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    My sister, who I live with, thought she couldn't get the vaccine because she doesn't have insurance.

    We're not really used to "free".... spread the word.


    It depends where you go too. I tried to sign up at CVS and it said "free with insurance"


    In the US they are not allowed to charge an individual for this vaccine. They are allowed to bill your insurance. Whether you have insurance or not, you will not pay anything.



    When I registered there was a page for insurance information. We were instructed just to put “no insurance” and keep going.


    Everyone should know this.


    It is FREE please get it!


    Okay.. so suppose you’re a fanfiction writer….

    And I’m a fan of your stories…

    would it be alright to bribe you with a fanart that i made,

    so I can read the next chapter? 

    :) just asking…. but srsly tho… can you bribe a fanfiction writer with fanart of their stories?


    Yessssss bribe ussssssss


    Someone once gave me fan art of a story I finished years ago and I immediately wrote more, almost exclusively for them.

    So yes.


    Hell yeah bribe us

    help an autistic transmasc 19 year old eat

    hi, i feel guilty for posting again but i really need help.

    a couple months ago i got into a head on collision with a speeding driver and it totaled my car and left me injured and in debt. the insurance company ruled in the other persons favor since the police gave me a citation for not yielding (even though i did) and they let the other person off for speeding since it was rush hour friday. i have chronic back pain now and i owe the state an amount of money they refuse to tell me for damage to a crosswalk signal the other car did when they bounced off me

    i have no money right now at all since i can’t work, have no mode of transportation, and have no income. i have my medication for this month but i know i won’t have money to refill it next month. i completely gave up on my HRT because of this and it makes me extremely dysphoric

    im so anxious every single day because of food. sometimes i just can’t help myself from having breakdowns and crying because i just don’t ever feel alert or safe. i spend most of the day sleeping, partially because of depression but mostly just because i’m physically exhausted. i’ve lost a significant amount of weight this month and no matter how hard i try to stretch the money i have it just isn’t enough to be able to eat consistently every day.

    if anyone could give me any amount, even a couple dollars, i’d be extremely grateful. if you can’t donate, PLEASE, PLEASE reblog this. i’m really desperate right now and i feel like i’m not going to be able to make it out of this without help.

    if you need any sort of proof or confirmation that i’m telling the truth feel free to message me. in general, please feel free to message me- i’m honestly feeling really alone right now and some encouraging words would be really nice.

    cashapp: $frogiess

    vemno: @finchfrog

    paypal: https://www.paypal.me/skyve


    A collection of me turning into random objects.


    That is Kevin Parry!

    He is an amazing stop motion animator and video wizard!

    Here is how he made the banana illusion video

    He is very good and you’ve probably seen his work with out knowing it.

    That chocolate video, that’s Kevin Parry:

    The fruit, Kevin Parry

    He’s animated for Laika and does many illusion shorts on his Instagram and TikTok

    Here’s his reel and some of the stuff he did for Kubo

    there is a tendency with history, i think, because we're so far removed from it, to kind of forget that all of the people were people

    a child 10,000 years ago left a handprint on a wall. they were fingerpainting. a viking climbs up a rock just to carve the words "this is very high" 10ft off the ground. somebody centuries... milennia... ago burned their dinner so thoroughly that they buried the ruined pot in the backyard rather than attempt to clean it. shakespeare got drunk and wrote dick jokes. tutankhamun was a little boy who liked ducks more than anything. a roman carves his name into a monument in another country saying "i was here". a prisoner, centuries ago, in the tower of london scratches lines into the wall as a tally marking the days. a medieval monk scrawls in the margins bemoaning the boredom of his work.

    every human being across history has said "i was here. i lived. i loved. i made something. i laughed. i cried. please do not forget me"

    Some hopes for Breath of the Wild 2

  • Dual Playable characters: Link & Zelda
  • Each character has certain advantages while playing as them. ie, Link is better at cooking dishes, does extra damage wielding swords, more stamina while climbing. Zelda can salvage more parts from mechanical enemies, can use light magic, better at stealth (has a sheik costume in game).
  • While traveling around, Zelda will periodically just start spouting random historical and geological facts about the area. Maybe she’ll recall certain memories if the two of you travel around to keys places from the first game. 
  • If you’re not traveling together, you can leave the other character at a town or one of the horse stables. If you to meet up with them later, they’ll have made new items for you to add to the inventory. ie, Link will have cooked a dish or two and Zelda will have crafted an elemental or ancient arrow. 
  • Wolf Link from Twilight Princess will still be able to be imported into the game so that the wolf and Zelda can interact. 
  • You can help restore castle town and other areas permanently by clearing out guardians/purifying malice. 
  • You can make use of your house in Hateno Village as a workshop/crafting area instead of just a place to sleep and display a few pieces of armor. 
  • You’re able to purchase/build more homes/outposts around the world so that you can store more items/outfits. 
  • More crafting options for all those resources you have, other than just cooking and potion making. 
  • A greater variety of monsters to fight, rather than just the same group of monsters gradually getting stronger as the game goes on.