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anyway, I could have loved you endlessly.

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2021-09-26 06:32:40

    there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now. i know mental illness and trauma can feel overwhelming and like that's all that there is, but there is more. there's nights spent watching awful movies and eating pizza with your best friends. there's baking cookies while it rains. there's hugging your mom. there's sunsets, new foods, new places, clean sheets, hot summer afternoons and cool winter mornings, fresh berries and soft muffins, friendly cats on the street. there is so much beauty out there. you'll find it soon, i promise. you'll feel warm again.

    The person running this blog is supportive of addicts. I do not think they “brought it on themselves.” I do not think they “actively chose to start an addiction.” I do not believe that addicts are stupid, bad or weak people. I do not think they are to blame for their addiction. I know it’s not that simple and I am here for every addict, regardless of whether they are in recovery yet and how far they’ve come in their recovery process. Addiction is not a choice, it’s a complex illness which can be caused by a lot of different factors. Nobody deserves to be blamed or shamed for being sick - and addicts are no exception to that rule! 

    i need people online to understand that pegging is just a sex act. it has no morality or sexuality or politics attached. it's not inherently feminist, it's not a personality type, it's not something to be inflicted on anyone. it's literally just a sex act, nothing more.

    people like cara delevingne wearing a "peg the patriarchy" shirt or whatever only make sense if they view pegging as some kind of degradation or domineering. "have consensual sex with the patriarchy"? does that make any sense? no, and neither does your shirt. shut the fuck up.

    maybe there's something to be said about men who aren't so caught up in a homophobic mindset that they don't freak out at the idea of penetration, but that's more of a non-behavior than anything. and men who don't enjoy it aren't misogynistic or anything either. it's all completely neutral. stop treating pegging as anything other than just a kind of sex act people can do!!!!! that's all it is!!!!


    you know it’s time to go to bed when the existential crisis strolls in


    if it’s the middle of the night and you suddenly hate yourself because you don’t read enough or your job sucks or you’re single or gender continues to happen or you gained weight or whatever is knocking on your… brain door? at ass o'clock at night, that is your brain saying it’s time to go the fuck to sleep, the crisis can come back during business hours


    Hey OP what if it is business hours and the crisis has not abated