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2020-05-27 18:16:24

    The spy chasing me throws a tracking device at my car. The throw is perfectly timed and the small, round device hits the bumper perfectly flush. However, since the tracker is magnetic and my shitty car is plastic, it bounces off

    The spy is following me as I walk down the street. I bob in and out of shops. Pause and accelerate my pace randomly. Stop to tie my shoe so he loses sight of me. I stay perfectly out of his reach. This is all due to being sleep deprived, confused, hungry, and lost

    The spy freezes my bank account. I do not notice for three weeks and only because Netflix sends me an email about non-payment

    The spy chasing me does a stakeout at my house. After 4 days of trying to match my sleeping pattern he has to call HQ for backup

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    New story

    A Cap Fitted to a Chub

    I tell you, I’m not sure whether this is a cautionary tale…because man did it feel nice. But anyway, don’t trust random packages and especially don’t wear anything with a label you don’t recognize. 


    So, it started a few days after my birthday. I hear the doorbell, and when I open it there’s a package. The shipping label just has my address, and there’s no USPS or UPS or FedEx or any log on it. It says “Happy Birthday” in big lettering on the front, and something about the font looks…I dunno, fat? Anyway I pick up the box and take it inside. I figure, I was just too slow to catch a glimpse of whoever delivered it or something. There’s no postage on it or anything, so whoever it’s from must be who delivered it too, right? 

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    The Outbursts of Everett True was a comic strip that ran in papers from 1905 to 1927, wherein the aforementioned Everett True regularly beat the everliving shit out of rude people as a warning to anyone else who might consider being rude. Men have not only been taking up too much room on public transport for about as long as public transport has existed, but the people around them have been irritated about it for at least a hundred years. The next time someone tries to claim that manspreading is a false phenomenon, please direct them to this strip so that Everett True can correct their misconceptions with an umbrella upside the head.

    I have never before heard of Everett True, but if he “regularly beat the everliving shit out of rude people as a warning to anyone else who might consider being rude,” I have a strong spiritual connection with him.

    I fucking love him


    i can imagine this guy’s voice very clearly in my head but i couldn’t put a name to it 


    He also jabs racists in the eye!

    I love the justice grandpa of fists

    Everett True is a forever mood

    New favorite fat character

    This is not an exaggeration.  Your download speed would slow down to the point where Windows would make this kind of absurd estimate, and you’d sigh and leave the room for a while (because you couldn’t use the computer while it was doing this for fear it would crash and lose all your progress) and then you’d come back in 40 minutes and maybe it would now say 52 years or maybe it would say 3 minutes, who knew, not Windows.