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2023-10-04 21:40:27

    another one of my uni portfolio pieces. something about kind gestures of strangers that go unnoticed because we're so used to them and the inherent goodness of people etc etc etc

    honestly i just wanted to draw a comic because i wanted to show off my illustration skills. i wish i had spent more time on these & drawn more comics for this series but i was running out of time :(

    (made in photoshop)


    oh my god


    we genuinely need to stop these people this has gone too fucking far


    sorry wrenlee we can’t put your drawing of mommy and daddy up on the wall. it doesn’t match mommy’s insta aesthetic. now here’s some cardboard beige paint and get to work. i want to see every inch of this canvas colored. mommy has a reel due by the end of the day for her 10k followers


    European: Americans will be like I’m going to watch a whore movie and eat a hamburger slathered in lard

    Americans: it’s true I do do this.

    American: British people will be like alright I’m off to eat some wheezy bangers (beans and bread out of a can)

    Brit: I’ve seen this reblogged by several people I normally trust so: How mocking British cuisine and dialect has a long classist history and how it became frighteningly normalized on an American (uniquely cruel, uniquely ignorant) internet: a thread. 1/?