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    being born in the late 90′s is a really weird time because our coming of age is/was so tied into the expansion of personal technology? like for so many of us the transition from getting your first flip phone to smartphones wasn’t just a technology shift, it was part of growing up. and it created this really weird timeline where new technologies were being created right as we entered the right age market to use them, so now we all know intuitively how to use snapchat or the social context of emoji use or whatever but we can also remember childhoods spent (almost) entirely outside and offline. like you get all the disillusionment of the older millennial generation except now with the stress of spending your adolescence measuring yourself against others on social media and it’s really fucking confusing


    you put it into words


    no offense but I heard the evil scientist say he likes studying me better than you


    Then why’s he up all night diluting my saliva? Check and mate.


    well IM getting moved to a separate chamber tonight so he can keep an eye on me. What about that?


    Please, he hasn’t even probed your mind yet. Besides, yesterday he told me that my blood diagnostics were, “abnormal” and “potentially hazardous”. How could you possibly compete with that?


    *telekinesis throws a soda can at your head* 


    How dare you!!! Evil Scientist!!! Evil Scientist they’re resorting to violence!!! I do not feel very enriched right now!!! I need a bandage and an IV of juice!!!


    this is exactly the behavior i’m talking about. You still need juice rewards and screens. I have evolved past these childish activities, I am a model experiment


    *sounds of an evil scientist hurriedly scribbling down notes*

    “Who’s the artist?” Nicky asked.

    “Anonymous,” replied Aaron. There was something hard in his voice, and he was watching Andrew warily from the corner of his eye. Aaron knew, after all, that Andrew did not attract the kind of people who wrote sonnets and sent flowers. No, no, no. Andrew attracted the Drake Spears of the world.

    “We’re leaving,” said Andrew. The words left his mouth cool and even, but they sounded very far away in his own ears.

    For the @aftgbigbang and @psychosei ’s lovely fic good night, melpomene (come home, erato)


    I agree that tumblr is objectively the best social media right now but we CANNOT let this go to our heads. If we act like this site is anything more than trash our hubris will lead to tragedy


    Wait but pissvortex is a popular tumblr blogger. Why are they bitching about us saying shit about twitter


    Class traitor


    Two faced vortex more like it

    kevin has sports-induced asthma

    *warning: mild medical stuff, difficulty breathing, etc*

  • as in one day he gets off the court and literally can’t get enough air in his lungs and if it wasn’t for renee he would’ve faceplanted on the ground
  • basically he has to go to the hospital and they keep him there a few hours because of his oxygen levels
  • in the ambulance ride there wymack may or may not have held his hand
  • the whole team goes and they know he’s going to be okay but they’re still very stressed because they’ve never seen him like that
  • low oxygen levels aside kevin is extremely confused because this is so out of character??? so off brand????? he doesn’t really know what’s going on because it definitely wasn’t a panic attack
  • the doctor diagnoses him with the usual case of sports-induced asthma and he just needs to learn how to use an inhaler
  • kevin will do as he is told because he is all about Health And Safety but how the FUCK has he lived twenty-one years on this earth and spent most of it sprinting around with a heavy stick and no one noticed
  • he’s always gotten a little more winded than everyone else but they passed it off as “oh kevin goes above and beyond yknow that’s just how he is of course he’s more tired” 
  • abby feels particularly terrible about not picking up on it, so terrible in fact that she nearly starts crying when kevin is discharged
  • kevin, who now feels terrible for making her cry, assures her that it is okay and he is okay and he will simply adjust his training and use the inhaler
  • the fact that kevin day, best striker in the world, has a “mortal flaw” like asthma would usually result in merciless teasing, but the team is too freaked out and worried about the whole thing
  • it also doesn’t help that he is now Our Asshole Kev <3 and they would die for him
  • this manifests in the form of eight other people repeatedly asking if he has his inhaler before they leave for trips and then proceeding to root through his bag anyways “just to be safe”
  • within a week all of his friends are just……casually carrying around rescue inhalers
  • “andrew do not tell me you each spent 500$-” “don’t waste your breath. since you don’t have much to begin with, apparently.”
  • (they did not each spend 500$, allison has her Ways)
  • although kevin did release a simple statement about his asthma, he really does not want it to turn into a big deal because it isn’t
  • but nicky INSISTS that kevin develop a secret code to use on the court/in front of press if he isn’t feeling right
  • he acts like it’s a stupid idea and they’re being overdramatic but secretly he is very touched because they Know him and they care about how he likes his health to be as private as possible
  • the secret code ends up being hooking the first two fingers of his right hand in the grate of his helmet
  • after a really long practice kevin is standing in the lounge and giving a debrief but he keeps on taking sharp little breaths in between sentences
  • neil, violently rolling his eyes, gets up and goes on his toes to grab him by the shoulders and drop him on the couch, then continues the debrief himself
  • one day kevin is trying to watch an exy match on his computer when aaron, Future Doctor, so rudely interrupts to give him a 30-minute lecture on all the unwarranted research he’s conducted
  • “you must begin routinely monitoring air pollution and pollen levels. when those levels are high, you can’t go on your outdoor runs.” “but i fucking hate the-” “which is worse kevin: asphyxiating, or the treadmill? it’s ASPHYXIATING”
  • renee also reads that cold air can trigger attacks so she knits kevin a massive scarf to wrap around his nose and mouth and even though he doesn’t need it he dutifully puts it on every day in the winter
  • (there’s soon quite a few blurry photos of him walking around campus, his face cocooned with yarn)
  • he never has an attack as bad as he did the first time, but he gets pretty close
  • they play a really frustrating game where both teams sort of find themselves at a standstill because they’re tied and tired and no one’s scored in a while
  • this REALLY frustrates kevin so in the last ten minutes he starts firing at the goal like their lives are on the line
  • they win by one point, but kevin can barely move after
  • he sits down while hooking his fingers in the grate of his helmet, and allison goes to sit with him and pretend they’re both just super relieved the match is over (which isn’t a lie)
  • matt and dan soon race over and they lift him up with his arms around their shoulders and their arms around his waist
  • the press and crowds think aww there is kevin day and his two physically affectionate besties, but in reality matt and dan are helping him walk off the court
  • kevin stretches out on the sofa in the lounge while everyone else showers and changes and matt decides to lay down on the ground next to him
  • “are you alright?” “yeah” “then what are you doing” “showing my solidarity”
  • kevin, voice cracking: “ok”
  • his birthday party takes place at abby’s, and while sipping sparkling apple cider (it’s kinda gross but he can’t stop) he is informed a “special cake” has been made in his honor
  • nicky and renee bring it out, and the first thing kevin notices (aside from the irish flag color scheme) is the weird shape?? it’s kinda like an L??? but why would-
  • “is that supposed to be an INHALER” “….maybe” 
  • written in shaky green icing is “KEVIN DAY, YOU TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY” with a shitty “22!” and smiley face underneath
  • kevin, feeling very warm inside, trying and failing not to laugh: “fuck you guys”