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2021-01-17 23:39:14

    fun fact: The last supper would have been more like this, according to tradition:


    so casual i love it


    a sleepover with jc and the boys


    Paul: Judas truth or dare??

    Judas: dare

    Paul: okay lmao I dare u to kiss JC


    Jesus: ok your turn peter truth or dare

    Peter: truth

    Jesus: would you ever betray me peter




    (a few days later)

    Peter: *betrays Jesus*



    Jesus: *returns*

    Peter: “Jesus… you’re back ?”



    this post gets more absurd every time it crosses my dash


    Another fun fact:

    The Last Supper was actually a Passover Seder which means by the time they broke the food out, these guys were likely already drunk out of their minds.


    Drunk Jesus: guys take this bread

    Drunk Jesus: it’s me


    Every time I see this it gets funnier


    “I’m so anti-fascist I report my friends and neighbors to the feds”


    “I would have never snitched on Anne Frank! Anyway, here’s a person I’m related to at the capitol!”


    Hey I don't know if you know this but snitching on someone for storming the capitol with intent to kill someone is not the same as snitching on someone for the crime of... *checks notes* being a jewish child


    I feel sorry for the old man, but it was stealing.  There is no apparently about it. Water is not free, it’s not a right to have it, and people pay must pay for it.  If a government gives a thing to you like utilities, its still not free because they take it from somewhere else, like in taxes.  


    my friend visiting my house: hey i’m thirsty can i get a glass of water



    whats real wild is it wasnt stealing. the water they gave him was still paid for via their water bill


    Sorry if it’s a little cramped- had to make this all fit in ten photos. Hope you guys like it….. and again…. sorry Andrew

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    This is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire goddamn life


    Thank god for mute because I am cackling in the middle of class


    Okay so in LA they’ve had the reusable bag and thick plastic bag for ten cents going on for years but in Vegas they still give you thin plastic bags at every store but they’re these really thin shitty bags that you pretty much can’t reuse because they barely survive the trip from the car to the house.

    So basically this is how I tell you that I’ve started making plarn that I’m crocheting into a plarn basket that I will use to hold the plarn balls I make in the future in order to control how many plastic bags are pouring out of our cabinets.


    How to make plarn:

    1. Flatten out a clean plastic bag

    2. Cut off the handles and the bottom

    3. Cut diagonally into the plastic until the strand is about as thick as you want it to be. (Probably aim for at least an inch thick, it doesn’t have to be super even all the way around but you don’t want it to get so thin that the strand will break)

    4. Cut in a spiral until you run out of bag and then diagonally cut your way out of the final loop.

    5. Tie the end of the strand to the end of whatever you were working on or to the last stand you cut.

    6. Wind or crochet like any other bulky yarn.

    The gray disk at the bottom of this post is the bottom of my basket, I’m using an N/10mm hook in a double-crocheted spiral. (I’ve just started the first layer of elevation)

    So far I’m about 10-12 bags in and I’ve been trimming the tails of the joined bags as I go.

    (One bag’s worth of plarn goes about halfway around the disk at this point, I think I’m going to do 3-4 more gray bags before I change colors; bags come in 3 general colors around here so this basket is going to be mostly white with gray and brown accents.)


    Also save the bag scraps, you can use them as stuffing. I’m gonna make a big fucking pincushion with mine. It’s gonna be a cube made out of the leftover cat fabric that I don’t want to use for masks.


    Worked my way through the ball in the first photoset, made some more balls. I’m intrigued by the way the patterns on the white bags show up. I’ve got some Ross and 99 cent store bags in the next white ball to add some purple and blue-green to the mix.

    Making this basket might actually exhaust my current supply of plastic bags, so I’ve asked my dad to set aside his thicker bags for me in LA so I can compare working both materials.

    Kind of get the feeling that I’m going to be a complete gremlin and make a laundry hamper out of the thicker plastic.


    It’s a little ugly, but it’s going to do a great job of holding my plarn and associated projects.


    Oh this is totally apocalypse punk! Makes me want to make my own for use in small grocery runs. Or just to write a scrappy band of fictional survivors using them, haha.


    NGL, cutting apart a pile of plastic trash and turning it into thread and rolling it into balls and crocheting it into fabric does feel like some variety of cyberpunk Rumplestiltskin shit.


    I dont think its cheating if you have no concept of monogamy and also you are a big funny rat


    Beavers in America: practicing a non monogamous mating strategy as many animals do

    People online, pointing and jeering: cheaters!!!!!!sluts!!!!! Homewreckers!!!!!! Heathens!! Whores!!


    Man human imprinting is crazy. My friend’s roomba zoomed by me and I got this intense urge to reach down and pat it. Like it’s just a machine? But it’s a good boy? It spends all day cleaning and sleeping and exploring the house and never complains and it’s just so good little robot? Pet robot?? Pet the robot????? Why am I like this???


    When I bought my roomba the lady at the store told me that if it breaks within warranty and I send it back to the manufacturer, I can request that they fix and send back the same roomba instead of just sending back a new one. I gave her a confused look and she explained that people get attached to Their Roomba and don’t want them to just be replaced because they’re like part of the family. Humans are pretty great.

    My favorite story about Tolkien was when he was a professor, and was being a garbage professor on purpose (mumbling and facing away from the class and stuff) so all his students would leave and he could go home to write Lord of the Rings. Except one of his students was Diana Wynne Jones (y’know, author of Howl’s Moving Castle and the Crestomanci series, that Diana Wynne Jones), and he actually said some interesting stuff about writing and storytelling when he wasn’t being the worst professor, and she wanted to hear more of what he had to say. And Tolkien couldn’t leave while he still had students sticking around, so Diana Wynne Jones made Tolkien stay and do his job instead of going home to write about Middle Earth.

    It’s so delightfully on brand for her, the eager young student forcing her cranky professor to teach her. It feels like something out of one of her books.

    Also Idk if that person who called me stupid was referencing my pro-choice reblog or my general being an ffa but like

    If it was about the pro-choice post you're the clown. Until pro-lifers take it up to support every child once it's born and every expectant mother, including government subsidization of childcare supplies such as baby food and diapers, medical care for infants and their mothers, childcare for single mothers/mothers who go back to work after maternity leave, recovery treatment for expectant mothers who are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction...you're not really pro-life. You're just anti-people-who-can-give-birth-having-autonomy.