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    Zuko was having a crisis for three weeks after joining the Gaang, because he realizes a) Katara, Aang and Sokka could have and would have easily murdered him had they been about 5% more emotionally unstable and b) he had stopped actively trying to capture the Avatar right before the person who had no such qualms about murder, Toph, joined their team.

    if you dont believe in aliens youre fucking stupid


    i dont give a damn about roswell or area 51 or whatever the fuck. thats not what i mean. the universe is infinitely large and weve already found living bacteria and stuff on comets. space has some crazy shit. it rains glass on venus and there’s a planet made of solid diamond. jupiter’s great red spot is a billion year old hurricane and like ten million earths could fit inside the sun. who gives a fuck if they arent little green men from mars. aliens exist and if you dont think so youre clowning hard my man

    theres a hole in the wall in my brothers’ room because they were fighting (for fun not anger) in there once and one of them knocked the other into the wall so hard his head made that hole, so they put two small skeletons in there for decoration

    they tapped up the “décor” sign up because according to them the skeleton is named décor and the one underneath him is his husband. also worth noting that they found 2 dollars in there the other day


    how insidious to make young girls buy hundreds of dollars worth of makeup, to force them to read up on its theory, to make them practice it for hours in order to escape mockery, to make them feel safe only when performing this hyper femininity, and then to even have the audacity to package it in feminist language so that they firmly believe it sets them free.


    who called you out on your sloppy wings

    I know you probably think you’re really witty, but I just want you to know that you, and all the other people who made that joke, prove my point exactly.