Russia, if there was just nothing there at all and he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

    This just reeks of a massive, Iran-Contra style coverup and whitewash, which is unsurprising since William Barr is Attorney General in both cases.

    If the relevant Congressional committees can’t get answers to these questions, Congress must open an impeachment inquiry.

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    The Russians interfered in the 2016 election. Collusion by Trump is beside the point. A foreign adversary helped elect our President regardless of any direct involvement by Trump.

    The Russians successfully targeted over 100 million Americans on social media. That is a fact.

    If this sort of targeting wasn’t effective, campaigns and companies wouldn’t invest millions in social media advertising.

    An entire country almost doubled the advertising for one candidate over the other. That is unprecedented in American history.

    It should outrage all Americans —Republican and Democrat— that anyone besides Americans decided our Presidential outcome.

    Fact is — direct collusion is irrelevant and doesn’t change this fact: without Russian support, Trump wouldn’t have won the Electoral College.

    The Electoral College is another thing we should forever remain outraged by:

    Of the last 5 Presidential elections, Democrats have won 4 of the 5 popular votes. But only twice won the Presidency (Obama in ‘08 & ‘12).

    Can you imagine if the roles were reversed?

    If a Republican had won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, and thus the Presidency? ….twice?

    Fox News would *NEVER* shut up about it.

    We wouldn’t have even needed to worry about Russian interference if our election had been decided by the popular vote (like most other industrialized nations).

    We shouldn’t accept the fact that two Presidential elections have been stolen from us by the Electoral College.

    Both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore should have become our President.

    So Democrats better start getting angry. And staying angry.

    Mueller’s report better fire us up to keep fighting.

    Trump remains a danger to everything we hold dear. And he would love nothing more than for us to roll over and give up. We simply can’t afford to get discouraged. Especially now.

    Trump is a liar. A bully. A cheat. A fraud. A con-man. A propaganda artist putting billionaires first while spitting in the face of the most vulnerable among us. Emboldening racism, sexism, and homophobia. Hate crimes at an all-time high.

    Trump is doing nothing about our *REAL* national emergencies: gun deaths, healthcare, and college debt.

    Turning America’s symbol from the Statue of Liberty to his fascist wall.

    This is not who we are. This is *NOT* America. 3 million more of us voted for Hillary. We are the *MAJORITY*. And we should start acting like it.

    Don’t allow Trump to pervert and distort what it means to be an American.

    Don’t let the bully beat us down into giving up.

    Our new reality is we aren’t going to be able to rely on Mueller to rid us of this un-American monster. We have to do it ourselves.


    In 2020, vote blue no matter who.

    The 2018 midterms proved that if we show up to the polls unified and united, we win.

    Let’s not eat our own and let them divide us again in 2020.

    We truly are Stronger Together.

    Always ask yourself: what would Hillary do?

    Does she give up and quit during difficult times? Or does she redouble her efforts and get right back up?

    Democrats — get up off your feet and keep fighting the good fight!!

    Our democracy depends on it.


    Trump is the ultimate manipulator, showman, propaganda artist. Too bad it still took Russia and James Comey for him to lose by 3 million votes.

    Point is — Donald’s immoral, attention seeking tactics helped win him the Electoral College.

    Don’t fall for his manipulation. His sideshows. His distractions. He’d rather us focus on his drama rather than his policy. It’s better for him politically.

    People tune out the constant reality show. This allows Trump to push through his billionaire-first agenda, which he masks as an “America First” agenda.

    A true propaganda artist. Con-man. Snake oil salesman. Daddy’s boy. Fraud. Liar.

    A disgusting cheat.