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2019-01-09 18:08:00

    Considering that tumblr has pretty much blocked me from viewing any blog, including my own therefore preventing me from removing any flagged post that truthfully does break their new guidelines, I’m just gonna stop at 400 or so appeals.

    In the event that my blog is fully nuked by staff who don’t want to read their own guidelines and play by their own rules, if you need me, @harbingerofcookies has my info.


    Dear @staff

    As none of my flagged posts contain any real-life genitals and most do not have any sexual content, I’ll be appealing every, single, one, of them that fits under your own guidelines just to let you know that your system sucks and was a horrible idea. Maybe next time you try something this stupid, it’ll actually follow your own rules.


    Turn on the sound and watch this raven mimic a human voice. This is Mischief the white-necked raven. These ravens are found throughout eastern and southern Africa, and are common near human habitation.  Like all members of the Corvidae family, ravens are extremely intelligent. They use tools to get food if necessary, and can even mimic human speech! (Source)


    Okay but that’s not some Gilbert Gottfried ‘RAAAK POLLY WANNA CRACKER’ this raven actually sounds like a person what the fuck


    Imagine walking into a forest with a bunch of ravens and they start saying some scary messed up stuff “you’re gonna die” and “no one can hear you”. Then it turns out there was a gruesome murder and the Ravens heard it all.

    Birb & Boobs is completely sfw. We pride ourselves in our sfw content that will in no way be used to skirt around a hilarious bad algorithm that dipshits from a certain staff thought would actually work. B&B will continue, at an infrequent rate, to supply you with all your sfw needs. Safe for wanking that is.


    Emergency Birbs & Boobs

    If you want your old B&B content (that I’ve been neglecting on tumblr because it doesn’t run well on my laptop anymore), you can find me in these places:

    Twitter: @Unyubaby

    Discord: Zandeth#1560

    Steam: unyubaby

    FFXIV: Kaede Zandeth of Gilgamesh

    Azur Lane: Unyubaby

    Girls Frontline: Unyubaby

    Are You Seeing a Pattern Here: Unyubaby


    To quickly add onto this, out of the above locations, twitter is where you’ll find the most Bs of B&Bs. It’s sad to see this site choosing such practices, but I suppose this is likely where B&B will end. Unless they rescind their choice again. Then I’ll ghost about again for more art. I, uh, still got a lot of time before my blog export finishes… hmm… what to do… Thank you all for enjoying B&B, I love all of you. Every single person who clicked onto this blog to see some B&B, everyone who clicked to find out who was hogging the 0kuu name they wanted, and everyone who was trying to hit the O but hit 0 instead. I love you all. Platonic of course. Uhh, still got some time… Parcheesi.