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    Morning light hits my face and I groan. I try to roll away, face the inside of my room, but…it’s hard. Why is it hard to roll over? I huff softly and grab a blanket to pull over my head, I yank upward…and it hangs on something. I grunt loudly and feel a ripple in my midsection, the blanket flies up over my face and blocks out the dawn light. 

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    Blue Whale Buoyant Blubber Board Shorts

    Here's an excerpt from my newest fic

    The massage goes on for a little while longer, the overwhelming fullness that came over you as you’d finished the last of the pizza abates and you start to feel softer. As you sit up there’s a definite roll to your midsection now, you don’t find this at all odd. There’s still a few hours of sunlight left in the day, it’s time to hit the beach!

    You shove your crush who, not expecting it, practically falls off the couch. “Race you to the beach!” You say and jump to your feet.

    “Hey, no fair shoving! You’re so much bigger than me!” Your crush calls, scrambling up and giving chase.

    Bigger? You’re not that much bigger than your crush…are you? You find it hard to worry about it for too long as you just about gallop down the walkway and down the steps onto the white sand. You wince and gasp as the sunbaked beach sears your feet. You can hear your crush sprinting along, they’re fast but you’ve got a head start. You’ve already made it to the damp sand, which is blessedly cool under your hot tootsies.

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    New story

    A Cap Fitted to a Chub

    I tell you, I’m not sure whether this is a cautionary tale…because man did it feel nice. But anyway, don’t trust random packages and especially don’t wear anything with a label you don’t recognize. 


    So, it started a few days after my birthday. I hear the doorbell, and when I open it there’s a package. The shipping label just has my address, and there’s no USPS or UPS or FedEx or any log on it. It says “Happy Birthday” in big lettering on the front, and something about the font looks…I dunno, fat? Anyway I pick up the box and take it inside. I figure, I was just too slow to catch a glimpse of whoever delivered it or something. There’s no postage on it or anything, so whoever it’s from must be who delivered it too, right? 

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