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    peggy: hey steve, can you go post this letter for me?

    steve: post a lett-

    peggy: yeah and have you looked at hotels for our vacation?

    steve, shaken: oh no lemme just googl-


    peggy: i’m so worried the kids might get polio this summer 

    steve: polio–

    I recommend people to read Captain America: Man Out of Time, it covers the first Avengers story with Cap after he wakes up from the ice. He misses his life in the 40′s, he wants to go back, etc… At one point they fight Kang the Conqueror and Steve gets sent back to V-Day after the Allies won in Europe. At first he’s happy but the reality of him romanticizing his own era due to nostalgia starts hitting him. He was already in a more advanced and, while not perfect, a more accepting time and him having to come back to a time where racism and sexism were worse, where medicine and technology weren’t as advanced, and everyone telling him “Yeah we won! The war is over! Time to rest!” it really leaves him fed up and unsatisfied. He also starts feeling like an outsider in his own time and i the end he decides to do something to go back to the future.

    The last pages of that story have Steve writing in his journal about how living in the past is tempting but that it’s where fossils come from and that “there’ll always be something to fight for” so he decides to look ahead instead of back.

    That whole story was basically the antithesis of Steve’s ending in Endgame.