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2018-07-01 17:51:35

    <>Confession: This blog was actually meant to be an art blog… but this is the first thing I share.

    SO, I went to see “The Greatest Showman”, which was just released here in Spain. Something inside me died there in the seat, came back to life, died again, and came back. It was amazing, the choreography, the actors, the music… oh my God the MUSIC PEOPLE! THE MUSIC! It was absolutely amazing, all of it. And, seriously, Zendaya and Zack? Everythin about their story screamed LADY-FREAKING-NOIR to my face, so I couldn’t help it, I had to draw just THAT scene, listening to THAT song. I’m not sorry. 

    This actually had like 3 more panels, but I haven’t done them yet… so, maybe I will keep sharing things of this AU? I don’t know.

    <>Please, DO NOT REPOST THIS.