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    the thing most vile about fandom is how women themselves start to hate and insult strong female characters as soon as they fall in love with a man. because a woman is superhuman!! she isnt allowed to crumble and be vulnerable. they attack the female character for being “reliant” on the main male character, when said female character has repeatedly refused help from said male character and have protected him multiple times.

    but other male characters! other male characters are allowed to be vulnerable and bemoan their anguish openly and cry about their sorrows, they are allowed to request the main male character for help. these same women would go, “THEY NEED SO MUCH LOVE AND COMFORT!” "THEY HAVE SUCH AN INTIMATE AND STRONG RELATIONSHIP!“

    they are also allowed to trash talk the female character in their tag all year long, every year! everywhere. even when the female chara does not appear. they are also allowed to mock your opinions openly. oh but u can’t do the same to them or call these women out. they’ll whip out whatever victim cards they have, twist your words until it fits them, and call u a bully 🙂


    Tori Girl!    [trailer]

    The movie follows the basic story line of a sports movie. In this case it’s about a competition involving human-powered flight vehicles. Which in itself is already very original. And the story is told in a very funny, over-the-top way, romantic subplots included.

    I probably don’t even get many of the reference but this is still an absolute blast. I don’t think I have ever so much enjoyed seeing people shout at each other. A totally unexpected gem.

    Tao Tsuchiya’s facial expressions are priceless. She’s just too cute with her infectious energy.