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    I grow our own vegetables. Many hybrid and heirloom varieties are bred for flavor rather than for commercial appeal and travel. There are entire species on the allotment that you can’t easily buy in stores because of this - like salsify, a root vegetable that tastes of fish and shellfish. Our neighbours happily take it to make vegan latkes of alarming similarity to fishcakes. You cannot sell it in stores because - despite looking like a white parsnip - it turns brown when you pick it if you scrape/bruise/cut the white root in any way, or damage the delicate little hairs, for some reason, it BLEEDS RED and is very upsetting to look at.

    There are whole classes of foods like this. Foods that just don’t ship well or look good on supermarket shelves. Forbidden fruits. Vegetables that bleed and taste like meat. Sorry about this


    This website is one of my fav places to find interesting heirloom stuff! I ordered a bunch of seeds to try growing next year I’m really excited about!


    I’ve gotten and plants seeds from that site, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and they grow fantastically well for me.

    I’m really looking forward to next season


    Baker Creek Heirloom has good seeds but bad politics. They were going to host Cliven Bundy of the Occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Reserve who’s also pro the Capitol Riots and has made a lot of racist nastiness, although backlash made them cancel their guest list (which included other racist folks) Good sources of heirloom seeds:


    no but these are SENDING ME


    This past week I have seen so many subtweets about an author’s new mythology-inspired book, even though said author didn’t bother to read the original work. Yesterday I finally got context:


    Oh my God. What….what book is this?


    Ok, ok, so apparently it’s this book-

    Which “Sapphic Feminist book inspired by the Odyssey” is an intriguing sounding prospect and all. Goodness knows there’s a long tradition of talented writers and classicists using the Odyssey, and other classics, as a backdrop and inspiration for some really fascinating works. (Ursula K Le Guin, Margaret Atwood, Madeline Miller, Natalie Hayes, Pat Barker)

    But how are you possibly going to comment meaningfully on the Odyssey if you haven’t READ THE ODYSSEY oh my fucking God. (Just read the Dr. Emily Wilson translation! It’s so good! PERCY JACKSON ISNT RESEARCH MATERIAL)

    Also “being nuerodivergent makes you illiterate” people have fucking brain worms.


    using this opportunity to reiterate how good the emily wilson translation is:

    guys. guys it’s so good. you may have already heard about how she refused to translate dmoe to anything other than slave-girl, but honestly it’s worth it for the 100 page translator’s notes where she gives you all the juicy context and analysis and basically everything you need to understand the odyssey if you’re unfamiliar (and to see her perspectives if you are.)

    and it is UNBELIEVABLY accessible—straightforward “prose”, not the shakesperean shit some translators like to pull, and that paired with the analysis—she basically goes out of her way to make sure any wayward person could pick up the odyssey and understand it! she even has a twitter where she makes threads about the ways different translators translated different parts! it’s SO GOOD, and her illiad translation is coming out in 2023.


    I’m VIBRATING with excitement over an Emily Wilson translation of the Iliad, honestly.

    Like. Not only is the Wilson translation of the Odyssey incredibly readable AND incredibly faithful to the Greek- it is also LINE ACCURATE and in Iambic Pentameter.

    The entire thing. It is exactly the same number of lines as the original, and while Homer wrote in dactyls, Wilson writes in fucking Iams like she’s Shakespeare. She steps away from so many of the commonly accepted conventions of translating the Odyssey in such a refreshing way, this feels like THE definitive translation now.

    Tell me about a complicated man.

    Muse, tell me how he wandered and was lost

    when he had wrecked the holy town of Troy,

    and where he went, and who he met, the pain

    he suffered in the storms at sea, and how

    he worked to save his life and bring his men

    back home. He failed to keep them safe; poor fools,

    they ate the Sun God’s cattle, and the god

    kept them from home. Now goddess, child of Zeus,

    tell the old story for our modern times.

    Find the beginning.

    Like. God damn.

    I can only imagine the magic she will do with the Iliad.


    One more recommendation for the Emily Wilson translation, it is SO GOOD


    I need to pick up this translation. I mean, I love my W.H.D Rouse, but swinging out is good too.


    today I realized that a significant part of the reason I feel constantly overwhelmed is that my room is starting to look like a hoarding situation

    This is not to make light of hoarding behavior as a disorder, I am recognizing that my inability to throw things away ever could become a serious problem in the future


    I went through my clothes and threw a lot of stuff out for being old and ratty/unwearable and I feel Bad about it but like. now I can actually use my drawers I think instead of devoting the drawers to a backlog of clothes I don't wear and piling my actually wearable clothes all over the place so I can access them


    autism: demands that I hoard every Item that exists

    also autism: takes psychic damage from being in the Pile Of Items


    I really like Marie Kondo for this.

    Give the items a proper goodbye and thank them for being with you on a part of your journey. Really helps with the psychic damage. Sparking joy really helps with the too many things.


    yes I think of her a lot even though don't watch her show and I don't know much about her

    me, looking at a shirt I never wear that is taking up space: I can't get rid of this, I've hardly ever worn it...

    Marie Kondo's disembodied voice: It has already served its purpose, which is to teach you that you do not like to wear shirts like this.

    me: oh you're right...


    i finally got around to getting the firefox youtube dislikes extension and i think this enhances my experience immensely


    i did not expect this to get notes. anyways heres the links to Return YouTube Dislike: and

    and also heres the link to YouTube Enhancer (has really cool features like filters and the rewatch statistics bar):

    you may have to play around with the settings to get a result that you want, but go nuts, have fun, go watch your favorite youtube videos


    Hmmm. I’m gonna switch to firefox i think


    SponsorBlock is also absolutely magical, it will automatically skip everything from sponsored ad reads to subscription reminders to the non-music parts of music videos.


    I really love youtube redux! its compatible with return youtube dislike and turns a lot of youtubes appearance and behavior back to older versions!

    ‘Forever chemicals’ destroyed by simple new method

    PFAS, a group of manufactured chemicals commonly used since the 1940s, are called “forever chemicals” for a reason. Bacteria can’t eat them; fire can’t incinerate them; and water can’t dilute them. And, if these toxic chemicals are buried, they leach into surrounding soil, becoming a persistent problem for generations to come.

    Now, Northwestern University chemists have done the seemingly impossible. Using low temperatures and inexpensive, common reagents, the research team developed a process that causes two major classes of PFAS compounds to fall apart, leaving behind only benign end products.

    The simple technique potentially could be a powerful solution for finally disposing of these harmful chemicals, which are linked to many dangerous health effects in humans, livestock and the environment.

    “PFAS has become a major societal problem,” said Northwestern’s William Dichtel, who led the study. “Even just a tiny, tiny amount of PFAS causes negative health effects, and it does not break down. We can’t just wait out this problem. We wanted to use chemistry to address this problem and create a solution that the world can use. It’s exciting because of how simple—yet unrecognized—our solution is.”

    Read more.


    If you live in the U.S. and you’re 12+, you’re eligible for the updated bivalent anti-omicron booster shot, and it should be available in your  local pharmacy. 

    Please reblog this post, as there’s been very little news coverage and shockingly little propagation of information about the availability of updated boosters.


    We are very excited about this new data alert! Hot off the press, the New England Journal of Medicine just published a peer-reviewed study assessing the new Moderna bivalent COVID-19 booster.

    Researchers found that, compared to the previous booster, the new booster demonstrated significantly higher neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) in all participants, regardless of prior infection with COVID-19. The really good news? This was true for Omicron subvariants and other SARS-CoV-2 variants. The really, really good news? nAbs block viral entry to prevent infection. Does this mean that if you get the new bivalent booster you definitely won’t get infected? No, of course not. But it does seem to reduce the likelihood of infection and reduce the severity and duration of illness if you do get sick. They also assessed things like side effects and safety with zero concerns flagged.

    This is a big deal because the previously authorized booster wasn’t very effective at protecting against the newer Omicron subvariants. That’s why it is strongly recommended to get the new one!

    Article Text:



    sometimes i think about village sign languages and. man…


    they’re these languages that emerge in isolated communities with a high incidence of deafness. and high is relative - there might be only a dozen or so Deaf citizens, but the whole community, Deaf and hearing alike, build and use the language together. in daily life, in homes and workplaces, in the street. languages unique to one town, one valley, even one family! they happen all over the world. (if you want to look into them there’s some cool work here)

    but they’re fragile by nature. people move, settle, and marry; their village sign languages form and fade.

    and that means there must have been… so many of them. so many. thousands and thousands, since, like, the earliest days of the human species. people just do this when conditions are right! they have always done it! a sea of lights flickering on and off and on and off, illuminating homes that are made and changed and remade. we’ll never know them. we’ll never know.

    i just. i think about all that loss and all that life. it’s not an eternal flame, language, it’s a garden. we are continually tending it for each other. because, like food, we need it to survive.


    i think grossness is a vital aspect of life btw and we all experience it and i think its important to represent in art and i think oversanitization of popular media is 100% our downfall. things are gross and disgusting and yucky and thats life we cannot deny ourselves this


    I keep thinking about this in the context of caring for my ageing patients. No one TELLS them, before they’re old, how things are going to change, or why. No one talks about the loss of elastin, and how that doesn’t just affect your skin looking old, but also how it heals. No one warns them that their skin will become paper-thin if they live long enough, incredibly fragile and easy to tear. Just “hurr dur wrinkly!!!”

    No one tells them their bowels are going to lose strength and coordination, so it gets more and more difficult to have bowel movements. No one warns them about obstipation, much less bowel obstructions. I have a saying I repeat often in clinic: “Proper pooping prevents problems!” I say it because it makes people chuckle, because it destigmatizes needing to poop. Everyone poops. And it turns out pooping requires both a complex network of nerves to create peristalsis, and stools soft enough to move through the bowels, and I have watched more than one elderly patient die because their bowels stopped working right.

    No one talks about hemorrhoids, so I have patients coming in terrified by blood in their stools–and listen, blood in your poop is definitely a good reason to see a doctor; if you’re over 50 and you haven’t had a colonoscopy, get one. It’s the best health screening we have evidence for, in my opinion. Colon cancer is a bitch. But more commonly, people have bloody stools because they have either hemorrhoids that are bleeding or because they have an anal fissure after straining on a hard bowel movement. Do you know what a hemorrhoid is? I didn’t, until I was well into medical school. Everyone has them. They’re venous columns that surround the rectum and anus. Internal ones can bleed; external ones can itch. Most people will get them eventually. Be kind about them.

    Everyone is going to have trouble peeing if they live long enough. Men can’t start, women can’t stop. Because people with prostates will often have benign enlargement of the prostate–it’s not cancer, but it gets bigger–and the urethra, the tube that lets urine leave the bladder, goes through the prostate. Bigger prostate = compressed tube, less flow. Meanwhile, people with uteruses have much shorter urethras, which means that when we lose that beautiful collagen and elastic, we also lose it in the two sphincters that help us keep from leaking urine, and so we leak urine. Especially when something triggers an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, like a sneeze or a cough or a laugh.

    All these things people are taught to be ashamed of and embarrassed about–they are so common. They’re normal parts of having a human body and doing the things one does with a human body. Poop trouble? Welcome to the club! People have been writing about their cures for constipation for as long as written language has existed. Listen, you are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone. And that means that when someone else has a gross problem, you must be kind to them, because that is going to be you. There will be a day when you have diarrhea, because viral gastroenteritis spreads like wildfire every winter. There will be a day when you cough a huge glob of mucus comes out, because mucus is a natural defense mechanism and kind of miraculous but also nasty. Every gross thing a body can do, yours is likely to do, if not now then later.

    Be kind.


    One of my sister’s friends had blood in her stools for a while, and eventually went to the doctor. That’s how, at the grand old age of 36, she discovered she had bowel cancer. In the shiniest of silver linings you ever heard, they caught it at the point the tumour was on the verge of metastasising - it was massive, and malignant, but hadn’t quite yet spread. As a result, she had an operation to remove it plus a section of her bowel, three rounds of chemo, and then was given the all-clear. She now has to use a colostomy bag (“My bum is now a cul-de-sac!” she told me once). But, assuming the cancer doesn’t make an unexpected comeback, she will live.

    But here’s the kicker: after the diagnosis, still not knowing if it had metastasised or not yet (but knowing it almost certainly had because of the size), she broke the news to her family.

    And it turned out her father, grandmother and aunt had all also had it. That meant it was a genetic risk; that meant she should have been on a watchlist for it, with regular testing. But she wasn’t, because none of them ever told her.


    They were embarrassed. Bowel cancer was gross and embarrassing, so they all kept it quiet. As a result, because her family was too embarrassed to even tell each other to look out for the warning signs, my sister’s friend was not put on the watchlist to save her life, and it nearly killed her.

    Anyway, the cycle ends with her: she’s a comedian and in the name of public awareness she did an Edinburgh show this year about it called Bad Ass.


    here is a case in point: ppl on here lambast the social model, which is fine, except that they're doing it with a fundamental misunderstanding of what the model actually is. it isn't "anticapitalism cures disability," it's "divorced from an economic model that condemns certain bodyminds to abjection via norms, architecture, etc, the lived experience of impairment fundamentally shifts, meaning that the social/cultural category of disability fundamentally shifts".

    the model is designed not to claim to "get rid of" disability, but instead to refuse an approach that blames individuals for our own abjection. it points the critical eye instead toward systemic problems that render us expendable, unimportant, unpersons.


    to put a finer point on it, the social model doesn't say (and no model "says" anything, it's a framework rather than a prescription) "under communism there is no having-trouble-doing-the-dishes" or "under communism there is no serious chronic pain". it says that these experiences will not result in someone being relegated to a subordinate/"useless" category under a capitalist caste system. it understands that the social category of disability is grounded in artificial notions of what humans aught to do, and what we ought to need; this, we understand using the social model, is *socially* contingent, and the way we discuss impairment and difference of all kinds is not fixed/inherent.

    people, in short, are not "biologically" useless or too-needy, regardless of their embodied/enminded experiences. their relationship to the world - and to the status of 'being disabled' by social conditions - is not natural, but contingent on the availability of access to support, care, and other resources. in a world built by ableism (such as our own) it is necessary to reorient the ways we approach impairment such that our comrades are able to access public life, regardless of need.


    oh no i’ve figured out how to change ALL the displayed fonts on firefox


    i have powers


    I think I should be able to set custom fonts for specific websites so this clown website can be displayed exclusively in Jokerman




    ok so to start off reminding everyone this is for Firefox (you should switch to Firefox do it)

    First you go open the application menu, which is the 3 horizontal line icon at the top right of the window. Under this dropdown, hit Settings.


    Once in the Settings page, scroll down until you see the Fonts section. You can see that I’ve already changed the default font to Comic Sans here.


    Previously, I had stopped here, and I’ve only seen this change reflected in random bits of texts every once in a blue moon. To reach the next level, click through to the Advanced options.


    In this window you can set separate fonts for Serif, Sans-serif, and Monospace fonts. The important part is to uncheck the box that says “Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above”. As soon as you hit “OK” your changes will be reflected on any other websites you have open (if you change the “Minimum font size” you will have to reload the page for the changes to take place; while I’m sure this option can be very useful for some it can fuck with the formatting on some parts of websites, just a heads up). No changes you make will be reflected on the Settings page, probably so you don’t like change everything to wingdings and then struggle to fix everything or whatever

    Your available font options are based on what fonts are installed on your computer, so you can go absolutely hog wild. Here’s the Splatoon 1 font and one of the Oblivion fonts on this christian prayers website I happened to have open and am now using to test font changes


    In actual practice this means you can set your default fonts to whatever makes it easiest for you to read! Or you can make your internet browsing experience absolutely visually insufferable. You have the power



    hi my reader friends lithub has a new syllabi section that has some great (u guessed it!) syllabi from much beloved writers like ocean vuong and ross gay here's the full list that i have already added half of to my tbr:

    ekphrastic poetry with victoria chang (featuring works of john ashbery, joy harjo, paul tran)

    the literature of obsession with julia may jonas (obsession as transformation, destruction, catharsis and form)

    place, space and landscape with alexandra kleeman (featuring didion, okorafor and hernan diaz)

    lyric research with ross gay (books that combine research with an "I" like nelson's bluets or christle's the crying book)

    hybrid poetry with ocean vuong (traditions, innovations and possibilities featuring bhanu kapil, rimbaud, clifton)

    multigenre experiments in form with paul lisicky (for writing that explores connections between genres)

    reading about writers with peter ho davies (books that teach the craft and give writing advice, think 'the outline' trilogy)

    speculative women with lina maria ferreira cabeza-vanegas (a look at speculative works by women writers like jemisin, butler, k le guin)

    writers and the world with viet thanh nguyen (rankine, baldwin, and coates)

    sports and contemporary writing with sam lipsyte (exactly what it says on the tin)


    Three cats died after their owners used an anti-inflammatory cream used to treat arthritis. The Food and Drug Administration warns to keep drugs away from pets; a tiny bit can be toxic.

    Important for spoonies with cats! Creams with Flurbiprofen are fatal to cats. Brands that use this chemical (Not a complete list): Myoflex Traumeel Capzasin If you have cats, check your pain relieving cream for this, and keep them from ingesting it, please!


    Oh no! Boosting for all cat owners.


    All NSAIDs are toxic to cats - this includes ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin), Aleve (naproxen), Voltaren – which also comes in a gel form – (diclofenac), Mobic (meloxicam), aspirin… If you’re unsure, ask your pharmacist or check

    Signed, your friendly local former pharmacist

    iNaturalist New User Guide: FAQ

    [If you haven’t joined iNaturalist, you should! It’s a great way to learn about the wildlife around you and contribute to citizen science]

    This guide will be consistently updated as I write more posts/receive more questions. This is intended to be a basic jumping off point, with some links to more detailed guides(when I write them). If there is something you would like a more in-depth answer on, feel free to contact me directly!

    Account Basics

    Do I need to be a biologist/naturalist/professional or have experience with wildlife to join iNaturalist?

    Nope! iNaturalist is for everybody, and is in fact founded on the principle that you do not need to be a professional researcher in order to contribute to science

    Do I have to make an account under my real name? 

    Also no. You will see a lot of people on iNaturalist doing this, but it isn’t required. Do as much as you are comfortable with

    Posting Observations

    [More in-depth guide TBA]

    What is required to post an observation? 

    In order for an observation to be eligible to become Research Grade, it needs to include three things: media(a photo or audio recording), location, and date. You CAN post an observation without these things, but it will be considered Casual.

    What does Research Grade/Casual/Needs ID mean?

    Research Grade(RG) means that an eligible observation has at least 2 identifications, and 2/3rds of those identifications agree on a species. As stated above, in order to be eligible for research grade, an observation needs to include media, date, and location. Research grade observations are, as the name implies, able to be used in research by relevant professionals. 

    Needs ID means that an observation is eligible to become research grade, but does not yet have a 2/3rds consensus on species

    Casual means that an observation is not able to be used in research. There are three main reasons an observation will be marked Casual. One, it is missing media/date/location. Two, it is a captive observation. Three, the user has opted out of community ID. 

    What is a captive observation? 

    An observation is marked captive when the organism depicted is owned and cared for by humans with no intention of release. Common examples are pets, garden plants, and zoo animals. Captive does not apply to feral domesticated species, wildlife taken to rehab centers, invasive species, or plants that have spread beyond gardens into unmaintained land. Captive observations are not eligible to become RG. 

    I want to contribute to research, but I don’t want to post my exact location

    iNaturalist allows you to set the location visibility on each observation toobscured, which displays the observations location as a 400 km^2 bounding box. You can also choose to assign locations manually instead of via image metadata, and thus set the “confidence interval” fairly large, such as encompassing your entire city. 

    Can I post dead things? 

    Yes. Several projects actually utilize iNaturalist to keep track of species mortality causes. You do not have to censor anything, but some users will upload a cover image that states “Dead Observation”. This is a matter of individual user’s comfort levels. 

    I don’t know what it is, what do I put in the initial ID box when submitting?

    ID it to the level you’re confident about. You shouldn’t leave it at “unknown” unless you are 100% unsure of what kind of lifeform it is. Initial IDs can be as general as “birds” “mammals” “plants” and so on. These generic categories help put your observation in the sights of more experienced identifiers. While some users do dedicate time to sorting observations marked “unknown”, they are much less likely to be seen. 


    [More in-depth guide TBA]

    Someone left an ID on my observation, should I agree with them?

    If you have reasons to be confident that their ID is correct, yes. Otherwise, just leave it. Erroneous agrees can lead to incorrect RG status. 

    Someone disagreed with my ID and I don’t know why

    Ask! Most identifiers are happy to explain their reasoning for an identification, and you don’t have to agree with them, you can simply let your own ID stand and allow other identifiers to chime in. 

    It’s been a while and nobody has contributed an ID to my observation

    Unfortunately that happens, especially in taxonomic groups where less experts are active on iNaturalist. A few ways you can attempt to remedy this are submitting the observation to projects or tagging identifiers in the observation(a good place to start is the “top identifiers” leaderboard that will show up in the bottom right corner in desktop). And you can also consider researching that organism yourself! 

    Community Etiquette

    Do I need to speak formally? 

    No, but you should treat it like a polite public conversation

    Can I swear?

    I wouldn’t recommend it, you’ll probably get suspended 

    Hey besties!! Its officially summer and as your local fish nerd and environmental science major, I thought I’d drop a quick reminder to check that any sunscreen you use is reef safe!! Our coral reefs are slowly dying bc of global warming (ocean acidification, etc) and certain chemicals present in sunscreens only exacerbate the process!! Here’s a little info-graphic from Safe the Reef to help everybody out!

    If you see a sunscreen you are currently using, don’t just throw it out though. Use it in a pool or while you’re sunning, just not in the ocean or freshwater around you. Plastic and toxic waste are both issues too, so just finish what you have and never buy the brand again!! Personally, I’m trying to finish all of my Sunbum stuff before switching to a safer brand like Thinksport!

    Baby sunscreens are usually reef safe too, bc babies have sensitive skin so their sunscreens tend to only have zinc oxide, the best sunscreen product.

    There’s also this thing called the HEL list to keep an eye out for in your sunscreens. They’re the chemicals that are pollutants and show up in sunscreens and other skin products. NEVER FEAR THO BC THIS IS NOT A CHEM CLASS, the absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and amazing Haereticus Environmental Laboratory has gotcha covered. From their website, “Products labeled with the “Protect Land + Sea” Certification Seal mean that the product has been laboratory‐tested using analytical‐forensic techniques to verify that the product is free of the chemicals that are on the “HEL LIST.””

    This little symbol right here:

    For all you uber nerds like me who wanna know what the HEL list is, here ya go:

    - Any form of microplastic sphere or beads

    - Any nanoparticles like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide


    - Octinoxate

    - 4-methylbenzylidene camphor

    - Octocrylene

    - Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

    - Methyl Paraben

    - Ethyl Paraben

    - Propyl Paraben

    - Butyl Paraben

    - Benzyl Paraben

    - Triclosan

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk! Have fun this summer but don’t be an ass to the environment or people!

    IMAGE IDs since they may not load

    Reading individual bottle labels from top to bottom, left to right

    Image 1: list of sunscreens

    Upper three rows

    All Brands containing toxic chemicals

    ⁃ Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46

    ⁃ Equate SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen

    ⁃ Neutrogena Ultra-sheer dry touch SPF 50

    ⁃ Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30

    ⁃ NO-AD Sun care SPF 45 paraben free

    ⁃ Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50

    ⁃ Panama Jack SPF 15

    ⁃ Naturopathica Daily UV defense Cream SPF 50

    ⁃ alba botanica hawaiian sunscreen green tea SPF 45, broad spectrum

    ⁃ Aveeno protect and hydrate sunscreen SPF 50

    ⁃ ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica ultralight emulsion broad spectrum SPF 50+

    ⁃ Banana Boat Ultra Sport SPF 30 clinically proven

    Oxybenzone-Octinoxate- Homosalate-Octocrylene (containing one or more)

    ⁃ shiseido SPF 50

    ⁃ SPF 15 Australian Gold

    ⁃ Sunbum SPF 30

    ⁃ Glossier Invisible Shield daily sunscreen+ broad spectrum SPF 35

    ⁃ Supergoop play SPF 50 everyday sunscreen broad spectrum

    ⁃ Eucerin Daily protection broad spectrum SPF (not legible) 30 or 50

    Bottom three rows

    100% Reef Safe

    ⁃ Mama Kuleana Reef Safe Sunscreen oxybenzone free SPF 30 waterproof

    ⁃ Raw Love made with love and aloha SPF 35 Reef Safe All Natural Mineral Sunscreen Maui, HI water resistant (40 min)

    ⁃ Raw Elements certified natural sunscreen Face + Body Broad Spectrum SPF 30

    ⁃ organic Sun Paste Manda made with thanaka

    All Ocean Friendly

    ⁃ California Baby super sensitive SPF 30+ high protection

    ⁃ All good sport sunscreen SPF 30

    ⁃ ABC Arbonne baby care Broad spectrum SPF 30

    ⁃ Goddess Garden organics everyday SPF 30 natural mineral sunscreen

    ⁃ active Badger broad Spectrum SPF 30 zinc oxide sunscreen cream

    ⁃ Suntegrity natural mineral sunscreen for body broad spectrum SPF 30

    ⁃ SPF 30 butterbean organics original healthy sunscreen

    ⁃ Thinksport SPF 50+ sunscreen the standard for safe sunscreen

    ⁃ Kimberley Sayer of London ultra light facial moisturizer SPF 30

    ⁃ Sea and Summit ten mineral sun barrier UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

    ⁃ Hawaii SPF 30 organic Body Block medicinal

    Image 2: The Protect Land + Sea Certified Logo

    ⁃ lettering in grey saying Protect Land + Sea Certified surrounding the logo

    ⁃ black colored wave heptagon with a white silhouette of a turtle inside

    ⁃ on the turtle’s back is a black swirl with a white dot in the middle


    american leftists seem extremely focused on anti imperialism (good) but rarely- if at all- discuss decolonization in their own fucking country, despite acknowledging that it is a settler colonial state.


    im serious about this though. as an urban indian, i definitely cant speak on this as much as a rez indian could. but i know from talking to rez friends i have and from what the american indian movement has screamed for over the years that we need land we can grow on, we need clean water, we need to allow the wildlife that once lived in this land to live here again (meaning you need to listen to us before building those high speed rails you all get so hard over).

    you cant drool over the zapatistas while ignoring people in your own country who have a similar goal


    silly me I never provided things to read on the topic of decolonization! I'd personally suggest the following as "beginner level" essential reading to understand decolonization:

    Discourse on Colonialism (Aimé Césaire) - this is more a focus on colonization, but I feel it's a necessary read in my opinion as in order to understand decolonization I believe it's important to first understand colonization.

    Wretched of the Earth (Franz Fanon)

    Decolonization is Not a Metaphor (Tuck, Yang)

    also an "easy to process" read, to understand landback specifically here in Turtle Island, I'd suggest reading The Red Deal (there is a pdf, I don't mean the article with the same title)


    Discourse on Colonialism (PDF, ebook, mobi)

    The Wretched of the Earth (PDF, ebook)

    Decolonization is Not a Metaphor (PDF)

    The Red Deal (PDFs of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

    had a minor crisis when went down yesterday and thankfully it's back now but this seems like a good opportunity to compile a list of similar paywall-evading tools in case 12ft ever gets canned for real:

  • the legend himself. definitely my favorite of the bunch by virtue of being the easiest to use (and the easiest url to remember), but it's configured to disable paywall evasion for a handful of popular sites like the new york times, so you'll have to go elsewhere for those.
  • printfriendly: works great; never had any issues with removing paywalls, even on domains that don't work with since this site is literally designed to make sites print-friendly, it might simplify the overall formatting of the page you're trying to access, which can be a good or bad thing. my only real issue is that the "element zapper" (which lets you remove content blocks from the print-friendly preview) is a little sensitive if you're browsing on a touchscreen device, which means you might accidentally delete a paragraph when you're just trying to scroll. but if that happens you can reload the page and it'll revert everything back to its original state.
  • fifteen feet: basically a 12ft clone, minus 12ft's restrictions. haven't used it much since I only discovered it yesterday in the wake of 12ft's 451 error but it seems to do the trick.
  • an archival tool very similar to the wayback machine, but it also works as a de facto paywall removal tool. (the wayback machine seems to remove paywalls as well, but has better UX imo and is way faster to use.)
  • and an honorable mention for sci-hub: only works for scientific/academic journals, not random news articles, but the other sites listed above only work for random news articles and not academic publications so you gotta have this one in your toolbelt for full coverage. pubmed is your oyster.
  • peelingmandarins

    “After thirty years of intensive research, we can now answer many of the questions posed earlier. The recycle rate of a human being is around sixteen hours. After sixteen hours of being awake, the brain begins to fail. Humans need more than seven hours of sleep each night to maintain cognitive performance. After ten days of just seven hours of sleep, the brain is as dysfunctional as it would be after going without sleep for twenty-four hours. Three full nights of recovery sleep (i.e., more nights than a weekend) are insufficient to restore performance back to normal levels after a week of short sleeping. Finally, the human mind cannot accurately sense how sleep-deprived it is when sleep-deprived.”

    Matthew Walker PhD, Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
    (via themedicalstate)


    Jesus christ


    Sleep is a super power


    That last bit makes a whole lot of sense and it honestly astounds me, that I never once considered it.

    But yeah that seems very obvious.

    Finally, the human mind cannot accurately sense how sleep-deprived it is when sleep-deprived.


    This explains why i am literally unconscious for the entire weekend. When the lockdown first happened I slept a full three days.