I reeeeeaaaaaallllly need to see a therapist. I haven’t seen one since the end of august because we moved and got new insurance so I had to stop seeing the one from DE. I was supposed to see someone where I’m at with my psychiatrist but they ended up not taking my insurance for interns. So they told me they’d call me back and get me set up with a resident type therapist? One who isn’t going to leave? But they haven’t called me back yet. And ik I should have called them but I just keep forgetting but then I always remember late at night like tonight when I’m laying in bed. And I just really need to talk to a therapist about shit. Like damn. I never knew how badly I needed therapy. I always find it annoying but rn I could really really use it.

    My throat is sore/scratchy/whatever lately and it’s annoying. I think it’s from the weather getting cold but not staying cold throughout the day. It’ll get warmer then cooler at night and I just don’t think my throat likes it lol. It’s just annoying being scratchy/sore.

    Tory is not doing well and it makes me so sad to see her sad and depressed. I feel so bad that I’m not doing anything to help. I feel like a bad wife. But she’s also not telling me what I can do to help? Which isn’t her fault… I don’t even know what I want help with when I’m depressed. I just never seen her like this before so it’s really upsetting to me too.

    I’m trying to sleep but I can’t bc my thoughts just keep going back to him. And I can’t keep my thoughts quiet about it. Hes dead and there’s nothing to be done about what he did but holy shit my brain needs to SHUT UP so I can go to sleep.