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2022-11-29 17:58:25

    This is not a drill. Our new Community Guidelines are here.

    We recently introduced Community Labels to give everyone more control over their dashboard experience. With this new feature, you can adjust your feed to your preferred comfort level by setting the types of content you want to see. It was our first step toward a more open Tumblr. 

    Today, we’re taking the next step: We now welcome a broader range of expression, creativity, and art on Tumblr, including content depicting the human form (yes, that includes the naked human form).

    So, even if your creations contain nudity, mature subject matter, or sexual themes, you can now share them on Tumblr using the appropriate Community Label so that everyone remains in control of the types of content they see on their dash. 

    We have updated our Community Guidelines to reflect these changes; the rest of our content policies remain the same: We still don’t allow hate, spam, violent threats, or anything illegal, and visual depictions of sexually explicit acts remain off-limits on Tumblr (if you want to know more about that, our CEO Matt recently explained why it’s not feasible for us to safely and successfully support porn communities at this time). If you come across these types of content, please continue to report them to us.

    Similarly, if you come across content on Tumblr that doesn’t appear to be appropriately labeled, please let us know. This is how we’ll work together to create safer spaces for everyone on Tumblr, whatever their interests and needs. 

    We hope this shift creates more room for artistic expression to flourish on Tumblr while empowering each of you to craft your own experience and safely explore and discover the things you love.


    So not a lift on pornography, but nudity is back!

    There is no shame in admitting when you are wrong. There is no shame in realizing a mistake and trying to fix it. I don’t know why everyone is too prideful to acknowledge problematic behavior, apologize and try to fix it but there is no room to grow unless you do that. You are never going to grow into the beautiful, intelligent, caring and mindful person you want yourself to be until you start acknowledging what’s holding you back from that.