Live fast, Die Pretty

Kourtney, 17, New York

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2016-04-23 23:06:25

    To be perfectly honest I’m 99% sure I know how you feel about me but I’m also 99% sure I’m confused and I’m 99% sure I don’t know what I feel or want. I’m 99% sure you love me back but I’m also 99% sure I’m lying to myself. I’m 99% sure I fucking love you but I’m also 99% sure I fucking hate you for ignoring me or for paying too much attention on me. I’m 99% sure this feeling flows both ways but how can I be 100% sure we feel the same way when I’m 0.1% sure I even know how I fucking feel. I’m 0% sure I know what’s going on in my messy head.

    Confused // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3 (via lonelyangel-s)