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2021-04-11 21:02:48

    Thinking about lil nas x. Thinking about how literally less than a month ago, I was seeing thinkpieces about potato heads having gender and how my generation is soooo sensitive. Thinking about how often I've been told "don't like it don't look" bc "whhaaaat the sandwiches are good" or "they were just JOKING" or "people have a right to serve whomever they want, go find another cake shop if it bothers you, oh my god."

    Thinking about how many times I've heard the words "music used to be ABOUT something." Thinking about all those gotcha jokes where the set up is "if that was my son, why i would" and the punchline is that they'd love him, right, because it's funny we are at risk of being traumatized. Thinking about this quote I read today about disrespect - that there's plenty of people who think respect means "accepting as the absolute authority". Thinking about religious trauma and the "battle for the soul of the nation".

    Thinking about how fighting them off shouldn't be his job. Thinking about how preformative this pearl clutching is; how it's just asinine rhetoric to cover blatant bigotry. Thinking about how I am scared to hold her hand sometimes. Thinking about bravery. Thinking about how the first pride was a riot. Thinking - holy shit. He just saved so many lives, and i hope he knows it.


    It’s about taking the power away from a scary thing. Tell a queer kid they’re going to Hell now and they can shrug and say, “cool, I’ll be down there taking a turn on the stripper pole.”


    I love how “loose white shirt, high-waisted pants” is THE go-to pseudo-historical costume for every single genre, despite no one at any point in history actually wearing clothing like that except as undergarments.


    everyone’s refined high society aristocrat vampire OCs are just chilling in their underwear at all times and that’s valid


    After a year living in isolation I too wear only pajamas now, and I get it.


    Keying/graffiti-ing someones car is old news now if someone cheats we go at their wardrobe with a seam ripper

    yknow what? Fuck you *unstitches all your shirts and jeans*


    My mother did this to my father once. They got into an argument, my very pregnant and hormonal mother stormed off…except they lived in a tiny apartment so the only place to go was to shut herself into the closet for a good long sulk. And while she was sitting in there, fuming, she looked up and saw her sewing kit on the shelf, and all my father’s uniforms hanging right there.

    So she picked one shirt and one pair of trousers, carefully, methodically ripped every third stitch out of every seam, and then hung them back up together so that he would be likely to pick them at the same time. This took her a couple hours, so by the time she was done, the anger had worn down. She came out, she and my father had a talk that ended in apologies, after which they were tired and went to bed. My mother swears up and down that she meant to warn my father about the sabotaged clothes in the morning, but he wore a different uniform set and they were both still feeling a little raw, so she didn’t want to bring up the fight again. She decided to tell him that night instead.

    And then she forgot.

    Anyway, about four days later, my father apparently came home roughly an hour after he left for work, his clothes slowly, gently shredding off his body, the most bewildered expression on his face. “Paula,” he said, his voice mildly shell-shocked. “Paula, my clothes are broken.”

    My mother promptly burst out laughing so hard that she went into labor. And that’s the story of my birth, heralded by petty vengeance and utter confusion.


    Whenever I see people discoursing online about how all fiction must model good behavior and explicitly state that any bad behavior depicted is wrong, lest someone in the audience mistake it for “glorifying,” all I can think of is that line from Arrested Development where Buster, in his mid-30s, objects to something by saying “that’s not the way mother is raising me”


    Like yeah maybe YA books and kids’ cartoons have a responsibility to demonstrate the difference between Right and Wrong, since the audience is, like, actual children, but if you’re consuming literally anything more advanced than Disney XD’s Ducktales, you should absolutely be expected to bring your own moral framework from home and not need your media to spoon-feed morality to you


    if you see a show about a a man manufacturing and selling methamphetamine while abusing his wife and murdering people and you can’t tell whether the author intends for you to think his actions are right or wrong? That might be more your problem than the text’s. You might just, at that point, be an idiot.


    [banging on the notes of this post with a broomstick from below] yo shut the fuck up in there


    I mean yeah it should be like that, but we love in a world where characters Tayler Durden (Fight Club), the Joker, or Rorschach (Watchmen) are considered the heros and whose behavior is glorified by full grown adults (mostly males) so…


    Soooo those people did a piss poor job reading the text and should be responsible for how bad they are at reading. In all three of those cases the writers have done their job of clearly demonstrating who the villain is incredibly well and those people have chosen to misinterpret them as heroes anyway. Why should the writers be held responsible for the bad choices of anyone who picks up their book and ignores what’s actually in it in favor of the version of the book they made up in their head?


    I know this is the last line of the post and I don’t really need to highlight it, but after I finished reading this I scrolled back up and drank it in again like a fine wine, and I think you should too