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    Fry, fry, a fat fish eye.
    Slice up a baby and hear it cry.
    Tear out it’s organs and stew them whole.
    Pour it all into a crockery bowl.

    Stir in some sugar, young child, so sweet.
    And grill it’s skin over silverbeet.
    Add some herbs, oregano and thyme
    And a pinch of nice, ripe, juicy lime.

    The third step is to skin a kitten.
    Gouge out it’s eyes and avoid getting bitten.
    A drop of blood from a girl named Jane
    And the breast of a cow whose child was maimed.

    Break the back of young macaw.
    Then grease it’s eyes in blood of war.
    To the stove do bring some oil,
    And inside soul of frog must boil.

    Ear of scholar be removed.
    And in the bowl shall flesh be stewed.
    The wax of candle melted down.
    And fingernails, crushed and ground.

    Fetus of an unborn duck.
    And from the mother feathers shall pluck.
    Remove the beak of emu babe.
    And raspberry juice gathered from slaves.

    Finally a scream shall hear.
    An enemy through crunching gear.
    Brain soon melt and blood from ear.
    And death encase their dreadful fear.

    - poetic-craftsmanship

    (Written for Literature class and inspired by Macbeth!)