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    Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Fafnir x Takiya Fanfictions

    Where the Heart is by tastewithouttalent

    “Fafnir is standing behind the line of the couch, just over Makoto’s shoulder, staring so intently at the screen that Makoto doesn’t need to turn his head to see him.” The making of a hit.


    A Dragon Dinner Date by sailorlovesong

    It’s been a year since Takiya Makoto allowed Fafnir to move into his tiny apartment, and Fafnir organizes a “thank you” dinner to celebrate his favorite human’s gratitude. However, the dinner isn’t the only surprise the dragon has up his sleeve.


    Mr Takiya Finally Catches The Office Flu (Mr Fafnir Takes The Stage?!) by ChuChuYeah

    The flu virus has spread across the office! Takiya is just another victim, so of course he’s going to be sick! What’s Fafnir’s excuse?


    Touch by Aloe_kun

    Fafnir musing on how important contact seems to be in this new world he’s living in, and how Takiya seems different to the rest.


    Not Alone by b0o

    Makoto has some concerns, Fafnir doesn’t know what to do.


    To build a home by corvidity

    Fafnir can’t tell the difference between where he ends as a dragon and where he starts as a human.


    Adored By Him by TristanIsGay

    Fafnir didn’t understand how Takiya made him feel. Until a girl came into the picture. It hurt and Fafnir still couldn’t understand why. Others made him realize. So Fafnir has to sit and watch as Takiya falls in love with a girl and distances from him. No matter how much it hurt him.


    Find Me by nothing-on-us

    Humans are so fragile.


    Sweet Jealousy by IWSTW

    When a new man enters Takiya’s life, Fafnir comes to realize how jealous he is and his true feelings for Takiya.


    Mr. Takiya’s Dragon Freeloader by TS

    Fafnir wonders whether his feelings for Makoto are worth the inevitable pain of his death.


    Dragon’s Hoard by Ka_she_who_lurks

    Humans last barely a century, and often enough, not even that.


    Kochou Shinobu
    Tomioka Giyuu
    shinazugawa sanemi
    himejima gyomei
    tokito muichiro
    tengen uzui
    rengoku kyojurou
    kanroji mitsuri
    iguro obanai

    <>The Pillars ( closed-eyed smiles)


    <>Characters as seen above:<>

    <>Shinobu | <>Giyuu | <>Sanemi

    <>Gyomei | <>Muichiro | <>Uzui

    <>Kyojuro | <>Mitsuri | <>Obanai


    I choose the smiles that looked the happiest (◠◠)

    As for Kyojuro, I know there's that one smile (at his mom one) that made him look very happy, but he's wounded in that one and I don't want to be sad. For Himejima, it's basically the same as closed eyes right? (I'm sorry Himejima, but it has to count because I can't find anything else)

    And for Obanai, he's never seen smiling with closed eyes nor opened... Not even in his childhood backstory...



    Excuse me, I'm gonna go cry in the corner now..