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    Texas Two Swap

    Hmm hmm… I guess it’s true, everything is bigger in Texas!

    Yeah, those undies covering my new twink cock aren’t ironic. What’s in there I’m pretty sure could make you wince in pain as soon as you look at it. Oh yeah, this twink ain’t no bottom boy, at least not totally. You gotta understand it’s a shame to let a horse cock like that go to waste just dangling in the air while some lesser dude pounds away at this fit new athletic ass, barely able to reach the prostate with his tiny little pecker.

    So now that I have this tall and perfectly proportioned body, how’s about you get your ass down here and show me you know how to ride a real cowboy? Yeah, that’s what I thought, see you in 20…


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    I’m a dumb jock

    God, I ached all over. You’d think that a first workout at the gym wouldn’t hurt so much the day after. It felt like I’d slept in a pretzel position, and my head was pounding. All I wanted to do was shed a few pounds from my overweight frame, and it looked like I had my work cut out from me.

    I craned my neck, it was so sore. It had to be super early in the morning, my alarm hadn’t gone off. But as my alertness set in for the day, I realized the ceiling light was on.

    Why had I slept with the ceiling light on? I bolted upright, which led to some pain and stiffness, but I disregarded it as I looked around the room. Which was definitely not my room. It maybe wasn’t anyone’s room, the walls were all gray and boring, save for a mirror on the wall. Also strange is that there wasn’t a door.

    Naturally, being abducted I started to freak out. What the hell was going on? My fears started spinning around my head. I wasn’t sore because of working out, I was sore because I was abducted! I fervently looked around the room for any escape, trying to evaluate my situation.

    Dumb jocks don’t panic.

    What? Where did that come from? There was no speaker, and I didn’t hear anything out loud.

    Dumb jocks don’t panic.

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    …You see, and then I kept thrusting into him like this; over and over again until I exploded all over his face and your expensive suit. And then we switched roles and I did it on him, completely coating this handsome face with your husband’s cum…

    But you know what the best part was? It was the fact that he had no idea that we’ve switched bodies AND he loved every second of it!

    Who knows… once I’ve switched back with you, maybe I’ll go and give your husband’s body a try. When I’ll do it though… you’ll never know…


    “You see, this is why you keep your shit clean,” explained Bruce to... well, Bruce but in some weak ass freshman’s body. “You keep your shit clean, you wipe down your sweat after using the machines, you don’t leave your cum soaked jocks lying around in locker rooms, or else guys like me are gonna have plenty of access to your DNA. I mean, I just used your cum soaked jock for fun, I literally could’ve found traces of your DNA all over this fucking place!”

    Former-Bruce sat in on the bench flabbergasted. It was late enough and he thought he was the only one in the gym. One minute he was alone doing bench presses and then suddenly he could feel his entire body weaken and shrink, as though he was deflating, nearly killing him as his newly weak body struggled to rack the weights before they crushed him. He felt coolness between his legs and saw his package recede and flatten the front of his gym shorts his face contorted into one not his own. The next minute he was sitting up and catching his breath as he watched the string bean nerd he made fun of earlier saunter over. Former-Bruce had made fun of the nerd earlier, asking him why he was wearing such an oversized, cringy, nerdy shirt with the sides cut out, that kind of fashion was reserved for jocks like him. His fashion choices started to make sense very soon.

    With each step, he grew taller and taller, did little stretches as his body inflated and hardened all over, adjusted his gait as Bruce saw movement in his shorts which must’ve been his cock and balls bursting larger in size and rounding out his package. Finally, he contorted and twitched his face a little as his jawbones grew sharper and more pronounced and his features got insanely sexier and blemish-free.

    “Wh-Why...” Former-Bruce asked weakly.

    “Why you? No particular reason,” Bruce answered. He paused for a second then laughed out loud, “Come on bro, what kind of question is that? I mean, look at you!” He struck a pose with his beefy arms and felt himself up. “I’d be an idiot not to! Plus, you’re Bruce fucking Langfield, desire and envy of every guy and girl on campus. Seriously, how do college quarterbacks do what y’all do and still keep your faces this sexy?” He stopped and laughed a little.

    “I don’t know why I’m lecturing you, I honestly should be thanking you. How often am I gonna have the opportunity to get access to such prime DNA if dumbasses like you didn’t just leave their shit lying around?”

    Former-Bruce felt dizzy, he didn’t know if it was from the sudden and drastic changes in his body or the sheer impossibility of what was happening.


    “How did I do it?” new Bruce interrupted, picking up the weights Former-Bruce was using minutes before.

    “Well,” he started pumping the bar with the multiple large weights attached. His body was already exhibiting an impressive pump, but his arms swelled considerably as he flexed. He continued with rhythmic breaths, “I come from a family with, let’s say ancient abilities. Weird stuff, good stuff. But it has some bullshit age barrier.” He had done about 20 reps so far and was only just beginning to break a sweat.

    “Makes sense, though...” he remarked seemingly to himself with exerted breaths, “Can’t have a bunch of young dummies running around, hulking out with every turn on they get.” He racked the weights with several pants. He was sporting a throbbing hard-on from the exertion and general rush of his new body. He could see Former-Bruce staring at his boner, and he gripped onto the shaft over the gym shorts. “Seriously, bro, wanna suck it? I know you’re thinking ‘no homo, but bro this is you! How often are you gonna get that chance?!” he asked excitedly, but Former-Bruce just weakly slowly shook his head with revulsion in his eyes. Bruce shrugged his massive shoulders, “Suit yourself!”

    “Anyways, gotta be 18 to get it. Good for me, I hit lucky 18 just 12 hours ago. Hate that it took till college, but college offers such splendid options, such as yourself.” He stood in thought panting, “Well, I guess I should start saying myself! Aww bro, I’m gonna have so much fuckin’ fun stepping into your life. Plus I’ll have access to so much high quality DNA with a tight bod like this...”

    Bruce felt up his washboard abs and cupped his heaving muscle tits, pinching his nipple. Former-Bruce, summoning what little strength he had, thought for a moment, and formulated a solution: “Y-yeah, but now I’m y-you dumbass...... I-I’ll just find out how you did w-whatever you did and get my-myself back.... fucker..”

    “Oooh, Brucie! I’m sorry bud, but did you think our bloodline would last this long without a failsafe? Nah, bro, ancient blood’s still in here with me. It’s here,” he popped two huge bicep poses again, “...aaaand here,” and bounced his pecs with a little grin, “...aaaand here,” he turned around and flexed his glutes, which bounced against the fabric stretched taut across his ass, “...aaaand, best of all, here.” He slowly reached into the gym shorts and flopped out his still-hard cock, pumping it a little with a slight moan. The gym shorts fell to his feet and he stood before Former-Bruce exposed. The grin sank from his face and he stared at Former-Bruce with intensity, “Which reminds me...”

    In a matter of seconds, Bruce jumped onto the bench, straddled Former-Bruce, grabbed him by both sides of his head, plunged his hard cock into Former-Bruce’s mouth, and began bucking wildly. Rhythmic choking sounds and wet slaps sounded through the empty gym and Bruce grunted with each thrust. “Sorry, Brucie! Another failsafe!” he shouted into the ceiling of the gym. He gritted his teeth and intensified his thrusts until he fired a hot, thick load directly down Former-Bruce’s throat. He didn’t even have the option to swallow, as it felt like his stomach was being forcefully filled from the source. Bruce dismounted from atop the bench with an exhausted sigh and, with his hands still gripping both sides of Former-Bruce’s face, he planted a comical smooch on Former-Bruce’s freshly fucked mouth. “Aww, bro, I think you’re gonna like this part.”

    Bruce stood back with his arms crossed as Former-Bruce sat panting weakly, his mouth lazily hanging open. Former-Bruce rolled his eyes back as his body began gradually sinking down, down, down, down, his extremities pulling in on themselves. By the time he was hunched over on the bench, impossibly small, his features began to disappear and his body finally collapsed in on itself. Finally, he fell to the floor with a soft thud.

    Bruce stood grinning over the new jockstrap with his hands on his hips. He bent over and picked up the fresh, white jock.

    “Not bad work!” he said to himself as he stretched the elastic of the jock in front of him. He lowered the jock, stepped into the legs, and shimmied the fabric up his hairy, toned legs. He let the elastic *snap* against the top of his ass and his thighs, and scooped his package into the pouch. It formed an obscenely large bulge in his silhouette.

    He admired the size and heft of his package in the new jock in a nearby mirror, flexed his massive muscles all over, and gave himself a wink. He scooped up his gym shorts off the ground, slung them over his meaty shoulder, and made his way to the exit.


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    “C’mon, Jacob, it’s time to-” I froze as I stared at my little brother. From the head, he looked normal, with his curly brown hair and pointed nose. But as my gaze shifted downward, it was like he was a completely different person. A man.


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    Detour, Part 3


    For a few still moments, Scott isn’t really sure what he is looking at. His unconscious friend Alex stands frozen in his previous position, head still pointing upwards, mouth agape. Aside from some light breathing, the only movement of yours that Scott can make out is Alex’s tongue-your first acquisition-twitching slightly. Your tongue then slowly dances around Alex’s lips, greedily tasting the new vessel. Delicious. Your new eyes shoot open, a little bloodshot from Alex’s last performance, and focus on Scott. They narrow, and you make your new, plump lips follow, closing slowly into a smile. “Mmmmm …. Scott, you sick fuck” Alex’s body speaks in half delirium with the vocal cords you borrow from him. You pull a little more of his strings, and his arms stir. In one unnatural motion, like someone moving their arms for the first time in their life- which, granted, this really is your first time- you clumsily run shaking fingers through your new body’s hair. Dread paints Scott’s face.

    In his brain, you feel Alex together with you. You push his essence aside to assert dominance over your new bod. Surprisingly, he puts up less of a fight than you expect- no fight at all, actually. You just let a little of Alex leak out of you, which culminates in the radiant smile your body greets Scott with.


    “You’re really fucking sick, Scott.” You say with your Alex vocal cords, completely shifting the mood. You start feeling around your new face before you look back at him. “What kind of friend does this?” You lace that word with a poison that Scott has never heard from his friend’s mouth and you can tell it stings him a little.

    “You-you’re not fucking Alex, faggot!” he shouts angrily.

    Unfazed, you continue. “Now, that’s just plain wrong. I’m fucking Alex right fucking now, with his own body from his insides” you sadistically laugh with your old voice. It’s a little out of place coming out of Alex. “Here, come take a look.” You decide also take a little recording for yourself.


    God he looks so good. You can’t believe you’re in control of this little slice of heaven. Or hell. This tight bod runs hot. And you can’t tell if that’s just how he is or if it’s the persistent ecstasy you feel being in the driver’s seat of the human sports-car.

    “Look… look what you did to me!” You moan, this time with Alex’s voice. You’re now settling inside of him. “You’re an asshole, Scott, I barely met the guy and the first thing you do is stuff me full of him” you start gyrating his body slowly “well, now we do know each other. Intimately. No one is ever going to know this body, this mind, this soul like he does… like I do” you make Alex state. “I feel like I’m gonna explode, Scott. There’s so much of him you put inside me,” you dig around a little in your new chest until you find the outline of the medallion deep inside Alex’s body and give it a slow rub. “Oh god, Scott, what did you do!” You say, in fake distress. 

    “Oh god Scott! [moan] Help! He’s, he’s…[moan] inside meee.” You invoke the medallion’s powers to force Scott to watch you and prevent him from leaving the apartment. 

    “[moan] Defiling me”. With your new tone arms, you find the only piece of you not yet integrated into Alex- the outline of your old dick, embedded in Alex’s groin. With his fingers, you dig and grab it and start pumping through your meatsuits skin -god that feels good- like an Alex fleshlight. As you grow, it starts to fill into Alex’s limp dick like a glove. 

    “[whine] Empowering me”. In the throes of passion, you still don’t have perfect control of this new body. Your new face goes emotionless as you continue pumping your cocks. From Scott’s perspective, it’s unsettling enough seeing his best friend jack off in front of him. It’s even more unsettling seeing him do it with no emotion in his face. 

    “[stare] Corrupting me”. As you can feel Alex’s body as well, you are hit with a wave of unimaginable bliss- your old body’s dick is not fully connected to his, so with each pump you give your Alex cock both an internal and external stimulation. In one fell swoop, face still impassive, you climax inside Alex- through Alex- as Alex, and complete the merge. You greedily suck the amalgamated cum off your fingers and gently moan “thank you housewarming present”. You put a deranged, dark smile on this meatsuit’s face and then heartily laugh. 

    “And thank you, Scott, for lodging him inside me! [Pant] We can’t wait to repay the favor!”


    For a few moments, your new body sits in tranquility. Scott’s does too, though not of his own will. 

    From the backseat of your mind, you feel a stirring from your other resident. Your body pants a little, “I think… I think he wants to talk to you. What do you think, Scott? Let’s go see what he’s up to..” your eyes roll to the back of your head and your new body convulses as you slowly let his best friend come out. “Scott! I, I’m… w-what happened?”

    A moment of relief briefly flashes on Scott’s face as he sees his friend return and more tears well in his eyes. He’s lived with him for years so he can tell when his friend is being genuine. This was Alex. The real Alex. Relief turns to disheartenment when this Alex runs his new hands across his new face with a sly grin. 

    You decide to keep the ‘real’ Alex in the driver’s seat. With Alex in control, your movements are much more natural. You stretch your arms casually and your sweat-drenched shirt lifts ever so slightly to reveal your glistening abs. With Alex behind the wheel, you give a commanding yawn as you gently scratch your balls through your now damp boxers. Your new face shifts into a sleazy sneer. “I think this is gonna work out juuuuust fine” Alex says, licking his lips.

    “Alex, buddy, are you ok?” Scott expresses with concern. Alex ignores him and continues his exploration. 

    He lifts your right arm, peeling back the shirt sleeve to see his-your hairy pits. It’s wet and it’s rank. “Goddamn we smell, don’t we baby” oddly, perhaps due to your presence in him, he seems to find his own scent alluring. He brings your new face in for a little taste and, involuntarily, winces. It is tart, musky, noxious. It’s good.

    Alex then raises his hands, studying them, before reaching mentally instead to the medallion locked inside your combined mass. He effortlessly makes the nervous Scott give you both a little show. “Hey Scott, call me-call us master”. “M-Master!”. Alex gives you a mental wink before freezing Scott back into place.


    Alex continues to test your new powers, and their new potency. With the both of you here, you quickly notice how much more of a refined control you have over the medallion. You feel Alex come to the same conclusion.

    “I’m already filled to the brim with you swimming inside me,” he chuckled, “it tickles. You’re already using me like a glove. Just finish it, Im already yours” -he moans that last word, “Fuck Sophie. Since you’re in me, since you are me, I’m a faggot now.”


    “And this new faggot wants a piece of that hot, hot roommate-best-friend ass in front of us,” he adds, before giving the still Scott a small wink. Inside Alex, strange shock runs through your core. The medallion no longer surges power through this fleshy conduit, you feel intimately connected to its source. You yourself surge with power. Both bound and freed. Empowered. Invigorated. You are the medallion. You are Alex. This Alex body is wholly yours.

    “We feel- no, we ARE a fucking god, Alex aren’t we?!” The Alex piece of you roars. 

    He said most of that completely on his own. Intoxicated by the power his body now has as your puppet, he’s corrupted his own self, binding pieces of him to parts of the medallion- to parts of you. Permanently. Alex-the old Alex- body, mind, soul. He’s fully yours. Forever and ever. Evidently, the reason his body runs so hot and steamy is having you inside pulling his strings is turning him on. Evidently, the old Alex had a thing for being bound and controlled. Kinky. 

    The medallion, previously wedged between your skin and Alex’s has long since dissolved into your new body, just as you have long since dissolved into Alex’s. You try to liquify a piece of your old self to pull it out of the hand it now occupies to no avail. Instead, your whole arm liquefies into a writhing mass, before recombining. You don’t even think you can even leave this cute little meatsuit now if you tried. There truly was no going back. He is now an extension of your soul- an extension of you. You let Alex take the wheel again, as your body moans and slowly removes your drenched shirt. You start to think, to reminisce back to your old body, your old life that you had unintentionally left behind. Your Alex-self gently places his fingers on his nipples and gives them a small twist, apparently something he did often. Fuck that felt good. Being permanently Alex feels good. Your fingers dance across this body as you feel your self up. Again, your past life flashes before your eyes before you focus on your new skin. Not giving this up. ‘Anyway, who would ever want to leave this tight piece of ass’.


    Another moan escapes you as you continue to pleasure your new body. Your eyes slowly fall on this still terrified, still frozen Scott, who’s face you command into one of longing, piercing blue eyes brimming with a hidden hatred. You take your new hands and gently stroke his cheek. “Don’t worry baby, We didn’t forget about you. After all, youre our. best. friend”. 


    -End Part 3-


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    Can you brainwash a typical nerd into becoming a captain of a football team?

    “CRUNCH!” It was audible even from the nosebleeds. The college’s star quarterback had been tackled, and he had gone down the wrong way. When the lineman stood up, he showed the crowd just how bad it was. Let’s just say you could see his bone fragments. The quarterback was immediately rushed to the hospital, and the game suspended. He would live, that was clear, but there was no way he would play football again. He possibly couldn’t even walk ever again! 

    While Coach Peters was naturally upset over that fact, he was more concerned that the team didn’t have a good enough quarterback to take them to the championship. The athletic program in general relied on the football team doing pretty damn well every year. Coach Peters’ backup quarterbacks were not at the same caliber, and he couldn’t trust them to be good for the rest of the season. Getting a quarterback to that level took time and money. He hated to do this, but he had no other choice. 

    Brandon Culver was a bit puzzled why Coach Peters, from the football club, wanted to see him. Brandon proudly called himself a nerd, and it showed in his choice of glasses and lithe athletic build. While he was a bit more fashionable than some other nerds, he had never touched a football in his life. He wasn’t even sure exactly what it looked like. He knocked on the door to Coach Peters’ office. 

    “Um, Coach Peters, you wanted to see me?”

    “Ah, yes, Brandon! Come on in and close the door behind you.”

    “What’s this all about? I though you already picked the students doing experiments on your jocks this year.”

    “Well, Brandon, I actually dabble in science too, and was wondering if you would be willing to partake in one of my personal experiments?”

    “This sounds a bit shady, Coach. Are you sure it’s legal?”

    “Yeah, the review board has signed off on it and everything. Wanna see the paperwork?”

    “No, I’ll take your word for it.” Brandon was quite surprised that the coach knew about all of this stuff. “What do I need to do?”

    “Go to the room right next to my office tomorrow morning. You’ll stay there all day watching a video. And then that’s it! I’ll have all the data I need. And of course, you’ll be compensated for your job.”

    “Excellent, Coach Peters! Make sure to send me a link to the paper when it comes out.” Peters had to wait for Brandon to leave before erupting into a belly laugh. He couldn’t even name one scientific journal, let alone get published in one! 

    Brandon showed up outside the room at around eight the next morning. He had always assumed this was where they kept the balls and shit, but it was apparently a “team room”? They had a good sized TV and nice seats in there. Brandon did what the paper taped to the door told him, and the video in front of him began playing. Of course, it was football players on the screen. Not the college’s football players specifically, but football in general. 

    Brandon didn’t notice this, but occasionally a word or two flashed by. It was almost imperceptible, and some of them included “jock”, “muscles”, “dumb”, and “football”. The more and more they showed up on the screen, the more and more Brandon thought about them. What he did notice consciously, however, was the weird music that accompanied the video. 

    It was some kind of humming or syncopation, with a backing track to it. Only he couldn’t really hear the backing track at all. He knew it was there, but even if he focused intently on just the music, no words or phrases stood out. It bothered him, but considering Coach Peters was going to part with $1K for just having Brandon watch this, he was content to be annoyed for the time being. 

    At around eight that night, the door opened up and Coach Peters walked in. He made his way over to Brandon, and looked at his face. 


    The nerd had rainbow spirals swirling in his eyes, telling Coach the brainwashing had worked. The words flashing across the screen, along with the binaural beats and subliminal messaging, slowly but surely warped Brandon’s mind into becoming a football jock. Coach Peters turned everything off, and Brandon slowly returned to reality, his new reality. 

    “What’s up, Coach? Shit, was I in here all day? I should have been on the field, getting ready for our game against Maryville next week. Their defense is strong, but one of their cornerbacks is sick.”

    “You have, Brandon, but that’s okay. There’s one final piece of the experiment.”

    “The what?” 

    “Just follow me.” Coach Peters had used brainwashing all the time with his players. He wasn’t worried about that. The thing he had no choice about was the vials he took out from a secret safe. This was a highly illegal substance, fast-acting steroids. And that name was completely true. Within literal minutes, there would be dramatic gains in muscle mass. It was no wonder they were banned across most of the world. It was a struggle to buy them, and Coach Peters had been saving them for the right time. The time was now. 

    Brandon took off his shirt, and Coach injected a needle into his shoulder. He watched as the muddy brown substance was sent into his vein and started coursing around his body. He dropped to his knees as it started to take effect. It was quite noticeable on his chest and stomach, Brandon suddenly gaining abs and pecs that were solid blocks of muscles. His arms grew much bigger too, and while his leg gains weren’t as big, they changed too. Brandon’s cock even grew in length, but thanks to his brainwashing, he wouldn’t be focusing on fucking anyone until the season was over. 


    This is what Brandon looked like now. He stood up and tried to put his shirt back on, only to find it was much too tight, and ripped it into shreds. 

    “Um, Coach, what will I do about my clothes?” His pants were bursting at the seams too. 

    “I need to deal with some stuff first,” Coach Peters explained, needing to fabricate a backstory and shit for why Brandon Culver was suddenly jacked, and had an entirely different skin tone. “You can hang out at my place for a bit. My clothes will fit ya.” 

    “Thanks, Coach!” It took some underhanded deals with the administration, but the new and improved Brandon Culver was ready and rearing to play in the game this week. He had been imbued with the skills and knowledge of the team captain during the brainwashing, the same exact one the captain himself went through earlier that year. They decimated Maryville, and the athletic program was here to stay. 


    This semester had been pretty rough, and the semester had finally come close to the finish line. Zeke was not a very smart guy, but he had gotten a full ride powerlifting scholarship to go to his school so he had to maintain at least his 2.5 GPA. Zeke didn't really like school so he always paid the teachers aids to do all his work because if not he would beat them up. Zeke was a pretty intimidating dude because of his 6'3 230lb body. The aids really had no choice but to comply until an incident happened where someone was caught cheating in a big group chat. This caused the teachers aids to stay in the offices of their professors so they all told Zeke that they wouldn't help him anymore. Zeke got pissed off but he couldn't do anything to them. He went online and tweeted out that he needed a tutor who was from his school that could "help" him with his homework. About an hour later he got a direct message from a guy called Kyle. Zeke and Kyle talked a little bit and Kyle suggested that they met at his place so Zeke could be tutored before his finals. Zeke agreed and they planned to meet the next night.

    Zeke arrived at Kyle's apartment for them to study and knocked on the apartment door. Zeke wasn't really interested in studying, he just wanted to at least get a C on his finals to pass the classes. Kyle opened the door for Zeke and invited him inside. Kyle had ready prepared some notebooks and grabbed the textbooks Zeke brought and started walking to the living room. Zeke looked at Kyle, a 5 foot 4 dude who was just skin and bones. Kyle also wore these big glasses, what a huge nerd, Zeke thought. Kyle seemed to struggle holding all the big textbooks so Zeke grabbed them off his hands with ease. Kyle thanked Zeke and made an observation about Zeke's strength. Zeke thanked Kyle knowing that he got complemented about his body all the time. Kyle asked Zeke if he could ask a question. Zeke said yes and Kyle asked him if Zeke could help him start working out if he helped Zeke pass his finals. Zeke laughed and said that Kyle could try but it would be hard to get to where he was at, and then Zeke did a double bicep pose showing the 2 large rounds of muscle at the peaks of his biceps. Zeke continued to laugh at Kyle and just said to help him study for his finals or he'd beat him up. Kyle's face scrunched up, then he said that if Zeke wasn't gonna help him get big, he was just gonna have to do it himself. Zeke laughed at Kyle until Kyle reached into his pocket and took out a fistful of dust and blew it into Zeke's face. Zeke closed his eyes and yelled out at Kyle. As Zeke tried to rub his eyes, he immediately collapsed and knocked out.


    Zeke slowly opened his eyes. He looked around the room to see that he was still in Kyle's apartment. He slowly got up and put his hand on the table as support, but as he got up, he saw that his hands looked small. Zeke looked down at his arms and was frightened! His arms had become string beans! Zeke screamed out but his scream was high pitched, extremely different from his usual tone. He heard the front door click open and someone say "Oh you're finally awake"

    Zeke turned around to see who had entered and saw the impossible, he saw himself. Zeke looked at what seemed like an exact body double of who he was what felt like the day before, but instead the person was wearing these big glasses. Zeke was still in shock but managed to get out a single word, "Kyle?!"

    The doppelganger laughed at Zeke and said that he was in fact Kyle. Kyle taunted Zeke, asking him "You like what you see little man?" As he flexed his now impressive bicep. Kyle smirked, he said that he'd been watching Zeke all semester. He talked to the teachers aids about helping them with their massive bully problem once and for all. Kyle said that he found a body swapping powder online and got it before agreeing to tutor Zeke. Zeke was appalled, this entire thing was planned. "You're never gonna get away with this" Zeke said. Kyle laughed and said "Who's ever gonna believe you Kyle?"

    Zeke's eyes widened up, he still didn't know what he looked like. He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see a small pale guy who just had skin and bones.

    The new Zeke just laughed and took off his shirt. He grabbed his backpack and held his textbooks in one hand and put them inside. "Look Kyle thanks for tutoring me, I think I'll be able to pass my classes and keep my scholarship, I'm gonna head to the gym before my last final"

    Zeke smiled at Kyle as he exited Kyle's apartment and laughed as he walked away. Kyle looked at himself in the mirror. He looked so small and pathetic now. It looked like he needed to get a gym membership to try and feel like his old self, but he knew it was never gonna be normal ever again.


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    The Gotham Costume Party

    Batman and Robin had been chasing a brand new villain through Gotham City on Halloween night when they trailed him into what appeared to be a costume party being held by a bunch of social media influencers. They knew very little of the villain other than that he had some sort of transformative ability which most certainly spelled trouble for the citizens of Gotham. Multiple people had already reported various cases of identity theft and having their bank accounts emptied as a result. Batman supposed it was only a matter of time until Bruce Wayne became a target for this new villain, and if his fortune was stolen then how would he finance his mission to clean up his city?

    After landing on the balcony, the crime-fighting duo burst into the luxurious apartment complex and immediately all eyes - and several camera phones - turned towards them. “You didn’t have to go so extra on the costumes,” somebody called out dismissively. “Yeah, show a little more skin!” another joined in. Batman could only scowl. He’d never understand the youth of today and their concept that image was everything. He could only be glad that Robin hadn’t grown up to be such a way.

    “Let’s split up and find him quicker,” he instructed his twenty-something sidekick. “The sooner we get out of here, the better.” Batman didn’t leave Robin any time to argue as he quickly changed his direction and began to scope out the apartment. Its denizens were all in various stages of intoxication so he was deliberately looking for somebdy who appeared to be more alert than the rest. Their shapeshifting villain could be anyone among them and Batman didn’t much like feeling as if he was on the back foot. He was a meticulous planner, but this type of villain was difficult to plan for.

    As he circled the party though, Batman was so caught up in his investigation that he failed to notice the changes that were happening to him. Firstly, parts of his high-tech suit began to vanish, leaving the tanned skin and hard muscles underneath fully exposed. All of the weapons and gadgets disappeared from his belt and the mask that had dominated his face shifted instead to a much smaller domino mask, not unlike the one that Robin wore as part of his costume. While the minutes ticked on though, it was as if the years on Batman’s body began to reverse. He heavy lines on his face and the countless bruises and scars across his torso and back faded away, while the heavy bulk that came from years of intensive training relaxed into something much more built for the aesthetic - and, of course, to get those precious Instagram likes!

    By the time Batman had completed his first circuit of the apartment he had not only lost most of his suit and all of his weapons but his reason for being at the party in the first place had somehow escaped his mind too. Frustrated at his sudden lack of clarity, he decided to start another lap around the premesis. As he walked various hands reached out to grope at his ass, his pecs and even his bulge, and while at first the Dark Knight felt appalled by such actions, he soon began to enjoy them and giggle after each piece of contact. Indeed, he quickly became so distracted that even more vital knowledge slipped out of his brain, including that of his identity. Bruce Wayne was now to him no more than a business tycoon with a hunky body; no, he was now Bryce White, a recent college graduate who made his money advertising various products on his social media accounts and had come to a Halloween party with his gorgeous boyfriend. Speaking of, where had he gotten to?

    “There you are, babe!” he sighed in relief as he finally spied his boyfriend among the crowd. Bryce was of the opinion that Dan Gayson was a sexy slice of studliness at the best of times but when he was dressed up in his Slutty Robin costume, he looked nothing short of out of this world! His carefully sculpted abs were on proud display and the bulge in his glittery green briefs left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Bryce was sure that his boyfriend had probably received his fair amount of groping too but he was proud to know that the sexiest Robin in the room would only be going home with him, although they were both open to inviting one or two of the hunkier guys to join them for the night!

    The pair of young and carefree studs had just begun making out when they were approached by somebody offering to snap a picture for their Instagram accounts. The duo happily accepted, totally unaware of the fact that the handsome young man in the revealing Superman costume was actually the very same villain they had entered the party to chase. Such things were as far from their minds as possible. After all, why would anybody bust their ass fighting crime when getting to attend awesome parties like this and making money by getting likes on social media was so much more rewarding? They’d wear superhero costumes for Halloween, sure, but that was it!

    If you enjoyed this story, please do feel free to check out my Patreon page. You’ll get access to up to twelve transformation stories per month depending on the tier you pledge at, as well as other perks!


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    Your stories make me cum so hard. I wish you had tf powers so you could recreate all your stories using me as your subject ;)


    Could you imagine? If one thing is for sure, I would 100% transform all my followers into different things. Himbos. Jocks. Daddies. Cocks. Dildos. Asses. Clothing. You name it. None of you would be safe from my dumb dirty low IQ mind ;)

    (And yes, if i had tf powers, I would turn myself into a dumbest smelliest jock. And i’m not gonna apologise for that)


    Hey Dres, Im a 35 y/o chubby white guy who is Ace/gay. I was wondering if there is anything in the vault that can help me truly appreciate and understand sex for the first time?

    If you wanna experience sex for the first time, and really appreciate it, the Vitruvian Vault has a few options for you. You’ve probably seen the avatar process, but bodysuits will probably suit you more. Here’s a few options!

    Marco - 25 - Total Bottom

    Marco is a special specimen of a man - a total bottom, and super horny. Once you put him on, his sensitive skin becomes yours, and one touch can make you bone up and beg to be fucked. If you like tattoos and having a beautiful ass, you’ve got that all in Marco!

    Reed - 23 - Vers

    Reed here is an artist, on canvas and in the bed. As a vers, he serves the best of both worlds, getting to top and being topped! He’s my personal favorite. Just like Marco, he’s got sensitive skin, but his charm is what makes bottoms attracted to him for the fucking.

    Keegan - 28 - Dom Top

    Keegan is the alpha top - constantly looking for men to fuck. He’s horny all the time, looking for a hole to breed his sweet cum into. If you like working out in the gym, you’ll definitely pick up a few holes as Keegan!

    Hope you get to appreciate sex through the Vitruvian Vault!


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    This Is Punishment?

    THIS is punishment? Pfft, if this is that bitch’s idea of getting me back, then she’s fucking even crazier than I thought she was!

    Monica Vandal, my erstwhile fiancé of the last several years who I had planned to marry this upcoming June. When I first met her, she was amazing. Not only a 10 in the looks department, but sweet and caring and had a good head on her shoulders too. We were both in our late 20s now, and I wanted to marry her and start having kids as I figured she would be an amazing mother to a healthy Tyson brood running around, hopefully two boys and two girls – at least that was my long term plan.

    Apparently, she had different plans in mind. This sweet and innocent front she put up only concealed a depraved and kinky side that, I found out, everyone but me was aware of, sad to say. While I was away on conferences or having to hop a red-eye to meet with clients on the other side of the country, she was fucking any guys she could find in our bed. All types of men, from all walks of life and social statuses. It was pretty sickening that she would do that, but it was even more disappointing that my friends and family assumed I was aware of it and that I was OK with it. Or at least they told me Monica had said we came to an agreement. Total lies of course.

    Eventually, she actually came right out and asked me to join her in a three way, but she wanted me to just watch as she was fucked by some punk kid she was planning to pick up from the skate park that night. I was furious! I called her every name in the book and told her to move the fuck out. The last thing she spat at me was apparently a curse, “I wish you would know what it feels like to have a high sex drive and unable to control it!” Was she serious? How hard is it to be faithful to the man who promised to love you until his dying day and take care of your every want and need?

    Keep reading


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    "Yeah faggot you like all this huge growing teen muscle, dontcha? Thing is, I ain't just getting HUGE...I'm getting STRONG too...stronger than anyone else in the gym...and getting STRONGER."


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    "Now if you may, please leave quick, there's a bitch I need to fool," he said with a chuckle as he opens the door

    "Really can't wait until I can move here with you and just having him for both of us,"

    "Yeah, just wish that she could get back quick and move on from her Tia's passing. She's so attached to her Tia,"

    "Well, do whatever it takes to make her happy, okay? And try to do it before February! Breaking up close to Valentine won't be nice," I said as I kissed him on his lips, his scruffy beard tickles my face

    "Yeah, yeah, probably mid to late January. And then we can spend our Valentine days fucking like rabbit,"

    The way he could seduce me with just his voice.....and that ass grab, ugh, I always knew Dylan was a top material but he didn't have the body nor the confidence to top me. Well, not anymore since he took over Leon's body around early December. Leon was one of my coworker and we also went to the same gym. He's literally so hot and at times I would just suddenly lost my concentration as I admired his form from faraway. But he belong to someone else and I also have my own boyfriend, and constantly thinking about Leon actually made me feel guilty to Dylan. But then, the idea to took his body over came to my mind but I wasn't sure about living life as him, so I talked about it to my boyfriend and somehow, he quickly agreed to the plan as he found him attractive too and "wouldn't mind to live life as a hunk like that"

    And now, I'm just waiting for him to end things up with Leon's girlfriend and that's when all of our plan finally comes into fruition. Glad to know my boyfriend loved the idea too, Dylan Leon really is the perfect boyfriend for me, we are so in-sync!


    Dylan's PoV

    "I'm showering. Just walk in if you arrive already," I texted his girlfriend and then attached a selfie

    I then open up another chat, this time from Valentina. She asked if she can come by tomorrow, which I gleefully answered with yes because who could resist such perky ass? Well, it might be less bigger than Lucy Anne, but it's so bubbly and the way her pussy.....ugggh fuck I'm leaking just thinking about it already. But to be fair, Willy got the best stamina, and not to mention he's fucking flexible! His teeth is still a recurring problem though, but I love to just gently tsp his cheek until it's reddish and looking at that innocent eyes begging for mercy. I guess Anthony didn't think about this, well, I didn't think much about this either. I was just so desperate to got his approval and to be seen by him, I agreed to went along with the plan, not knowing that my personality and Leon's would fuse like this, and I even have his impulse for cheating/sleeping with different people at one timeframe of a relationship. I was gay through and through but Leon's interest in women really is hard to be tamed. Not to mention the way he speaks, the word choices he made as he usually slurred and swore a lot, it surprised me how "crassed" he sounded like in private while he spoke like a truly great speaker in public settings.

    One fine example to showcase how I still struggled to adjust his personality with mine was when I, around a week ago, suddenly spat at my boyfriend's face and called him names with slight disgust undertone, which terrified me. Yet, I shrugged it off and told him it was all an act because.....I don't know, I really don't want to freak him out and I guess I could get this under control. All I can wish is that I won't lose the entirety of myself throughout this process and hopefully I would be able to control this body more independently


    Love the idea of this kinda mental change and personality fusion!


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    Yeah so what if I made another smarts deposit? Sure I said last time was it, but getting a little muscle feels so good dude and I’m still the same me, just wanted a little more. See I got pecs now. Even my cock’s bigger. Totally worth it. And I can stop anytime I want. Still got plenty of smarts to trade in if I want more.... not a total jock yet... maybe just a few more times...


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    Story: Host Transfer

    Artwork and Story Concept belong to HostileTakeover69 on Deviantart.

    Reference Link: Here

    In a cozy little house, lives our cephalopod friend, living in an aquarium, being the family pet known for its golden rings around its body. He lived a comfortable life, was cared and fed for, but he wanted more, he wanted the “Human Experience”.

    One day, the parents of the family had left for a month trip, leaving behind the two brothers, they had asked the younger brother, Colton, to clean the octopus’ tank while they were out.

    So, Colton went to collect the octopus out of its tank and into a water-filled bucket. Next, he proceeded to drain the water out of the tank and began to scrub the grime and algae off of it. After a while, he was sweaty and exhausted after thoroughly cleaning the entire tank. He took a breather as he began refilling the tank with water, while waiting, he then turned to the bucket to find the octopus sitting patiently as it looked like it was looking at Colton intently.

    Keep reading


    I am so glad that my scent turns you into a horny service-minded guy. I was worried that, as the waterboy, you wouldn’t feel like you were part of the team. But once I discovered that my musk makes you into a empty-headed jock body worshiper, I knew just how to make you feel included. Now after every workout you get to lick and clean my sweaty body. Starting at my pits, of course. I want to give you a nice and concentrated dose of my stink. But then you can move on to the rest of me. I love to feel a tongue running up and down my pecs and my abs, licking up the evidence of all my hard work. Having a tongue really spend its time between my feet and toes also feels amazing. And once you are all zonked out on my musk, and you can get to work where I stink most. Right between my ass. There’s nothing better than an eager tongue licking the sweat up and down my crack. And if you happen to shove your tongue in my hole a little bit, that will be even better. I love the feeling of a guy really working my hole open, and getting it nice and clean.