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2020-11-02 10:01:11

    if you are under 18:

  • your nudes are child pornography 
  • people you send them to can be charged with possession of child pornography
  • you can be charged with distribution of child pornography 
  • don’t take nudes
  • the-fisher-queen

    This is not about body shaming, this is not about ‘telling you what to do with your sexuality’ this is literally a federal crime don’t fuck with the law okay.


    I hate people who encourage underage girls on this site to share their bodies. Please report it to tumblr support if you see this. It’s not about “dobbing” people in, it’s a legal issue and is harmful to minors.


    Listen if I want to fucking send a nude to my boyfriend of over a year I fucking will I’m pretty god damn sure the government doesn’t have my phone tapped.


    the government literally does have your phone tapped… and if you break up with your boyfriend he can ruin your life with those pictures… long story short don’t send underage nudes


    if you’re not mature enough to recognize this post as a message to help protect you and educate you then you’re not mature enough to send those nudes in the first place no matter how long you’ve been with your partner. if you view this post as something offensive rather than informative then you need to sit down and think about that. think real hard.