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2021-09-26 11:01:48

    every so often twitter just rediscovers tumblr


    I swear to god one of the funniest things people do on this site is act like tumblr invented the concept of saying silly quirky things online


    no??? that’s not what theyre saying


    I’ve been saying it for months but if you have even a semi popular post someone has stolen it on another platform. I’ve found my actual poetry on twitter many times. People are thieves

    The problem with chronic illness is that no matter how badly you need or want a break, there is no way for you to get one. You can’t take a vacation and leave it behind like a stressful job or annoying family. You carry it with you and have to accommodate it every day for the rest of your life. And it’s so debilitating and exhausting knowing that you will never, ever get a break from it.

    Anyway my headcannon is that Allison just like... sits on Neil’s lap every chance she gets. Team meetings, movie nights, everywhere. Neil loves it (he’s not even shy about it) whenever she decides to sit somewhere else he’s like??? Did I do something??? Is she okay???

    Nicky tries to sit on his lap once and Neil pushes him off “that’s Allison’s seat”

    Andrew is fine with it (he knows Neil loves physical affection. He also knows that sometimes he can’t be the one to give it to him) because I like to live in a world where Andrew and Neil are super secure in their relationship

    The new guys and the press are convinced they’re dating and nobody does anything to convince them otherwise. Andrew is mostly like “it’s none of their business” and Neil and Allison just stick with “we’re just friends/teammates” the og foxes think it’s hilarious and refuse to comment bc they don’t want to accidentally out Andrew and Neil and they respect their privacy. Coach likes to play dumb (he’s not going to get involved with that)

    Allison finds it funny mainly bc her father hates it so much he actually came to see her “how could you be dating that mobster, Allison??” “Daddy I love him” like in all the teen dramas. She also low key likes that it scares other boys away while she’s still grieving Seth,, like nobody will go near her cause they think she’s dating the Butcher’s son and she’s a-okay with that.