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    This is what feminism has brought us to. People are now so scared and confused over what constitues consensual sex, they now need computer programs to give them the confidence to safely screw.

    Feminists were not satisfied though. For them LegalThings doesn’t go far enough. 

    Gizmodo reporter Melanie Ehrenkranz wrote in a piece on her site LegalFling represents a “deeply flawed” effort and is a far cry from how sexual consent should actually work:

    “A blanketed [sic] contract ahead of engaging in sexual contact signals that consent is simply a one-time checklist,” Ehrenkranz wrote. “Consent, however, is something that occurs continually throughout a sexual encounter.”

    That’s right people - feminists will not be satisfied till a robot overlord monitors every second of intercourse to ensure “empowered” women are actually having consensual sex.





    The “I WANT ONE” impulse is also a huge issue at reptile+exotics shows.  While a seller is technically legally required to send out a care sheet with every animal sold, I’ve never had that actually happen to me.  There’s no waiting period or requirement.  A buyer isn’t required to show proof that they have an enclosure ready and waiting for their new pet—- in fact, it’s often a selling point at expos that you can buy everything you need for your new pet RIGHT THERE.  It’s so easy to be caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm of an expo.  It’s practically tailor made for impulse buys.

    When I bought one of my leopard geckos, I was actually offered a second one for free.  I declined because ‘I don’t have another enclosure right now’ and the seller gleefully pointed out that everything I needed was being sold right at the expo anyway.  That’s what I mean by tailor-made for impulses.  I was actively telling a seller that I wasn’t set up for another gecko, but they were giving me excuses to acquire another one.  FOR FREE, even! 

    I have been at expos with MUCH more exotic selections who do require specialized care and knowledge, including prairie dogs, short-tailed Brazilian opossums, frilled dragons, ackie monitors, reticulated pythons, large torts… that’s just the start of a list.  I could list hundreds of species.  Every time there’s an expo, craigslist and similar rehoming sites are inundated with people trying to sell off their animals.

    obviously, I’m not saying expos are inherently bad.  But I am saying that there really ought to be some systems in place to prevent Bad Idea Impulse Buys.   I know that, ultimately, it really IS up to the buyer to Not Be Such a Fucking Idiot And Actually Do Research, but Not Being An Idiot isn’t a strong point for our species.

    Honestly, this is a big reason I haven’t home to an expo before. The whole idea makes me really anxious because of how often I read and hear about impulse buys, and how there’s still a lot of variance in quality of breeders/sellers. It just feels like everything I really dislike about the pet trade and I don’t want to have it all around me.

    Expos are sort of a mixed bag for me. I love to go visit and see and make new connections and find good deals on supplies but I also always see people selling animals like sugar gliders and Burmese pythons- things with substantial needs and steep learning curves that live a fairly long time- to literally anyone who asks.

    Thing is, a baby Burmese or reticulated python isn’t all that bigger than a young ball python at the age they typically end up in expos. It’s hard to envision the animal that wraps easily around your arm like a bracelet and fits in a shoebox will grow to over ten feet long and weigh over 100 pounds and eat cat sized prey animals when it’s all grown up.

    I have to put blame on both the buyer and the seller, really. It takes a minute to pull out your phone and Google how big a reticulated python is- but it also doesn’t take more than a few moments of consideration to know the snake you’re selling to someone who’s never owned a snake before isn’t going to a great well prepared home for it.

    It’s one thing to impulse buy a hissing cockroach or a corn snake but another to impulse buy a snake large enough to kill you.

    In Australia you can’t buy exotic pets like you can in America not even natives you need to stop this attitude of I have money I can do whatever I want.



    When religionists have to protect their divine, eternal, magical master of the universe from getting a feelings-ouchie.

    I want to be clear here. There is nothing I’ve said about any of the gods, such as calling bible-god irrational, genocidal, murderous and psychopathic, that these gods could say back to me that would actually offend me. Partly because I have enough self-confidence to not be bothered by mere names, partly because I have enough self-awareness to know I hold the moral upper-hand, and partly because I don’t hold in very high regard the opinions of the irrational, genocidal, murderous and psychopathic.

    madwriterscorner asked :Have you heard of the latest “meetoo” upset of the statue of the famous kiss after ww2? How dare people simply rejoice after the most horrific war in human history. Mee too ugh can’t it die already asked :


    I honestly had no idea that there WAS a statue of it. Here, followers, some classic American history for you.

    Some bitter harpy sprayed “#METOO” on her leg. Cost of repair will be about $1000.

    I just find it weird. You can talk to so many women who will tell you that it’s the pinnacle of romantic fantasy to just be swept off your feet by a dashing man like that. It’s understood by all that you don’t just walk up to a woman on the street and do this, but yes, it very much is a romantic dream. But today, bitter millennial feminists screech “IT’S LITERALLY RAAAAAPE”. Sad that romantic fantasy is dying because it’s not politically correct.

    In some alternate reality, Sleeping Beauty never woke up, because Prince Charming didn’t want to kiss her and get MeToo’d.
















    No, people aren’t “More sensitive” now. People aren’t too “Politically Correct” now. Nor are people “Just looking for a reason to be offended” now.

    We, as a people, know better now. Therefore we, as a people, are trying to do better now.

    Someone once told me I was a bigot cause I like Oregairu

    I’ve been called a white supremacist because I said “separate art from the artist”

    I’ve been accused of being a “rape apologist” for objecting to the idea that a softcore porn comic (which didn’t even show actual genitalia) somehow magically convinces dudes that raping people is a-okay, and I’ve been called a pedophile for liking a cartoon.

    I was also accused of being a rape apologist in the past. It was because I was (still am actually) a fan of A Clockwork Orange.

    And I was accused of being a fujoshi for shipping a m/m ship. Seriously.

    I’ve lost count of all the bullshit I’ve been accused of over the past few years

    ^Not remembering your callouts also makes you callous and unempathetic!

    seriously though, op is simply undeniably wrong.

    I’ve been called racist for not posting only about institutionalized racism against black people in the US, I had the audacity to post about Africa and Canada and their issues too.

    I’ve been called racist for refusing to treat people differently based on the color of their skin, for saying that everyone should be treated equally, that no one should be judged for how they were born. 

    I’ve also been called homophobic, ableist, misogynistic, and racist for just flat out not treating people differently based on traits they were born with. 

    Also got called misogynistic and victim blamer for saying men can be victims of domestic violence. Oh and for saying gaming isn’t misogynistic and that women can have female power fantasies with women characters like Bayonetta and that women can enjoy looking at the female form too.

    I’ve been called many different racist slurs for saying white people shouldn’t be hated on just because of their race.

    I’ve been called a nazi and nazi sympathizer for saying everyone should have free speech (also have been called a “dirty Zionist” for wanting evidence of something, I can’t remember what, lol)

    People are definitely more sensitive now. How else does a white guy trying to be a good ally get bullied for being white by the people he’s trying to march for? They said his blood alone makes it impossible for him to “atone” for anything. Like nothing he can do will ever be good enough for them to accept him because of his skin color.

    An entire high school production of the Hunchback of Notre Dame was canceled over the color of the girl who got the part of Esmeralda, a canonically French (white European) character, because the girl who got the part was white. They claimed that a non-white person should play the white character and so canceled the entire thing. Can you imagine how it must feel to have an entire production canceled because of the color of your skin? And you call that progressive? Fuck that. That’s sensitive snowflake bullshit that’s setting us back over 60 years.

    People are calling for segregation and calling it “safe spaces,” excluding people based on how they were born, while if any white person did the same it would, and is, called racist. We have historically white people being portrayed by non-white people while non-white historical people are being ignored. It’s all bullshit.

    I got called a white nationalist because I reblogged something from you 😂

    Really? Oh my word, lol. I forgot to add “white nationalist” to it because I think all people should be allowed to keep their cultures lol. Was that the conversation you reblogged or was it something else?

    I apparently became a - what was it - “Nazi apologist” because I said neo-Nazis weren’t Republic serial villains.

    Apparently the person who yelled at me wasn’t familiar with Watchmen.

    Not to mention how Mizzou was caused by alleged drive-by racism, and a poop swatstika. Two guys get kicked out of a restauraunt? Must be racism, national controversy. Woman points a shotgun at cops and gets shot? Racism.

    I’ve been called transphobic for questioning why “headcanons” of Mortal Kombat characters being transgender for no real reason are considered headcanons and not AUs.

    I’ve been told dozens of times that growing up as a racial minority and experiencing racism because of it couldn’t have happened to me because my skin is white. Weird how people know more about me than I do…

    I’ve been called racist for not liking rap. On that day, the word ‘racist’ died for me. It began to mean absolutely nothing.