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    I learned a new concept

    Graceful degradation isthe ability of a computer, machine, electronic system or network to maintain limited functionality even when a large portion of it has been destroyed or rendered inoperative. The purpose of graceful degradation is to prevent catastrophic failure. (Tech Target, first result on the search engine)


    Literal opposite of planned obsolescence. I love you graceful degradation.


    This is fascinating.


    Need more


    thinking about horror genres and indigenous readings again... the home invasion genre is largely the settler's fear of being colonized


    what if someone forced themselves into your house and killed your whole family and sat at the dining table grinning while their own family arrived and all you can do is try to resist it even if they try to kick you out or straight up murder you. while they raided your kitchen cabinets and pretended they'd always been there


    [ID: Dr Phil holding out a copy of A Glossary Of Haunting by Eve Tuck and C. Ree /end ID]

    Hey, y'all, this is a reminder for anyone that has student loans that they are defaulted on or in collections for:

    Apply for Fresh Start NOW if you haven't already done so. Like right now. Do it right this very second do not put it off any longer.

    If you don't know, applying for Fresh Start will move your loan status from "Default" to "Current," you will no longer have to deal with collections calls! You won't have your wages garnished or your tax refunds taken by the Education Department! The default gets removed from your credit and you become eligible for federal mortgage programs! You become eligible for Income Driven Repayment (IDR) programs that can reduce your monthly payment in a huge way (from $400/month to $50/month for me!) and you get IDR credit for the three years you were in default during the pandemic freeze!

    It only has upsides!

    I mean it, it can make a huge difference! You can even submit both Fresh Start and an IDR application at the same time. It takes literal seconds. I had my name legally changed and I'm still eligible! I clicked like 3 buttons, checked a couple boxes, and boom. I sent off the application August 22nd and I got the letter yesterday (Sept 20th), but that letter was dated Sept 1st and was only to inform me that my loan was no longer in default would be transferred to a new loan servicer by the end of the month. It took a week and a half to process.

    I also became eligible and received a refund check for money taken from me during the starting stages of the pandemic.

    The best time to do it is now. Period.

    Do. It. Right. Now.


    Job interview tip I got from a tiktok but it's genius:

    If you were unemployed for a while, they're going to ask if you can explain the gap in your resume. Unless you were actually doing something cool & relevant, this is hard to answer in a way that makes you sound like a good corporate cog. So here's the best and infallible answer -

    No you cannot, because you signed an NDA.

    You now sound mysterious, desirable, worldly, experienced. They can't even really ask you more about it! Perfect.


    This tip isn't genius.

    You can give general details even after signing an NDA, and the interviewer can absolutely ask about them. What type of work were you doing? What references can you provide for that time period? What sector was the job in? What skills did you learn from it?

    If you're going for a non-office job, claiming to have an NDA will sound weird at best and might make the interviewer decide you're not worth the drama. If you're going for a professional job, the interviewer will be familiar enough with NDAs to be suspicious.

    There are plenty of reasonable excuses for a resume gap that won't raise any red flags. You had a family situation which has now been resolved; you took time off to explore starting your own business but found you preferred working in a more traditional employment structure; you had a baby; you took classes; there was a fucking pandemic on. Your interviewer doesn't care too much, they just want to know it's something that won't be a problem during employment (so no "I sent bomb threats to my workplace and that was when the case was ongoing").

    Please don't learn professional skills from TikTok. Most of them are coming from teenagers who have no idea how interviews actually work.


    Oh look, it seems everyone has been opted into the unfortunate "experiment" now. For everyone who has been blissfully using the old UI up until now, welcome to hell :)

    Do you not like hell? Do you want to leave and crawl back up into the sunlight of the old UI? Well, have I got a link for you! A beautiful tumblr user has gone and fixed things beautifully for you already:

    You will need you have Tampermonkey installed on your browser of choice, and once that's done, just go to the github link above, and peruse the readme to install. And voila! You have your old dash back!

    The authors of XKit Rewritten said during the experiments that at the time, since this was an "experiment" they weren't going to implement anything to revert to the old UI (although who knows if they'll do it now). And the dashboard unfucker has worked beautifully enough for me to where I genuinely couldn't tell if they had ended the experiment or not.


    Thank you SO much for this, I missed having the old layout back <3


    Thank you~ And to anyone else who needs this, here you go.


    guy who installs an adblocker and forgets about it and lives in a beautiful world where online ads have become much less frequent


    lalala world so beautiful advertisements so extinct (opens website on mobile)AAAAAH!!!!!!! OH GOD MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!


    OP has described me with alarming accuracy and also watching TV is an exercise in horror and frustration now.



    As of today, Firefox Mobile browser supports ublock origin ad blocker!


    Just download the Firefox browser, click on the three dots, click add-ons and enable ublock origin!

    LIVE FREE!!!!

    Theme  Superstarby vitaminholland


  • 70x70px icon image
  • custom blog title
  • five custom links
  • search bar
  • option for 450/500*/540px blog posts
  • option for multiple font families for heading and body
  • option for 1/0.9*/0.8rem body font size
  • option for 0.9*/0.8rem uppercase font size
  • option for hide tags*
  • option for show tags
  • back to top*
  • Notes:

  • This theme is NPF posts friendly. :D
  • Neither ask or submit links would show if you don’t allow people to ask you questions or allow people to submit things to you.
  • I don’t claim any of the fonts, scripts and/or tutorials I used unless stated otherwise. See full credits here.
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  • hey jsyk while hellofresh is dummy expensive and i wouldn’t reccomend it if you already know how to cook (if you’re a beginner like i was when i had it for 3 months, then it’s worth it), you should know that ALL OF THEIR RECIPES are free on their website and they all fuck hard

    i will say that all the cooking instructions for veggies are pretty much the same (season with salt + pepper and roast on the top oven rack at 425F), but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    that being said, it also introduced me to methods i wasn’t at all expecting. i would have never thought to use cream cheese in my meat sauce, and now all my friends are constantly asking me to make my special rigatoni.

    happy cheffin! :)



    So I've been warning people to not use the tumblr live feature and i had this discussion in the notes of one of the people i warned

    said person already used live themselves and was not aware of what all TumblrLive's partner MEETME collects with its feature and i wanted to take the time to make a post going over the privacy policy for anyone who is interested

    for the first part here MEETME talks about how creating an account (downloading) (or having a tumblr account that auto updated to include the tumblr live feature (which is a vast majority of the tumblr mobile population in the US rn)) automatically makes any information they collect visible to any of the partners they have

    the three partners mentioned there Skout Flurv and Boy Ahoy are all dating sites that promote primarily their location tracking fuck all knows what they want with your live data most likely they want to advertise singles near you??? but MEETME's other current partners are apps like PlentyfFish Zoosk Chispa and Badoo which is and Bumble

    the main important parts to notice from section ii of the privacy policy is the location information limit mobile ad tracking and do not track signals the rest of the section mainly puts the onus of revealing private information that can be used maliciously on the user ie. don't share your password say your full name in a live video where you live etc.

    as far as the location information goes what its saying here is that they collect the location information when you first register for tumblr live when you first log in and whenever your phone is on even if youre not using tumblr live

    what does it use this information for??? well advertising purposes of course!!!

    now they try to get around saying they dont track your location or share it with other users by using this word precise several times now what that means is they have a rough geotag of your location

    (your ip address they dont say here its your ip address but in later parts of the document they do in fact say they collect your ip address and if you want an idea how close an ip address can get to your exact location enter your ip address in google maps sometime)

    theyre being intentionally vague about that so when you see on the live tab something that says near you you could probably not follow that exactly to said persons house but you can damn well be you will at the very least find their city

    heres a reminder to all of you who havent most phones now bury in the settings an option to disable adID do it now!!! but remember that TumblrLive can still use all other information they gather they do not at all process do not track signals so you arent safe there and what data would that be that they can collect other than your location and adID??? glad you asked!!!

    this is a non exhaustive list which means there is DEFINITELY other data they collect about and from you

    so they collect:

    your email and phone number

    any info in your tumblr bio

    any metadata connected to any photo youve ever uploaded


    ip address

    cookies and beacon

    which devices you use

    which features you use

    which pages you visit

    which chats you use

    anything in your private chats or posts

    anything from any connected social media accounts

    how well ads are doing

    what youre interested in

    and in some cases even your biometric information

    and what do they do with this information???

    ads of course

    and to give anything they want to cops :)

    i dont make this post in order to like ruin peoples fun when it comes to this new feature or to try to talk down to anyone or make anyone feel stupid or anything im not here to make fun of people or belittle anyone but i think its real fucking important people know what privacy rights they are forfeiting by having their phone on right now with this new feature

    also everyone please feel free to give a kind fuck you to tumblrs current ceo @photomatt



    This is a lot of text just to tell you the main thing you can do is DONT use Live.


    Step 1) Install a DNS-based adblocker if you don't have one. The best one available on Android and iOS is Blokada. It's free to use and straightforward to set up.

    Step 2) Block any domains that look related to Tumblr Live. So far I've blocked:

  • But if you see any others that look suspicious, block them too!

    Now you'll no longer see those tumblr live ads in between posts, and if you go to the Tumblr Live tab, it will simply show nothing!


    I see there's some confusion, so let me clarify:

    You want to install Blokada 5, which is free. If the first thing you see on is "Cloud" or "Plus," you need to scroll the page.

    "Blokada 6" is their set of premium cloud-security and VPN apps, which require a subscription. These are not needed to get system-wide adblocking on your phone!


    staff literally took these images down and deleted op's account like within the last few hours I've seen this post multiple times today with OP still active and the images still there


    While the giant bill was fake, it represented a very real accomplishment. The group raised more than $17,000, which purchased more than $1.6 million in medical debt owed by Philadelphians, according to their nonprofit partner RIP Medical Debt.

    keep reading


    This is a great way to undermine the system that we are trapped in


    The fact that this can be done at all shows how utterly bullshit the entire system is. There was literally no reason for that medical debt to exist in the first place.


    Let's say you owe a private hospital ten thousand dollars, but you have very few assets, so they're pretty sure they're never getting any of that back. There's ninety nine other people who also each owe the hospital ten thousand dollars. (It doesn't have to be a hospital; any debt can be sold this way.) The hospital has shit to do and the low chances of you paying them mean it's an unnecessary drain on their time and resources to hound you all for it. But they can get *some* money, by selling your debt to a third party.

    Let's say the sell each ten thousand dollar debt for ten dollars (I'm making all these numbers up for simplicity). So a third party gives the hospital one thousand dollars, and now all hundred of you owe that third party ten thousand instead! You're in the clear with the hospital, you owe it to these guys now! And their job is to hound and harrass you for the money you owe. If one of you pays up more than a thousand dollars, you've covered their initial investment. These guys are gambling on the likelihood that enough of you can pay your debts that you make it worth the time they spend tracking you and harrassing you.

    Or, instead of trying to get the money out of you, they can just... decide you don't owe them. Why not? They own the debt. They can fork out a thousand bucks, buy a million in debt, and forgive it. That's what these guys did. (This is also a favourite move of John Oliver; if you ever see headlines about John Oliver forgiving debt, this is what he's doing). A small payment can take a massive weight off the shoulders of a lot of struggling people.

    Again, I made up the numbers to simplify the math. But this is how the process works.


    Adding a link to RIP Medical Debt. For those with spare cash to donate who prefer donating to organizations rather than people, this one is a good one. You can donate to specific regions or just generally to help purchase debt across the US.

    Get Rid Of The Clown With uBlock Origin

    if you have uBlock Origin installed, you can right click directly on the clown image, and from the drop-down menu select Block element (the one with the uBlock logo). then from the window that opens after clicking that select Create. it should get rid of the clown.

    [Image ID: A screenshot of the Tumblr dashboard. uBlock Origin has been installed. The clown pop-up from the Tumblr dashboard has been right clicked, and from the dropdown menu that appears, Block element... is highlighted in red with an arrow pointed to it. /End ID.]

    [Image ID: A screenshot of the Tumblr dashboard. uBlock Origin has been installed. The clown pop-up from the Tumblr dashboard has been right clicked, and the Block element... option has been selected. This brings up an interface that allows the user to block the asset. The Create button from this interface is highlighted in red with an arrow pointed to it. By selecting the Create button, the user will no longer see the clown. /End ID.]

    If anyone wants to add the process for other adblockers feel free

    While the CDC has given up on providing any guidance on risk control measures for covid, The People's CDC is filling the gap and continuing to track and update guidance as the situation evolves. Here's where you can download their Safer In-person Gatherings Toolkit:

    Here's an extremely detailed guide on what to do if you have covid that includes how long to isolate for, how to set up your house with hepa filters and ventilation, what supplies to have on hand, when to go to the hospital, and guidelines on how to pace from the MEAction Network in the event you end up with long covid:

    The work these guys are doing is amazing. They're still tracking wastewater data too so you can still figure out transmission levels in your area and not just the hospitalization levels. Check them out!

    you know how mathematicians have the journal of recreational mathematics, right? where they publish stuff like, ‘oh i found this cool property of this one seemingly boring number’, or, ‘this is literally nonsense but it sounds ~scientific~’ and it’s all great fun to read?


    behold, the journal of recreational linguistics

    with such delightful papers as ‘tennis puns’, ‘animals in different languages’, and ‘gifts from a homonymous benefactor’

    excuse me while i go read all 50 volumes in one sitting


    saw a post abt HBO removing shows that suggests ppl just “burn dvds” but everyone doesnt know how to do that so here is one way to do that

    - get blank dvds (Both +R or -R work, I think +R is slightly cheaper, the difference is rewritability), these are not very expensive for the amount you can get in bulk (if you are in the US 100 of them is about 30$ at walmart)

    - an external DVD drive that plugs in via usb is also around 20-40$ (it tends to be closer to 20)

    - download DVDFlick (free)

    - if you don’t already have the mp4/mpeg of whatever media you want to burn, you can download movies/shows off of sites like and soap2day will have a download button that looks like this

    below the video you can choose one of these

    if you click streamlare for example and then the download button it will take you here where the mp4 is

    (if you’re on an iphone/ipad, clicking download will save it to your files app)

    - if you cant find the download button on soap2day you can also install a video downloader extension which will find the movie for you

    - at this point you can drag and drop it into a google drive or keep it on your computer but if you still want it on dvd ->

    - open dvd flick, drag and drop the video

    - click “project settings”

    - give it whatever title you want, you can change encoder to “normal” (default is below normal if you are doing other things on the computer). you dont need to change target size or thread count (unless you want to)

    - insert a blank dvd into your drive, make sure you click “burn project to disc”

    - click accept then click “create dvd” next to menu and project settings. it will create a destination folder and this dialogue box will pop up when you click “create” on more dvds, just click “yes” and then “okay” on the box that appears after it

    it’ll take a couple hours, once its done take a sharpie & write whats on it and stick it in a case . or dont . im not ur mom


    🔫 check the notes for my replies i am no longer asking 🔫

    RPG Maker 2003/2000 Masterpost

    Since there’s been a spike in people asking me 2003 related questions lately and I know a lot of different tutorials out there, I made this beginner’s masterpost to help some newbies out.  This is the engine that OFF, Yume Nikki, Ib, & Pom Gets Wifi were made on, feel free to purchase it on Steam or the official RPG Maker website for 20$ (or for like 4-5$ on a steam or humble bundle sale).

    NOTE: Most of these tutorials and all of these resources should work on RPG Maker 2000 as well.

    The basics of game design

  • a nice collection of articles here on
  • how the hell do i get this program to work

  • Ebeth’s RPG Maker 2003 Guide for Complete Newbies (Reblogable Version)
  • an introduction guide to the old translation of RPG Maker 2003
  • understanding how events work
  • switches as explained by bleet
  • understanding switches and variables
  • how to use switches
  • understanding conditional branches
  • changing the “Start, Load, Quit” options on the menu screen
  • making a treasure chest
  • making a door
  • how to make a locked & unlocked door
  • how to give your characters footstep sounds
  • copy and pasting events at the speed of light
  • create an easy password puzzle
  • implement a game of rock, paper, scissors
  • making a boulder puzzle
  • how to appear smaller on the world map
  • making a repeating/endless hallway or road
  • how to create diagonal stairs (and moving backgrounds on maps!)
  • make your game work WITHOUT RTP
  • make a sidescrolling map
  • visualizing your map
  • my parallax map isn’t showing up
  • Making a seamless map transition
  • understanding pointers
  • activating events by proximity
  • implementing weather
  • double tap to dash!
  • hold shift to speed up
  • How to change the font (and a followup!)
  • create a condition to know that the game has been loaded (for new game + and other stuff)
  • have NPCs follow behind you, aka a caterpillar system (this): tutorial one | two | three | fou| five
  • making an action battle system (like the 2D legend of zelda games)
  • custom menu tutorials: one | two | three
  • how to make images fade in and out of your custom menu
  • one way of debugging your game
  • more tutorials here
  • Fangame Specific Stuff

  • The Pokemon Resource Kit - a nice big collection of graphics and such to use for a generation 3 (firered/leafgreen & ruby/sapphire/emerald) type game!
  • How to Start your own Yume Nikki Fangame
  • How to create effects in Yume Nikki: Tutorial 1 
  • How to create endless hallways for Yume Nikki Fangames
  • How to make a “wake up key for Yume Nikki Fangames
  • My tag for Yume Nikki Fangame Help
  • YumeResource was a blog created specifically for Yume Nikki Fangames
  • huge list of OFF spinoff/fangame resources
  • Creating battle sprites in the Mortis Ghost/OFF style
  • Check The Spriter’s Resource for any sprites you need to use from any game
  • sample games that were made for you to open up in the editor and see how events and such are done

  • ASample Game for the Old RPG Maker 2003 (don’t worry, you can import games made in the old engine into the new 2003)
  • Mystic Sunrise, a sample game for the new RPG Maker 2003
  • graphics

  • Basic tips & links to some pixel art tutorials
  • my graphic resource masterpost
  • A base sprite you can use in 2003
  • how do I get a talksprite/portrait/full body sprite to work (these)? one | two | three 
  • how do i make a message box with more details on it?
  • how do I get the correct coordinates for a picture i’m importing in?
  • how do these chipsets/tilesets even work?
  • can i change the sizes of characters or tiles?  short answer: no 
  • Do you have any templates?  Heck yeah I do.  Check this site out too!
  • how to fix the invalid color depth error
  • how do I fix this weird color around my character?? The proper way to import graphics & a reblogable post about importing graphics.
  • Menu error you might get in the New 2003 and how to fix it
  • Panorama/Parallax mapping for 2003, aka making your maps in another art program then importing them in as a backdrop
  • why not try and hand draw your own maps
  • how do i water tile??? 
  • map making: a set of guidelines
  • elevation made easy
  • make custom lighting for your game
  • If I want to create a room full of eyes that follow the player, how would I do it?
  • music

  • my stupidly big music masterpost
  • My First Game Jam’s Resource list
  • footprint sounds
  • You can search for stuff on soundcloud that’s free to use - click on tracks -> filter -> then click on “to listen to” and change it to “to use commercially.”  There’s a lot of free video game music and other types of music on there, so check it out.
  • nightmargin’s music maker suggestion
  • list of free and open source music programs
  • famitracker - for your NES chiptune style music
  • Pulseboy - an online chiptune maker
  • as3sfxr - an online sound effects maker (coins, jumps, explosions, level ups, etc)
  • online .wav converter to convert music files into the .wav format
  • online .mp3 converter to convert music files into the .mp3 format
  • Other

  • Sharing your game once it’s done.  Make sure to check everything!
  • So, you want to translate an RPG Maker 2000/2003 game?
  • Common Problems when trying to open up games and how to fix them
  • Yumeresouce can answer ALL your questions about 2003 and more, no matter what game you’re making
  • I’m most familiar with 2003 since that’s my engine of choice, so until I start doing more research on the other RPG Makers, I can only do 2000/2003 for now.  If you want to do your own masterpost on any of the others though, I encourage it! :)

    Feel free to add on anything you think is helpful. :)

    People with low spoons, someone just recommended this cookbook to me, so I thought I'd pass it on.

    I always look at cookbooks for people who have no energy/time to do elaborate meal preparations, and roll my eyes. Like, you want me to stay on my feet for long enough to prepare 15 different ingredients from scratch, and use 5 different pots and pans, when I have chronic fatigue and no dishwasher?

    These people seem to get it, though. It's very simple in places. It's basically the cookbook for people who think, 'I'm really bored of those same five low-spoons meals I eat, but I can't think of anything else to cook that won't exhaust me'. And it's free!

    new winrar vulnerability, go update

    if you use winrar, it's time to update to 6.23+ (link)

    here, have a license key for winrar while you're at it, disables the "buy me" nag (link)

    or get 7-zip if you want a free program that's just as good, no donation nag, integrates cleanly with windows (link)


    I got a laptop with Windows 11 for an IT course so I can get certified, and doing the first time device set-up for it made me want to commit unspeakable violence

    Windows 11 should not exist, no one should use it for any reason, it puts ads in the file explorer and has made it so file searches are also web searches and this cannot be turned off except through registry editing. Whoever is responsible for those decisions should be killed, full stop.

    Switch to linux, it's free and it's good.


    u r absolutely right I have SO many complaints about Windows omg.

    For anyone who'd like to follow along, I'm gonna share how to get around those things with group policies bc they're more user friendly and descriptive than registry editor imo :3 I'll also show how to get around needing a Microsoft account to get setup.

    For the Device Setup

    "OOBE" stands for Out Of Box Experience which is what that setup workflow is. But it also happens to be a folder with a little program in it that'll let you skip connecting to the internet; this makes it so you don't have to sign up with a Microsoft account and can just use a normal local one instead. And it already comes preinstalled! Here's how you get to it:

    • Hold Shift + F10, or Shift + Fn + F10 depending on your keyboard.
    • Click inside the window that pops up, type the following and press enter afterwards to run it: OOBE\BypassNRO
    • I believe it should restart your computer automatically, but if not then restart your computer or type: shutdown /r /t 0 /f

    Now when you're brought back to the setup workflow, the page where you connect to the internet will have a new button on it that lets you say you don't have internet. Clicking that and proceeding through the rest of the setup lets you get around the Microsoft account thing.

    Group Policies

    You don't have to know much about them, these are just a bunch of specific settings for what your computer can or can't do that lets you decide how it works in different ways.

    I'm gonna show you how to turn off the recommendations and internet stuff basically. For now bring up search and type gpedit, pick this

    It'll open up to Local Group Policy Editor and we can get started :3c

    Start Recommendations

    In the side menu, go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar. Click on Settings to sort them with all the "Turn off" ones bumped to the top.

    Here's what you should set:

  • Turn off user tracking: enabled
  • Turn off feature advertisement balloon notifications: enabled
  • Remove Recommended section from Start Menu: enabled
  • Remove Personalized Website Recommendations from the Recommended section in the Start Menu: enabled
  • Do not search Internet: enabled
  • Windows Spotlight

    Back in the side menu, go down to Windows Components > Cloud Content

  • Turn off all Windows spotlight features: enabled
  • Do not use diagnostic data for tailored experiences: enabled
  • Cortana

    In the side menu, this one's back at the top under Computer Configuration. You're gonna want to go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search

  • Allow Cortana: disabled
  • Don't search the web or display web results in Search: enabled
  • News and Interests

    In the side menu go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > News and interests.

  • Enable news and interests on the taskbar: disabled
  • Microsoft Account Login Nudges

    When you don't use a Microsoft account they'll nudge you repeatedly to sign in so you can "get the most out of your experience" *gag*. The group policy for turning that off has a note that suggests it might not work with Windows 11 though (implicitly), so you can close the group policy editor window now and for this last one let's just open up the regular settings.

    Go to System > Notifications > Additional settings, then uncheck all the boxes. And there ya go! (✿◠‿◠)ノ u are done.

    Group policies are kind of a rabbit hole so while there is a lot more you could change or read into, for your own sanity's sake I would advise against it and say call it a day lol


    This is all extremely good information, thank you very much for the addition!