i would love for for a dom to get me nice and high, me just thinking they want to hang out and talk, and slowly watch me get dummer and sillier.....stumbling over my words. once i can barely keep my eyes open they'd come over and start fondling my breasts while little noises of confusion leave my stoned lips. i want one of their hands on my throat and the other on my cunt. i want to be told how good it feels while i lay limp under them, unable to stop the moans leaving my lips. i want them to be in complete control of me. to use and abuse me. and to put me back together after.

    Tie me up. Tie my hands and feet to the headboard, immobilize me, make it so you can use me and do whatever you want to me. Make it so I can't fight back.

    Force me to be a good girl for you, make me go through countless orgasms until I understand that you and only you have control over how I feel, over who makes me feel as good as you do.

    Ruin me for anyone else that may come after you.

    Ruin me so I can't live without you, make it so I'm constantly desperate for your touch.