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    i feel like the “beauty” industry should be renamed the “exploitation of physical appearance, culture and insecurities” industry but u know… dats just me… and if makeup truly was about creativity i could go out looking like a damn piet mondrian jigsaw puzzle painting and people would compliment me on my craft and artistic perspective but it’s not really about creativity it’s about how palatable and gilded you can make your cage look


    Yes, pollution is caused primarily by companies, national coal, the pentagon, ect. but small scale community clean up efforts are still good! cleaning your local park wont save the ozone but it will make life better for the neighborhood kids and wildlife! world problems arent a zero sum game. Small improvements are still improvements that make things better and I dont see how deriding them is positive in any context. You can agree there needs to be more large scale efforts without saying small scale efforts are useless and dont matter.


    These rich white women who cut away at women’s rights are never, ever betraying themselves. They are not confused. They will always have access to abortion by virtue of money, which is what buys “a right to privacy” when the law does not enshrine it. They will always have recourse to police. They, by virtue of links with rich men– their fathers, their husbands–, will always have access to power. The fact that you think they are harming themselves when they make it harder for you, a poor woman, a working woman, to prosecute a rapist or get an abortion means they have succeeded in buying your allegiance.