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    jujkathleen-deactivated20150928 asked :Lo! I generally read a lot of YA realistic fiction & don't read much else. I want to get into fantasy & action, but every time I try, I get confused or bored & go back to realistic fiction. Do you have any stand-alone fantasy/action books that you think could pull me away from realistic fiction for a while? asked :


    Since you mostly read realistic, and get overwhelmed by fantasy, you might try some standalone urban fantasy, which is like the real world with some sort of magical or supernatural element. One of my favorite authors is Holly Black! You might like The Coldest Girl in Coldtown or The Darkest Part of the Forest. Both are about real teenage girls who have ex-boyfriends and family issues, but also have to deal with things like a murderous vampire or a fairy prince.

    They are funny, full of action, and even have a hint of romance. Hope that sounds good! 

    Happy reading! 

    - molly