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    Helloo... I haven't been very active lately because I am going to school (my last year omg) during the day and then working all night. Things have been very busy (and exciting!) in my life recently and I just don't have as much time for tumblr, and certainly no time for Skype and things like that... But I hope everyone is well!!! You can still reach me through PM which I will check every once in awhile. Again, sorry for the inactivity, but there's just bigger things happening at the moment!

    As much as I like the NGE movies I was a bit disappointed BC I feel like the emotional impact just isn't as strong as the anime...not necessarily because its your second time going through the events, but because I feel like the focus shifted from "how are the characters really feeling?" to "we need to explain what is happening and add more action" and it was just really....different Like I don't really even try to compare them for that reason, because the focus isn't the same it seems, but its hard for me to like the movies as MUCH (because no doubt, I love them too) despite the Cool New Animation and added plot elements like Mari and stuff

    im not sure why people are disappointed or upset that Nintendo didnt put less popular, less well known fe:a characters in the smash bros game though...

    i mean why the hell would they put characters like donnel or sully that most people who havent played the game have no idea about. ive never played a lot of the games in smash bros but i would still get pleasure out of playing, for example kirby, because i know who kirby is as an icon. and link. and pit. and etc

    so it makes a LOT of sense why they would favor the "iconic" characters of fe:a - lucina, MU/robin, and chrom. and it makes tons of sense that those would be the only ones seriously considered for the game

    so why be upset that they wouldnt include obscure characters


    i didn’t play fea so why is chrom bad ?? or why does no one like him


    please answer i really don’t know




    It's not that people don't like him as a character, its just that if they put him in the new smash game, it would be three blue haired swordsmen who arent any different in looks really. Adding Lucina instead, who's been called "a Marth clone", adds variety because even though she has blue hair and wields swords she is a female.