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    Having something to look forward to, the ability to picture ourselves being better people, growing, overcoming our circumstances, our challenges. That is what drives us forward, what makes us wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose, of anticipation. Yes, even of joy because even if you are suffering now and are not in the best place there is always that hope that it won't last forever, that this too shall pass and we will overcome it. Never make your hope about people. People are there for you to love them, support them, help them move forward but people cannot be where you place all your hope for you will invariably be disappointed. No. Make this about you for it is the only thing you can control. If you make the reason you get up in the morning your desire to grow, to be a better person, that will always drive you forward for life is about transformation, not other people's transformation but your own. We help transform others by transforming ourselves, so we can be better at giving love and receiving it too. A shining beacon will always bring people close to its light and they will learn what they need by watching you, asking you, sometimes following in your footsteps but everyone's path is their own. Do not try to change people. People will only change if they want to, if they are ready. Change yourself first. Make your self growth your priority and then watch everyone around you grow.


    this is probably my favourite comic of all time jsyk


    can someone explain this to me?


    Sure thing! For convenience I’ll refer to the guy with his arms in his pockets as SG (shorter guy) and the one on the computer as TG (taller guy).

    In the first panel, SG sees TG playing on the computer and is disappointed. SG puts a lot of value in the idea of “making things,” specifically “art,” and thinks TG is just wasting their time

    So he asks them if they wouldn’t rather be “making something” instead of just playing games and listening to music, implying that TG isn’t doing anything worthwhile or creative with their time

    But TG replies that “interpreting is generative,” meaning that even if they spend their time just doing fun stuff, the mere act of enjoying something is creating an experience and an interpretation. Talking about something, dancing to music or sharing a piece of art with your friends IS “making something,” and each of those can be worthwhile and artistic.

    SG leaves, complaining he “can’t be an auteur of [interpretation].” Auteur is a movie term that refers to a filmmaker with artistic control and vision enough to be considered essentially the singular creator of the resulting work of art. Turns out, SG doesn’t just want to “make things,” he wants to make things he and others see as “important.” He wants to make art not for the sake of art, but for the sake of being recognized and praised for his art.

    This comic really speaks to elitism within the artistic community, the idea that art needs to meet certain standards to be considered art. SG’s viewpoint is really traditionalist, that art need to be “approved” and validated in order to be considered “really art;” while TG recognizes that art can be as little as just talking about what you love.

    TLDR: Art is for everyone, not just some sort of social “artistic elite.”


    ooh i love the explanation


    Rebloging for that in depth and not even a little snarky explanation. 10/10