Feel like Heaven

    Feel like Heaven by eddy lee
    Via Flickr:
    Heaven is a place on earth for this group of scaly-breasted Munias cooling off under the mid day sun. To them, this man-made waterfall is a lasting treasure. Nothing come close to the feeling of jumping into a pool of nice cool water, providing a much needed relief from the scorching heat. However, it is not uncommon to loose one's head from this extreme pleasure activity as some of the birds find out, a small price to pay anyway. @phoenix walk, sg

    Wizard Cap

    Wizard Cap by Enrico Fossati
    Via Flickr:
    Wizard Cap This shot was the first taken during my best week of 2016, i was flying over the canadian lands heading to one of the most amazing locations i ever seen: the Assiniboine natural park. Was late morning but the dark clouds of an approaching storm has permitted me to capture this unbelivable places with this kind of dramatic lightings. I never been on an helicopter before that day and was pretty exciting, and i can say that from the photographic point of view mind blowing. The possibilities of capturing landscapes from an helicopter are countless. Unfortunately i have got only few minutes for framing in a pleasant way but it has been rewarding. Thanks to my buddy Rob Lafreniere for the great time and for planning everything perfectly. I remind to everybody that for instructional videos workshops and newsletter you can visit my website www.enricofossati.it