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    DERRY GIRLS ⇢ 1x05

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Dear God, no! What’s wrong? I can’t find my purse. I can see your purse right there. No, that’s my sterling purse. I’m talking about my punt purse. Look, Mary, calm down. Calm down, Gerry? We have no punts! We can’t go to the Free State without punts. We’re puntless. We haven’t a punt between us. Oh, God. I think… I think I’m having a panic attack. Oh, stupid purse. Over this? So what happened back there was totally fine, but this, this is worth having a panic attack about? You’re going to have to turn around. There is more chance of me eloping with your father to a flip-flop shop in Hawaii! Look, ok, fine! But that means we won’t be able to buy anything, which means we’ll have no food, which means we’ll all starve to death. So, you know, on your head be it, Gerry