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    hey yall its me the Art Mom™ to help you shade pretty


    • red- shade with a slightly darker shade of purple
    • orange- slightly darker and more saturated shade of red
    • yellow- i think like..a peach could work but make it a really light peach
    • green- shade with darker and less saturated shade of blue or teal
    • blue- shade with purple
    • purple- a shade thats darker than the purple you’re using and maybe a little pink (MAYBE blue)
    • pink- darker shade of red
    • white- a really light lavender or blue..or i guess any really light colour??
    • black- okay listen dont use pure black to colour anything unless you want to leave it with flat colours because you cant really shade black lol
    • grey- a slightly darker shade of purple or blue (less saturated)
    • brown- slightly darker and less saturated shade of purple or red

    aaaaand thats all i got lol. let me know if there is anything i should add to this list!!

    If you’re a visual learner…

    I made some Balls of Colour to go with Art Mom™’s post:

    I’m a visual learner. Very much so

    I’m sure someone has mentioned it on here but this is great if you aren’t considering environment. It’s sort of clinical in nature. A good tip if you’re looking for realism is to well, look at life. Most shadow from natural light will be cool compared to the base or the tint. If you shift all of your shadow colors to the cooler side of the spectrum, it will make your lighting pop.

    Light also reflects things. It’ll reflect the colors of things onto other things, even if they’re not super chrome or mega reflective. Study color but also study the material. Light and color behave in weird ways.

    I thought of a way of bringing Antarct (I love them deeply and can’t accept their “death”) back with what we know canonly from the manga.

    As we know the Lunarians are able to create synthetic Antarcticite and the gem keeps its solid form on the moon (temp. on the moon varies from 260F when the sun hits the surface to -280 when it goes down, but I am sure the Lunarians can create technology that will help the gem keep its solid form anyway).

    We also know from Padparadscha’s recovery case (and also overall info throughout the manga from Rutile) that the inclusions of gems can easily accept and spread through a piece of a new gem that is equal to their owner (also the recovery is easier if the new gem attached has no inclusions).

    Therefore, Phos can take what was left from the original Antarct to the moon and reattach the piece to a synthetic body of Antarcticite and wait for the inclusions to spread through.

    Antarct will be back considering the inclusion are their original ones however, they would have lost all of their memories and that will be tragic since they fought so fiercely to protect them in first place!

    What do you think?