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2022-12-12 03:28:08

    Push yourself to do the things that might take some extra time and discipline, but will help you grow in the long run. Journaling, cooking homemade meals, working out, stepping out of your comfort zone, confronting issues, completing tedious tasks. Self care isn’t always about providing comfort for yourself, it’s about doing the things you might not want to in the moment for the wellbeing of your future self.

    This is not a fucking game, this is your actual life. Those mornings wasted scrolling as soon as you wake up for 1 hour plus are over. You’re done watching other peoples lives, because your life is about to become a highlight reel. YOU are the main character. YOU are living the life of your absolute dreams. YOU are finally making the moves you have been imagining. Your wardrobe FINALLY reflects everything you’ve been visualising. When you look in the mirror you feel like an absolute GODDESS, BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT. You wake up and feel so ENERGISED. You’ve created a life that excites you, that motivates you, that fulfils you. Feel it, breathe into it. It’s all yours babygirl.