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2018-08-27 15:11:10

    Learn to defend against a bigot grabbing your hijab from behind!

    In this post-election hate-crime spike, self defense is more important than ever. Practice this move until it becomes muscle memory and teach your body to react before thinking.

    (via Zee Abdulla)


    Signal boost. Anyone know if this would work equally as well if he grabbed with his other hand? I feel it wouldn’t, but it’s still better than nothing.


    If the attacker used the other hand, then the woman wearing the hijab could use the opposite arm than is shown. SO PRACTICE BOTH SIDES.

    Also please note the position of her arm on his. It’s not on the elbow but just above it. That is will be important for the submission. The grip on her hand is important as well. It looks like she is using a monkey grip where the thumb stays with the fingers of the hand instead of wrapping around. It protects your thumb from being broken and can be a stronger grip in general.

    But yes, practice practice practice practice


    Btw, if you click on her name, Zee Abdulla, in the post it takes you to her Facebook where she has another video for a defense for a front hijab grab.


    This shit is still funny


    Lmao what the hell!


    Lmfao fuck that’s me


    Why was he in jail?


    Yeah I wanna know what he did cuz in all honesty if he r*ped this girl I don’t wanna be supporting him and shit by reblogging


    Nah he sold some weed to a undercover and used this as a pickup line


    Ok in that case lmfaoooooooo


    Just to put some context into this:


    Let him go 😂😂😂😂😂


    The finger guns at the end just slay me 😂


    i literally can’t stop thinking about this video and i lose it every time


    okay everything about this video is absolute gold:

  • the fact that the guy argues via the puppet the entire time
  • the music
  • “let’s discuss the contradiction”
  • the overuse of the word “camera”
  • the way the puppet goes from trying to placate the guy to actively arguing against the guy and like turning it around on the guy
  • “youre consciously making a conscious choice”
  • the fact that by the end the puppet is basically screaming and the music is just. so loud.
  • “YOURE BREAKING THE CAMERA” as the video abruptly ends