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2021-04-16 11:45:52

    Temple of Horus, Egypt


    its horus he’s here


    Guys no, it gets so much better.

    A small fat bird, like the above, is the hieroglyph used in Ancient Egyptian to mean “wicked” or evil”.

    The phrase above him (the inscription should be read from the top down) is “Nb s3″ or “Lord of the son of”. Genitive is usually implied in this sort of phrase without a connecting word, meaning:

    This birb has literally created the sentence and declared himself “ Lord of the Son of Evil”


    God dammit, I realised I made a mistake doing this from memory- the first sign is “k” for “your”, not “nb” for “lord”. So this birb has declared himself “your evil son”, not “the lord of the son of evil”. Which is not quite as dramatic, but still very menacing. You go bird.


    Behold, my evil son. I am so very proud of him.


    Dreaming of being roomies with 5 people that all have a crush on me. They all know that I have a thing for fat folks so they have a competition to see who can gain enough weight to catch my affection. They end up very fat and and i end up with 5 new partners 😌


    this but I want to be the sole feedee roommate in an apartment full of feeders that notice what a sweet tooth I have.... and of course I end up extremely fat and very spoiled 🥴


    There you have it folks! The dream from both perspectives 🥰


    I just wanna make it clear that if you dont respect fat people fully, and treat them kindly, you can fuck right off and unfollow me.

    Everyone deserves respect. And stuff like teasing is only fun when its playful and most importantly MUTUALLY ENJOYED. Dont just go around teasing and poking fun at fat bodies when you dont know if the person enjoys that kind of playing around.

    Treat all people with respect. It's really it that hard, and I'm sickened by how many people dont seem to get that.


    Reblogging in case people missed it, because it seems some still don't get it! >(


    if you do something sexual to someone who did not consent to it, even if it is not perceived as sexual by the person you're doing it to--and yes, even if it is on the internet!--that is still sexual harassment/assault.

    i think maybe some people have this idea in their heads that since their sexual preferences don't require nudity or genitals or penetration or whatever other socially-associated sexual thing; that that makes it okay to force others into observing/participating/experiencing it. but that is false. for example, if you receive sexual gratification from people spelling out words, and you ask someone to spell out a long word and they do it because they have no idea that it turns you on? yep, still violating their consent.

    lying to someone in any way, shape, or form--outright lies, white lies, or lies of omission--in relation to sex is a violation of consent.


    also it is with a heavy heart that i must inform you that tumblr isnt inherently better than twitter and having the ability to use More Words has not done anything in the past to give people on this hellsite any reading comprehension. we’re just lucky 😔


    whats the point of having a glass house if youre not throwing stones


    you know what nevermind that’s valid


    rabbits are cute, but the harrowed, wild-eyed look of a desert hare? exquisite


    G̭O̳̲ ̤͓͇̼T̶H̖E̢͖̺̞̘͍̟N̙̭ ̢͚̥̳̫̪ ̢͚̥̳̫̪

    T̜̣̭̕H͏E̹̜̝͢R̜͓͎̤̹̬̫E͎͜ ̪̫Ạ̯̠̣͈ͅR̭E̖͔͓̹̲ ͚͜O̦͔̘̼̻̤T̳͍͚H͓̘̰̪͕͙E̢͔͉̱R̴̹͎͇̺̻̰͕ ҉͍̻W̫̜̺̩̱̫̤͢O͍̯̫̞͇͝R̬̟͕͔͔̜L̺D̬͈S҉̲͎ ͉̜̪͉͍̙͙͟T҉̝̩̫H̢̭̻̯̼͚̯A͓̖̬͠N̼̘̲ ̲TH̛̗͚͎E̲̙͔͝S̶E͎͉͚̱̮


    Oh my goodness this is getting a lot of notes!
    Since I see posts on tumblr about how a lot of people seem to think all historians and archaeologists are crusty old bigots I’d just like to add that this guy is an archaeologist. A very vocally anti-racist archaeologist who goes out of his way to be as inclusive as possible to queer people.


    Reblogging to watch later!