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    from Loneliness: coping with the gap where friends used to be by Olivia Laing for The Guardian

    [Text ID: Last night, I ate dinner with my friend Jenny. In real life, on a warm London evening, forking up aubergine from the same plate. We laughed, shared family news, told each other the things we’d been worrying over. At home, alone in my study, they’d felt insurmountable, a sign that something was irredeemably wrong with me. Under the gentle scrutiny of my friend, they diminished to a normal size: just the grit of everyday traffic with other humans. I walked home feeling buoyant, nearly invincible. I need my friends. I bet you need yours.]


    “the male loneliness epidemic” is just incredible because loneliness is actually an epidemic in all layers of society among all kinds of people but men always thing they’re the only ones disadvantaged when they’re experiencing an issue caused by the way our society works


    Like women are lonely too but they don’t usually go on murder sprees when they can’t get laid so who cares I suppose

    Motaz Azaiza, the most important voice of gaza, Palestine right now. He graduated as a journalist. He already lost some of his friends who graduated with him. Follow him on Instagram, make his voice heard. For the first time, motaz has been silent for one whole day. Pray for him and gaza 🙏

    This is his life before and after the genocide started on gaza.

    We are not numbers.

    For everyone here on my Tumblr I need y’all to stop what you’re doing and really lock in to the genocide happening in Gaza right now. I will post as many links as I can but the best you can do right now is be loud as fuck! About this.

    TLDR Isreal has cut off all water, electricity and telecommunications within Gaza in a complete blackout and Gaza has lost their voice. Israel has already threatened to bomb Al Shifa hospital, which is currently a shelter for around 50k-60k Palestinians. These are images of Gaza Strip from an HOUR AGO. They are literally slaughtering and wiping out generations of Palestinians as we speak.

    Please I need to see y’all talking about this and being loud for Palestine.

    hate how so much of adult friendship relies on updates, experiencing your life through pictures and tidbits. we had it good with childhood friends, could spend years and years basking in the same circumstance. now i just float through clouds of strangers, hungry for something solid and warm. yes i carry your heart within mine, yes i see the world through your eyes. but in that very moment i still feel alone, still know it's poor substitute for same room, twin smiles.