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    me: why are you destroying earth!!!

    aliens: because theres people who think that english is the only language they need to speak

    me: thats fair i understand


    For some reason I find this all the more amusing because it’s written in English


    moi: pourquoi vous détruisez le monde!!! l'extraterrestre: parce que il y a des gens qui pensent que l'anglais est le seule langue pour parler moi: ah ça c'est bien


    ich: warum zerstört ihr die erde!!!

    aliens: weil es leute gibt die glauben dass englisch die einzige sprache ist die sie sprechen müssen

    ich: das ist fair ich verstehe


    ég: af hverju eyðileggið þið jörðina!!! aliens: af því að það er fólk sem finnst að enska sé sú eina tungumál sem þau þurfa að tala ég: oh, það er vit í þessu. ég skil.


    ik: waarom vernietig je de aarde!!!

    aliens: omdat er mensen zijn die denken dat engels de enige taal is die ze hoeven te spreken

    ik: oh zo, ik snap het


    minä: miks te tuhootte maapalloo?

    alienit: koska tääl on ihmisiä joitten mielestä englanti on ainoo kieli jota niitten täytyy puhua

    minä: toi on reilua, ymmärrän


    私: どうして地球を滅ぼしているんですか?

    宇宙人: 英語しか喋る必要がないと思う人がいるからです

    私: なるほど、わかりました


    me: Wosück maakt ji de Welt twei!!!

    aliens: wieldat dat Lüüd gifft, de dinkt dat Engelsch de allenige Spraak weer, de een snacken mütt

    me: jo, daar seggst wat. Nu versta ik’t


    aniga: dhulka maxaad u burburinaya !!!

    shisheeyaha: dadka intiisa badani u malaynayaan in Ingiriisidu tahay afka oo kaliya ay u baahan yihiin inay la hadlaan

    aniga: waxaan fahamsanahay. waa wax cadaalad






    ako: bakit niyo sinisira ang mundo!!!

    taga-ibang planeta: kasi merong mga taong akala nila Ingles lang ang kailangan nilang matutunang lenggwahe

    ako: ah, sige naiintindihan ko


    Aku : kenapa kau hancurkan bumi!!! Alien : karena masih banyak orang berpikir hanya bahasa inggris satu-satunya bahasa yang terpenting Aku : oh, oke lah..


    tôi: tại sao các người hủy diệt trái đất!!! người ngoài hành tinh: bởi vì có người nghĩ rằng tiếng Anh là thứ tiếng duy nhất mà họ cần biết tôi: ồ thế thì tôi hiểu


    Eu: Por que vocês estão destruindo a Terra?! Aliens: Porque há pessoas que pensam que o inglês é a única língua que eles precisam falar. Eu: Isso é justo, eu entendo.


    jag: varför förintar ni jorden!!!

    utomjordingar: för det finns folk som tror att engelska är det ända språket de behöver kunna

    jag: rimligt, jag förstår


    Já: Proč ničíte Zemi?

    Mimozemšťani: Protože tu jsou lidé, kteří si myslí, že angličtina je jediný jazyk, který potřebují znát

    Já: To je fér, to chápu.


    ja: dlaczego niszczycie Ziemię?

    kosmici: ponieważ są ludzie, którzy myślą, że angielski to jedyny język, którego potrzebuję

    ja: rozumiem, w porządku


    io: perchè state distruggendo la terra!!!

    alieni: perchè ci sono delle persone che credono che l’inglese sia l’unica lingua di cui hanno bisogno

    io: capisco, mi sembra giusto


    Yo: porqué estás destruyendo la tierra!?!?

    Extraterrestre: porque hay personas quienes creen que inglés es la única lengua que se tiene que hablar.

    Yo: te entiendo, es justo.


    Я: Почему вы уничтожаете Землю?!?! Инопланетяне: Потому что есть люди, которые считают, что им нужно говорить только по-английски. Я: А, ну понятно, тогда ладно!


    A modern Rosetta stone.

    I See You (Sundays w/Spideypool #28)

    For @chiby-chan who requested a ghost!Peter fic— you weren’t super specific so this is what happened lol it got fairly out of control and ridiculously long and maybe has a tiny touch of soulmate to it?

    Idk. I hope you like it lol

    Slight trigger warning for the beginning, Wade dealing with Depression, and thinking he’s going insane, but nothing graphic!

    (as always, Peter is Andrew Garfield, Wade is Ryan Reynolds)



    The therapist had suggested a new apartment, had said that moving on would be easier if he wasn’t surrounded by his old life, by the things that had made up his life with Vanessa before all the…all the everything happened. 

    She hadn’t been wrong. 

    It was infinitely easier to sleep at night when he couldn’t roll over and push his face into Vanessa’s old pillow and wish she was there. Easier to force himself out of bed when the new bathroom had a fancy shower head with all sort of…interesting options. Easier to make himself eat when the kitchen wasnt decorated with their mismatched pots and pans and funny sticky notes on the dirty fridge. 

    Easier to deal with his new fucking face when he had torn down all the mirrors and tossed them away and now only clean white walls stared back at him. 

    Easier to go a little crazy this way too. 

    Two months Wade had been in this new place and he felt like maybe he hated it to his soul, but he didn’t know what else to do. Vanessa was gone. His looks and his charm were gone. Francis had been rude enough to die in an actual accident that Wade had had no part in, or had even been there to witness. 

    He had dedicated so much time to finding Francis and plotting every way he was going to make that fucker pay that now that it was over Wade didn’t know what to do with himself. 

    At least he had had a mission. A purpose

    Now he was just a regular guy with an astonishing temper and a fantastically fucked up face living in a bland little apartment, trying to see a therapist to work through his (countless) issues, and staring at plain white walls long enough that he thought he really might be losing whatever was left of his sanity. 

    Especially when he started hearing voices. 

    Keep reading



    So recently I came across a fellow artist who was struggling to find a free art program, and considering dropping the large amount of money for a Photoshop license. I know not everyone can afford such an expensive program, so I’ve compiled a list of programs with no cost to download and use.

    Keep in mind all computers are different, so not all will work for everyone. Also, I’ve only ever used Windows, so for the most part, I’m not sure if everything will work for Mac. if in doubt check the website linked.

    Photoshop CS2 - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)

    FireAlpaca - (Windows and Mac)

    Sketchbook Copic Edition - (Windows and Mac)

    GIMP - (Windows) (Mac)

    Paint tool SAI [cracked]  - (Windows) (Mac)

    Paint tool SAI 2 beta - (tumblr post on said program)

    iPaint - (Mac)

    Paintbrush - (Mac)

    Pencil - (Windows, Mac)

    Paint.NET - (Windows)

    Seashore [still in development, ver 0.5] - (Mac)

    ChocoFlop - (Mac)

    Inkscape - (Mac and Windows)

    ArtRage [Demo] - (Mac and Windows)

    OpenCanvas 1.1[must pay for 2.0] - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)

    MyPaint - (Windows)

    Krita - (Windows)

    Vectorian [Supports Animation] - (Windows)

    Pixia[Japanese, some English versions] - (Windows)

    Asperite - (Windows)

    Chasys Draw IES - (Windows)

    SmoothDraw - (Windows)

    TwistedBrush Open Studio - (Windows)

    BOUNS - CTRL+Paint [Great for teaching all kinds of stuff, like how to use digital programs.]

    If you know more free programs, please add onto this!


    OpenToonz has made many improvements since it’s initial release! (Windows & Mac)

    Medibang Paint is a comic drawing software forked from FireAlpaca mentioned earlier in this post, and is available for mobile devices as well! (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)


    Sharing is Caring :)


    Autodesk sketchbook is free too ^^

    Tho you have to buy the full version, but the free one is good for quick sketches


    when you don’t do a warm up and go straight into lineart and your hand does the thing


    Thats a sign of inflammation of the wrist called carpel tunnel . I had surgery because it got so bad I couldn’t draw anymore.


    Yikes D8. That’s why it’s so important to do stretches and draw with your whole arm (ok, arguably hard with a tablet versus a big gorgeous easel) and etc but I forgot today bc I am a moron and it was great



    people warm up to draw? like… how?


    not an artists but climbing hand and lower arm exercises;

    trying to find more and better diagrams for other stretches but yeah it’s super important if your gonna be using your arms a lot.


    Adding this important video for all the artists out there, take care of your hands ♥


    Reblog to save an art life