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2020-09-29 21:35:10

    2020 said “you’re going to regress into every single one of your previous hyperfixations for comfort as many of those things release new content and rise back from the ether” and we thought “oh haha twilight renaissance, dunk on jk rowling, animal crossing” i did NOT expect the speculative fiction web comic experience about satellites watching football to come back too

    i wish web/app developers everywhere realized that if i see a webpage face an error and go "Sorry, either your connection is bad or the request was stale. Please try again." i am going to be INFINITELY less angry than if they go "WHOPPSIE DOOPSIE!!! 😱😤 Sorry chumbo but it looks like UHHHHH it-a look-a like something went-a wrong! WWOOOOAAAGGH! That's NO GOOD! 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🤦‍♂️ Maybe you should... WHIP and NAE-NAE and SMASH that refresh button my guy? Le epic style 😹😹😹✌"

    children are so morbid.

    i was subbing a class of three/four yr olds and trying to engage them in creative play. the playground has some shallow craterous holes and i tried making them playing on the moon etc.. but the only thing that got them Hype was when i said "okay get the hole were doing funerals"

    i explained that what you do is "get in the hole and we say eulogies. you say what you like about your friend and say bye."

    so a child eagerly crouches up in the hole, and another is SO EXCITED and laughing and then.. i say, okay, whats your eulogy? what do you like about him?

    and the other child stops short. gets real quiet. crouches down. sprinkles some dirt ever so gingerly on his friend. its suddenly a very serious moment for him.

    he says, "sammie," in such a gentle and tearful tone, as if they have any concept of this game past saying scripts and playing in a hole, he says, "sammie... i really like your pikachu shirt." and then sprinkles se dirt on him amd walks away and immediately gets distracted like any other fucking child


    you guys know that anime isn't real right?? you do understand that it's fake???


    heurghnerghg **hisses**snarls** aough you make me so angry fuck you fuck you fuck you **foams at the mouth like a rabbid squirrel** fuck you fuck you fuck you give me massive humbagnogaloos. whore.


    You messed with the WRONG fandom. Death note fans grab your notebooks, JoJo fans grab your unsuckesnd dh d skskelqkq wjend d c bd d s wna. mans. snsnakqos


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    an 8-page (+bonus) comic of shou and seri catching up that i spent too long on.

    mostly an exploration of themes like courage, parallels in the manga, visual storytelling…and other things. i learned a lot. thank you for reading!

    t: fixed some errors in text and some inconsistencies (like completely forgetting about serizawa’s tie pattern after page 2,,,,). this is what i get for finishing this at 6am